20 Day-signs Storytelling

Note:  This material is mainly a transcript of a lecture Richard Alan Eagle gave in Sedona, Arizona.

It's now time (now-time) to share a little storytelling with the 20 Mayan day-signs.

I cannot tell you all I know, for that would take a lifetime, but I can share some hints.

When I first got started studying the 20 day-signs I wanted to find out which of the 20 day-signs my day of birth was, and what did that mean to me?

At first for many years I thought my day of birth was on SKYWALKER day, until I realized I was using the "wrong" calendar, the Yucatan "lowlands" Maya calendar count the late DR. JOSÉ ARGÙELLES taught us to use in his amazing wonderful books, especially - The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology

I was very fortunate to meet him once while living in Sedona, Arizona, and to feel his heart beat on my chest while we hugged.

               Richard. front left; with DR. JOSÉ ARGÙELLES
his wife Lloydine top left-center in white.

Then in 1995 I realized, after reading the-late DR. DENNIS TEDLOCK book, Popol Vuh, that the Yucatan lowlands Maya calendar was miscalculated by 55 days, as of 1995. Tedlock recorded that the Guatemala "highland" Maya are the oldest Mayan communities who have kept the "count of days" based on the exact risings and settings of the planet Venus, as it should be. Their calendar is known as the Guatemala highlands Mayan Calendar. This 'split' into two calendar counts can be traced back to the 1500's with the arrival of the "divide & conquer" Spanish army in 1519.

So in 1997, I switched-over to using the Guatemala highlands Mayan Calendar count of days, and never looked back. Now THAT was very hard to do, at first, especially for me, one who teaches this. My birth date on the Guatemala Mayan Calendar is STAR.

Upon reflection, I became a 'real' Mayan-Calendar "Day Keeper" only after realizing...I AM All of them, all 20 day-sign energies. We are all One, with many faces.

Only by studying the 20 day-signs, drawing them yourself, developing your own FEELINGS for them, do the doors of wisdom open.

Ajaw or Ahau? Which is "correct"? Different spelling, same pronunciation!

Don't get stuck on the "definitions", create your own 260-day universe. And have fun.

The 20 day-signs can be examined as they manifest in order: day-by-day or week-by-week.

At first I wondered,"Why is jaguar WIZARD placed at day 14 in  the 20-day cycle?"  That was hard to understand.

But, when I saw that jaguar WIZARD was Mayan Week-2 after DRAGON Week-1, then it made sense.

First a DRAGON creature, then the jaguar WIZARD. The "animal" day-sign Weeks come first.

So, try storytelling yourself with the 20 day-signs as they manifest in order, both day-by-day, and then week-by-week.

This is how I came to understand and memorize them. How they flow together.

There are 10,000 Levels of Consciousness on Earth, lenses of perception, from which to choose to view life thru.

We "fall in love" with people (and living beings) not so much for who or what they are, or what they look like, but with the Holy Spirit, the Higher Power, within them.  And the stronger the power the deeper the love.


Here is a chart of the 20 day Mayan month.



Here is another chart with the dates of each of the twenty 13 day weeks.

The 20 Weeks: Five 52-day 'Houses'

General Themes, with Dates

In all, Love, one's intention.

52-day House-ONE of The Wilderness & Ego: The Primal Forces

For all karmically struggle, feel and yearn for Life, Being whatever form One creates now.

Week-1   DRAGON imix ~Jan 29, 2021  Day #1

Week-2  WIZARD ix ~Feb 11, 2021  Day #14

Week-3  HAND manik' ~Feb 24, 2021  Day #27

Week-4  SUN ajaw ~Mar 9, 2021  Day #40


52-day House TWO: The Outer Heavens

Good-Works Service

Caring Together for All the Good Things of this planet.

Week-5  SKYWALKER b'en ~Mar 22, 2021  Day #53

 > Begin EAGLE men Season ~Mar 24, 2021 Day #55

Week-6  WORLDBRIDGER kimi' ~Apr 4, 2021  Day #66

Week-7  STORM kawak ~Apr 17, 2021  Day #79

Week-8  HUMAN eb' ~Apr 30, 2021  Day #92


52-day  House THREE: The Inner Heavens 

Reason to Love

For uniting the Mind-of-Reason with the Heart-and-holy-Spirit-of-Love, wisdom.

