Map: Major Levels10+ & 8-

The 1,000 Levels of Consciousness on Eearth

The 18 Major Levels:

10 Major + Positive + Levels   and   8 Major - Negative - Levels

Each of the five cycle of 52-days, and each of the 13-day cycles, might be associated with general "levels of consciousness" or awareness.
The levels of awareness was identified by the research of the-late DR. DAVID R. HAWKINS and presented in his clinically proven "Map of Consciousness" in his 1995 New York Times best selling book Power vs Force, as reviewed in this chart (edited for educational purposes).
Please purchase Dr. Hawkins Map on his website HERE.

For this chart scale:
There are 10,000 Levels of Awareness on our planet Earth,
here reduced to a logarithmic scale of:1 to 1,000.

Level: 1,000  =  Highest + Positive +          Level: 200  =  Lowest + Positive +           Level: 1  =  Lowest - Negative -     

 Hp  =  Happiness Percentage %, from: 1 to 100%

All levels DOWN from Level 1,000 indicate increasing resistance to perfect love and peace.

There are 10,000 different possible Levels of Consciousness and Awareness on Earth that one can experience and focus on, reduced here to a logarithic scale from 1 to 1,000.

The "bottom" 199 levels are predatory in nature, without awareness of spiritual power, compassion or the capacity for love.

Listen to the-late DR. HAWKINS explain the Levels of Consciousness in this link (Part 1 of 6):

We "fall in love" with people (and living beings) not so much for who or what they are, or what they look like, but with The Presence of the Holy Spirit, their Higher Power, within them.  And the stronger the power the deeper the love.


Levels: 1,000 to 700


Views Life as:  I

  *The Emotion > Ineffable    
perfect peace & love

Views God as:  Self    
ones' higher 'Self' as vs the small 's' ego 'self'

Process of:  Pure Consciousness

Hp = 100%

600 Level


Views Life as:  Perfect

  *The Emotion > Bliss

Views God as:  All-Being

Process of:  Illumination

Hp = 100%


540  Level


Views Life as:  Complete

 *The Emotion Serenity    
~ unconditional love

Views God as:  One

Process of:  Transfiguration    
~ change in form/appearance

Hp = 96%


500 Level

LOVE     conditional

Views Life as:  Benign   
gentle, kind, non-threatening

  *The EmotionReverence

Views God as:  Loving 

Process of:  Revelation

Hp = 89%


400 Level


Views Life as:  Meaningful

  *The EmotionUnderstanding

Views God as:  Wise

Process of:  Abstraction

Hp = 79%


350  Level


Views Life as:  Harmonious

  *The Emotion >   Forgiveness

Views God as:  Merciful

Process of:  Transcendence

Hp = 71%


310  Level


Views Life as:  Hopeful

  *The EmotionOptimism

Views God as:  Inspiring

Process of:  Intention

Hp = 68%


250  Level


Views Life as:  Satisfactory

  *The EmotionTrust

Views God as:  Enabling

Process of:  Release

Hp = 60%


200  Level


Views Life as:  Feasible

  *The EmotionAffirmation

Views God as:  Permitting

Process of:  Empowerment

Hp = 55%

All Levels ^ above ^ level 200 are + Positive + emotions.   

The Hp or 'Happiness percentage' stays above 55%.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

All Levels below level 200 are - Negative - emotions.   

The Hp or 'Happiness percentage' drops below 22%


175  Level


Views Life as:  Demanding

  *The Emotion >   Scorn

Views God as:  Indifferent

Process of:  Inflation

Hp = 22%


150  Level


Views Life as:  Antagonistic

  *The Emotion >   Hate

Views God as:  Vengeful

Process of:  Aggression

Hp = 12%


125  Level


Views Life as:  Disappointing     

View God as:  Denying   

  *The Emotion >   Craving    
compulsive, obsession

Process of:  Enslavement    
~  addiction

Hp = 10%


100  Level


Views Life as:  Frightening   
~  the Future

  *The Emotion >   Anxiety

Views God as:  Punitive

Process of:  Withdrawl

Hp = 10%


75  Level


Views Life as:  Tragic  
~  the Past

  *The Emotion >   Regret

Views God as:  Disdainful

Process of:  Despondency

Hp = 9%


50  Level


Views Life as:  Hopeless

  *The Emotion >   Despair

Views God as:  Condemning

Process of:  Abdication

Hp = 5%


30  Level


Views Life as:  Evil

  *The Emotion >   Blame

Views God as:  Vindictive

Process of:  Destruction

Hp = 4%


20  Level


Views Life as:  Miserable

  *The Emotion >   Humiliation

Views God as:  Despising

Process of:  Elimination    
~  get rid of

Hp = 1%