Week-9  SERPENT chikchan ~May 13, 2021  Day #105

Week-10  MIRROR etz'nab' ~May 26, 2021  Day #118

  > Begin SUN ajaw Season ~May 28, 2021  Day #120

> Mid-point of calendar: ~Jun 7-8, 2021   Days #130 - #131

Week-11  MONKEY chuwen ~Jun 8, 2021  Day #131

Week-12  SEED k'an ~Jun 21, 2021  Day #144

  > "Day Keepers Day"  8 MONKEY ~Jun 28, 2021  Day #151


52-day House FOUR: The Higher Heavens

The Bliss Teachers

For All-are-Teachers dedicated to Being-the-Example in sharing Life-giving powers.

Week-13  EARTH kab'an ~Jul 4, 2021  Day #157

Week-14  DOG ok ~Jul 17, 2021  Day #170 

Week-15  NIGHT ak'bal ~Jul 30, 2021  Day #183

   > Begin SERPENT chikchan Season ~Aug 1, 2021  Day #185

Week-16  WARRIOR kib' ~Aug 12, 2021  Day #196


52-day House FIVE: The Mystic Heavens

The Divine Ones

For the illusions of This World are One's-own-Dualities surrendered-within.

Week-17  MOON muluk ~Aug 25, 2021  Day #209

Week-18  WIND ik' ~Sep 7, 2021  Day #222          

Week-19  EAGLE men ~Sep 20, 2021  Day #235

 Week-20  STAR lamat ~Oct 3, 2021  Day #248

  >Begin DOG ok Season ~Oct 5, 2021  Day #250

Last Day of Week-20 completes on:

13 SUN ajaw ~Oct 15, 2021  Day #260

Ascend to The Stars, master, with the last step taken by g-o-d

All is sacred Love, master perfect Peace.

mege here now beyond form love


Now for a little storytelling with the 20 day-signs as they appear in order, day-by-day:

This is "storytelling around the campfire" kind of stuff, mind you, and not some set-in-stone reference guide.


The 'Talking Branch' speaks...

All Life is moving LiGHT rays, 'standing-wave' forms we sense,

energy waves that re-member one path to that moment,

what two eyes see...what two ears hear....what two hearts love

One touch, merge beyond form now love

GOOD vibrationssssssss...repeating patterns, like an echo...echo

similar patterns, you moving among 'them' all,

each pattern woven into day-sign that give our inner world we weave inside our minds life.

Love = One Thing faster than Light.

One Thing, many faces.

The 20-day dance begins always NOW in every-one moment & all dance together.

The Light is most direct, strongest at mid-day, at noon, at the South-Gate, streaming from the divine Radiant One, the heavenly Sun-Light SUN ajaw, or ahau, who gives birth to "The Movement of The 10,000 Things."

On the Mayan Calendar the 'spiritual journey' of life is celebrated and represented by the "Hero Journey" from DRAGON 'creature's to SUN 'lords' every 20 days.

DRAGON imix creature is birthed from the divine being SUN Ajaw, or Ahau. (Different spellings, same pronunciation.)

The most ancient forms of life began in the water, energy "currents" of hydrogen-oxygen streaming into lakes by rivers to the oceans and changed from simple one cell  bacteria into more complex forms by genetic mutations.  All physical life-forms on earth, plants and creatures, arose from those early beginnings, and merge here now beyond form to love. Because there are so many "gaps" in the evolutionary chain the best guess now is understood to be that somewhere genetic engineering produced new species. But by whom?

There is strong evidence that our planet formed from "the chunks" of an advanced civilization planet nearly destroyed by impact with another "large body", which helps explain the buried artifacts that get dug-up or found deep underground in rock layers millions of years old.

All life-forms on Earth have various "levels of consciousness" and "awareness" and search their surroundings for energy sources outside themselves to get energy from. They are aware of their surroundings, yet most are not aware or concerned about the wants or needs of other life-forms in their local environment.  And over millions and millions of years all kinds of random genetic mutations made-possible most all the forms of life we witness today.  We still have at the base of our brains the primitive "reptilian brain" wherein 'primitive' basic survival-skills are imprinted and run in the sub-consciousness 24/7.

This primal survival "mind-set" infuses all life holographically and is celebrated, has its own day, in each 20-day Month, the very first day. 


red  DRAGON  imix

Many beings are plants that have their roots in the bottom muck (guess we all do, to a degree) and rise to surface as beautiful flowers and leaves.  This day-sign in a way signifies the primal life-forms and creatures which have "awareness" but little-to-no concern for "others." These life forms are LOW on the Levels of Consciousness awareness scale. When volatile animal behavior is witnessed in hu-mans, some may label it 'bad behavior', but when the volatile behavior or emotions are displayed in animals we understand that the animal is just trying-to-survive without concern for others, so that behavior or emotion is natural or 'normal'. 

All 'negative' behaviors, when rated on the Levels of Consciousness scale, from 1 to 1,000, are below Level 200. The life-forms have "awareness" and are just trying to survive, with little-to-no concern for others. Their 'spiritual light bulb'. so-to-speak, is NOT turned ON  and not present yet. The fruit is not ripe. The survival 'instinct' is present in all living things.  It is the 'prime initiative' and may initiate most actions.  These life forms "know not what they do", and have very-limited awareness, so we have compassion for them, but we also "watch our backs" when around them.

What I just explained is a general lesson, but not to be taken literally, in the sense of someone who is born on this Mayan day. There is a high side and a low side to each day-sign.

DRAGON creature is the first day of every 20-day mayan Month. This day-sign initiates both a new 4-day cycle and 20-day cycle.

The DRAGON day-sign depicts a half-circle 'dark sun' at the top, a totally eclipsed sun, with dots around it and with some short "lines" rising up from the bottom.

Some creatures in creation have very little awareness. Their world is dark and surrounded-by those like-themselves and feel only their connection to The Bottom. And that is perfect. All things have their "station" in creation.

A water-lily rises up from the muck to flower on the surface. It needs the muck to be grounded in, so there is a purpose for the muck.

Some see only the dark bottom-half of the Circle of Life hidden, and they'll find others of like-mind to agree and align-with while staying connected to The Bottom. Healthy people don't "reject" their dark-side, but understand that it's there, its not going-away until enlightenment (loss of the ego), and respect the danger it represents; but rises above it.

So actually, we are all like that in some ways sometimes, maybe. But it is good to understand and 'allow' that sometimes "shit happens", as "even the best cook breaks a few cookies", that these low life-forms karmically "attract" some souls and life forms. We respect all paths to explore, although we may not condone the desire or choice of the lesson. We are All One, one coin with two-sides, Yin and yang dancing. Even great beautiful art sometimes contains scenes of suffering and evil, because it is there and it exists. When we deny imperfection we project it onto 'others' and lose sight of the bigger picture.

The "negative" aspects appear as volatile energy 'forces', "the Dark Sun" eclipsed in darkness. 

The day before DRAGON day is SUN ajaw day, the last day of the 20-day Mayan month, that completes then 20-day cycle.

Every 20-day Mayan month is like a 20-day 'project' where every day we become more aware to be loving and peaceful in every moment, no matter what.

The 20-day Months start with DRAGON and continues for 20 days to SUN. From low awarenes 'creatures', to high awareness 'lords'.

So, on SUN ajaw days we wrap-up the month, a 20-day attempt at becoming more and more peaceful and loving for 20 days, while identifying how, when and why we may have forgotten to be loving and peaceful.

Yes, every Mayan Calendar day has a "meaning" that we project onto it our own OPINIONS and FICTIONS, but as we get more mature many souls realize that the only things that really last and make a difference, all that really matters after all is said and done is how much love we gave "others" and what 'trail' we created that vibrates out into all the Universe.

I once heard a screenwriter say that , "It's not 'what we do' that people will remember us for, but how we made them feel."

DRAGON days signify a new beginning of a 20-day Mayan month, a new 20-day project for us to be more loving and peaceful, no matter what.

Life is a daily obstacle course and when we give-up complaining about it and become compassionate towards ourselves and all 'others', as we help them overcome the challenges and obstacles together, we then realize the goal is not-just getting to "the end" but being lovin and peaceful in every moment of the journey.

Pray for help to do this, for we can not overcome the challenges of life alone. Ask for divine Power to flow forth from within you, thru you, to all beings everywhere in every situation, all day long. Give the Love of All The Universe to everyone, in every moment. Feed them your divine Love that flows thru you from the Highest Source within your Sacred Heart to all Beings everywhere.

Just BE Love, all day long, today.

Be a new creature DRAGON breathing out divine fire-love, that even you are shocked to discover is within your heart, flowing out to all, everywhere. Be a wonderful new creation now that your friends have never seen before. Shock everyone by being kind, nice and loving, peaceful and happy all day long, whatever you are doing.

Do it today, then do it tomorrow, do it All The Time. Then you won't need a Mayan Calendar to track or inspire you because you'll be too busy inspiring everyone else.

You can do that. Then, you have done well with these words from my heart.

Re-birth yourself DRAGON creatures, into SUN Lords. 

Be divine Love, to All...for Good...Breathe Love that flows forth as Your Winds now.


white  WIND  ik'

The second Mayan day-sign, in the south, is the WIND or breath of life. 

Every life form has a subtle non-physical energy pattern, essence and spirit which determines its identification and destiny coming into physical form at birth.  Every thing has an "essence" or spirit group energy which makes it what it "is." The first thing we do after being born is to breathe and begin the first repetition, the first pattern, of a rhythm. Each element on the scientific Table of the Elements represents a name someone has given to a pattern of energy. Its all just energy, people, place and thing.

WIND ik' is the 2nd day-sign and the 2nd day of every 20-day Mayan Month.

A DRAGON (the first day-sign) is born, takes its first breath and the WIND enters within it. A creature is born with the 'essence' or quality of its parent and environment. Every creature has a group spirit spiritual nature that has a specific range of awareness and consciousness potential.

The WIND day-sign has 3 circles, two above one, with curved lines connected to the top 2 circles and coming from opposite directions to join together as one image.

Two things interact and one results.

Life is a unity of opposing energies that interact, like Good-evil, or the Chinese Yang-yin, the Light-dark, the +positive-negative-, or the Gravitational-magnetic, even On-off, all seemingly opposing each other.

Hot and cold are not opposites; there is only varying degrees of heat or its absence.

Depending on the context of whatever phenomena is being observed for understanding the seeming hard dual natures that we see in the physical world is usually found to have 'gradients' between the extremes of polarity that we project onto the duality of meanings.

Look at all the millions of shades of combinations between the two extremes of any two "pure" colors.

Apply that reasoning to all of the above examples of opposites and you will find that in reality the Universe is One thing with many gradients of forms, awareness, consciousness and purpose.

A circle goes around and touches all the directions, east, south, west and north. A ball can expand to touch everything everywhere.

How many glasses of water are in all the oceans on Earth? Just one, if the glass is big enough!

So perspective and definition count for the CONTEXT of the CONTENT. Go google the definition of those two words content & context.

In a spiritual sense, energy is being transferred from the Highest divine states of radiant infinite power & transferred by decreasing levels to the very lowest states of being and matter. This is constant and non-stop, and each of us is somewhere in that process, receiving & giving to feed the least among us the divine radiant infinitely invincible powerful life-sustaining energies of love and peace.

Like a wire with electricity, only the resistance within the medium keeps the full transfer from occurring without loss of original complete divine impulse.

And the only thing that is stopping that transfer is RESISTANCE to accept the energies, and so all war & conflict & disagreement is the absence of this free exchange of energy from the Highest with love & peace to the Lowest. And we accept that there is resistance, it is a forever fact of life in Our Universe.

The WIND flows.


blue  NIGHT  ak'baal

The Gateway into the West is at NIGHT ak'bal

The spirit 'rhythms' multiply and build into repetitive echo patterns, and so the third symbol is the NIGHT ak'bal sometimes shown with multiple dots or stars in the sky.  The Aztec calendar name for this day-sign is Temple and a variation on that word is "template."  Some Mayan ruins are both temples and astronomical observatories with slots in the walls and ceilings to pinpoint stars during their yearly cycles. The temple is the template to the heavens above. All variations of the NIGHT day-sign have the 'wave' pattern near the bottom. Notice the little triangle 'pyramid' connected to the sky.

NIGHT is one of the four "Year-Bearer" day-signs:
     red SKYWALKER ben East, white
MIRROR etz'nab' South, blue NIGHT ak'bal West, yellow STAR lamat North.


yellow  SEED  k'an

Here in the West harvest day-sign SEED k'an we have the Blue Corn life cycle: seed, plant, fruit. These-patterns are ripened into a code or SEED which is the container containing all the instructions for further expansion. The seed is planted in a channel home base.  The Aztec calendar names this day-sign Corn Plant. I once planted Hopi blue corn seeds in a community garden in Sedona.  First, one knells down and says a prayer of blessing while holding five blue corn seeds. Then one picks-up the 'male' planting stick and penetrates the female-earth, twirling the stick around with a spiral motion to 0pen-up the earth. Then one places four seeds in the hole, one for each direction, then one in the middle (sky) onto which the other stalks will be supported. Then one pushes the earth back over the seeds with the stick and thumps the ground gently with a heartbeat rhythm to firmly cover the loose soil. Then one stands-up, takes one large step over the planting, and knell-down again. The blue seeds are planted in rows with irrigation channels on each side.  The water (energy) flows to where one channels it to.

The SEED ripens and completes the first four-day cycle.

This first four-day set of day-signs teaches one about the general meaning of each of the following four-day cycles by color coding:

Reds - initiate

Whites - shape

Blues - multiply

Yellows - ripen

red  SERPENT  chikchan

The GateKeeper of the West-Gate is the SERPENT chikchan.  The SEED begins to instinctively sprout, root and stem, in spiraling designs. A reptile snake moves its body by 'waving' itself along. Expanding then contracting forward, expanding then contracting forward. Meditate on the meaning this has for your life, when seemingly unwanted 'contractions' actually move us along forward on our life path.

This red day-sign initiates a new 4-day cycle.

Notice how the red SERPENT is connected by the color red to the red DRAGON, and also to the red MOON, SKYWALKER and EARTH.


white  WORLDBRIDGER  kimi'

After sprouting, the root is grounded to the Earth and the stem naturally pushes-up to seek the light. Within is all that is needed to Be.  This is the day-sign WORLDBRIDGER kimi'.  Like a stem cell which can potentially become ANY form or organ the body requires, one becomes what one truly is...shaped by local conditions and karmic possibilities to love, and work and be of service to the Divine. One changes course many times throughout one eternal life with many Earthly chapters, and the compass is set to the true direction, that comes from within. The Divine dream, The Movement of the 10,000 Things, is forever intertwined in the inner spiritual dimensions.

The night before my mother passed-on, I dreamed of our family on a boat braving a stormy tsunami flood. And she was leading us all in singing:  "Row...row...row your boat...gently...down the stream...merrily...merrily...merrily...merrily...life is...but a Dream."

The question is, What is dreaming?

Notice how the white WORLDBRIDGER is connected by the color white to the white WIND, and also to the white DOG, WIZARD and MIRROR.


blue  HAND  minik'

Grounded to the Earth, growing-up, seeking the light, with an inner truth and respect for the Hoop of Life within, One divine Will branches to The Many and gathers together that which sustains life.  This is the work of our HAND

The key for me to understanding the meaning of the HAND day-sign was to study the same Aztec Calendar day-sign position the DEER with antlers, symbolizing The One branching into The Many.  Isn't it amazing how our one awareness branches into moving our 20 fingers and toes, our own little family of 20. 

With so simple an example of our One Will branching into our many parts, how then can we not fail to realize the One Divine Presence branching to be with us and in us All?

Notice how the blue HAND is connected by the color blue to the red NIGHT, and also to the blue MONKEY, EAGLE and STORM.


yellow  STAR  lamat

The STAR lamat represents flowering organized art patterns, growing matter, plants, from blue seeds that ripenn and flower into blue STARs.

The STAR ripens and completes the second four-day cycle.

STAR is one of the four "Year-Bearer" day-signs:
      red SKYWALKER ben East, white
MIRROR etz'nab' South, blue NIGHT ak'bal West, yellow STAR lamat North.

Notice how the yellow STAR is connected by the color yellow to the yellow SEED, and also to the yellow HUMAN, WARRIOR and SUN.

Wow. Lots to meditate on there!


red  MOON  muluk

Patterns are expressed in the movement of the MOON, the tides, the light waxing and waning, the serpentine emotional waves that purify flowing rhythms. There is an old saying, "The Rain begins with One drop."

This day-sign initiates a new 4-day cycle.


white  DOG  ok

Deep instinctual-flows of nurturing love-and-compassion is so natural in so many life-forms, such as our good-companion DOG ok.
Dog-breeds share a 'group-mind' thus the entire upper-part of the symbol is "over" the head with 'nose-to-the-air'. And mama-dog nourishes-all her-pups with compassion and love.


blue  MONKEY  chuwen

The dog wit -heart is sitting at the base of the world tree looking up, next to and flowing into the MONKEY chuwen, master mimic mind-you, who assembles and exercises the community (common-unity) to greater good.


yellow  HUMAN  eb'

One rises above the Monkey-mind with a dog-heart where pure rhythms flow. Rise-up higher wise sage, up the yellow HUMAN holiness, a yellow Star-Seed sage, to heights that inspire and influences all who realize the ascent is first within.

red  REED  ben

From this high place one measures, looks and records. The SKYWALKER, as above so below, a bridge spanning the rivers of wisdom that flow pure inside one as holistic patterns.

This day-sign initiates a new 4-day cycle.

SKYWALKER is one of the four "Year-Bearer" day-signs:
      red SKYWALKER ben East, white
MIRROR etz'nab' South, blue NIGHT ak'bal West and yellow STAR lamat North.


white  WIZARD  hix

The cosmic dancer-magician takes on a jaguar WIZARD camouflage, prepared to act any part, shift and change beyond the known, into the eternal estatic bliss of the now love forever play.

The paradox: One eats-transforms to live and give life. On "royal hunts" the animals are always given an escape route so the choice to which gate to run thru, the gate of escape or the gate of self-sacrifice, is the choice the animal makes.  Karma rules.


blue  EAGLE  men

The wisdom of the spirit rising up with spiritual power gathers together as One, the EAGLE group-mind, to pray, envision and project together the peace and Love of Being One Heart-Mind-Soul.


yellow  WARRIOR  kib'

Love is the highest Spiritual Power medicine, and our higher WARRIOR  guardian angel consciousness commits us to always Assist and Protect life.

The Aztec Calendar symbol is a Vulture, or that which carries away all traces of the dead after a soul has shed its form for the Higher Realms.


red  EARTH  kab'an

This day-sign initiates the last 4-day-cycle.

This is Our Dance day with our sacred Mother EARTH, to move and ground our holy life dance of love and joy, aligned with one another as family, in sacred ceremony always.  We dance the heartbeat of our beloved Mother Planet and Universal Oneness around The Hoop of Life circle.


white  MIRROR  etz'nab'

MIRROR is the "Gateway to the South" as we cleanse, prepare and rising-up to SUN ahau day.

The heartbeat echo of divine love radiates a flowing pattern, mirroring the content of our Higher Mind brought to a focus point.  The MIRROR with its reflective surface cuts through all negativity to allow for clear endless reflections, but also can spark our inner fires to life with thunder and lightning shock if not prepared to see the Truth. Our true essence clears away all that resists perfect love and peace.

MIRROR is one of the four "Year-Bearer" day-signs:
    red SKYWALKER ben East, white
MIRROR etz'nab' South, blue NIGHT ak'bal West and yellow STAR lamat North.


blue  STORM  kawak

STORM is Nature in all its elements, is that which is forever evolving in waves of both physical and spiritual unfoldings a never-ending process of re-balancing energies, which both catalyzes and breaks-down then re-forms and re-creates every energy pattern in our universe every moment. Quantum physics states, "The Observer influences what is being observed, and is not separate from it." We are not separate from ANYTHING we observe. Meditate on that One for awhile!

We with All creation merge with the Creator of both the gentle meadows and volatile storms, Yang-yin, All is One, dancing.

STORM kawak day is the 19th day-sign of every 20-day Mayan month and is the day before SUN day, the last day of each Mayan month.

So basically on every STORM day, we are just about ready to wrap-up another 20-day cycle and present our selves and efforts to the SUN lord Ajaw as a gift to the world.

There are 13 months of 20-days each in every 260-day-calendar cycle so we have 13 attempts to master ourselves in the art of Love and Peace spiritual power over every 20-day cycle. This allows us to look-at each 20-day month as a 20-day 'project', to become masters of love and peace discernment.

If we think we are "being right" all the time, it means nothing without the Qualities of Love and Peace backing it up. Granted that if 'mistakes' are made, that there is love and peace with forgiveness, and encouragement to move-on together as One.

Life on Earth is an obstacle course, and when we quit complaining about it and quit judging "others" for failing or falling down or not going fast enough, we begin to Help and Give to "others" to overcome the obstacles together and become a TEAM. As they-say, There is no letter 'i' in the word Team.

There are so many components and personal agendas as we all navigate the obstacle course together. And actually, there never reall is a 'Finish Line' until we "pass over," so the only real accomplishments are in how we help others over and around the obstacles, just for today with love and peace in all situations, no mater what. This does not imply 'controlling others' though. Best to allow the lessons to be learned, for so-called "mistakes" help the soul to grow, even when we think otherwise.

Love and peace is like the Sun in the sky: it's always there. We just have to feel beyond the clouds in our lives to link into The Eternal Light it Gives.

So every day and every 20-days gives us another chance to link into all the forms of life on Earth and in the Universe, to recognize limitations and response-abilities, and to feed everything around us with perfect love and peace in every moment, no matter what.

Everything is made of ONE thing, ENERGY, so everything is One energy field, just with different shapes, so love it All.

The second day-sign WIND has three circles and the second-to-last day-sign STORM also has three circles, and four-dots around a slit seed with an X to mark the 'on-center' energy ready to ascend as Our Gift to bring to the SUN day.

To me this signifies our seed of intentions and actions Being-connected to ALL 'the elements' and 'fields of energy' in Our Universe we are not eparate from, in all four directions, focused and catalyzed in motion to love and be peace, and brought to completion as Our Gift to the SUN day.


yellow  SUN  ajaw

The first day-sign every 20-days is "The Dark Sun" eclipsed DRAGON creature and the last day-sign every month is "The Llight" SUN, so our awareness and focus increases and ascends over every 20 days, from the day of the DRAGON creature to the day of the SUN lord.

The radiant SUN flowers. The inner ruler of heavnly perfect delight, love and ascension becomes all-there-is-to-be, perfect love and peace, for just a moment, and for all time, in the twinkling of an eye upon surrender of all that is False. So, no lies, no ego and no mind here; only the True You shines...halo.

The Light of the Divine Ones, the spiritual food from the Sun, is strongest at mid-day, at noon, at the South-Gate, streaming from the divine radiant Heart, the heavenly inner home of the One True Light SUN whose ascension gives birth to The Movement of The 10,000 Things.

My kundalini yoga teacher Ravi Singh alway says, "Be the Light and Share the Light on behalf of All Beings."

And then the energy descends to the Lower Ones, to become at the lowest levels the DRAGON creatures again, back into the pond, after this day.

Birthed endlessly again-and-again from the Divine Heart Being, the Hoop of Life is her -made complete on SUN days, renewed every-20-days.

Other names for this day-sign is Ruler and Lord, and implies Divinity being the last day of every 20-day Mayan month.

Each Mayan month begins on DRAGON day, so every 20-days we journey from DRAGON creatures to SUN lords

This last day of every 20-day month we complete our 20-day 'project' to master perfect love and peace. Now time to review all that has happened in our lives over the last 20-days. What were the goals? What were the challenges? What did we do well? What do we wish to let go of? How can we improve to become more loving and peaceful souls? It ain't about sitting on sum throne dishing out candy or arrows.

Many successful people have "mentors," teachers in their life to help guide them along. So connect with the Greatest Teachers and Guides in Our Universe: Holy Spirit, God, Great Spirit, all the Names and energies of Divinity dwell within you. Call upon them, now.

We never walk The Path alone. We need Help. We need the Highest Power to uplift us at all times. There are moments to feel divinity and there are moments to do the laundry. But, you can do all things and always be connected with divinity within. Divinity is everywhere. Audit where you think divinity is not and you'll find that the moment you-judge where divinity is not is the exact-moment you close your connection with it.

You have two hands and you can spread them far apart with your arms, but they are still connected to you, even though there "seems to be" a distance between them.

Look at the day-sign SUN and you see how many circles? Four, or five? They are joined together in one space, the individual 'parts' form together a larger unit whole.

Let's use the letters of the word "GOD" as an example:
There is G, a spiral representing the Universe, from the inner spiraling to the outer.
There is O, representing the Circle or Medicine Hoop of Life, ONE path, to All directions.
There is D, representing half or a part of the circle, with the D standing-for the all the "Definitions of the parts".
And all together it is One, Word, Logos..

The day after SUN begins a new 20-day Mayan month. Every day connects into your entire life. Every moment IS connected to each moment that ever was, still, is. Now. All is One.

SUN ajaw day brings divinity ALL together and teaches us that every day is ONE, love & peace, no matter how it looks, or when-or-by-what-name, ONE Being You-All...

...every day. ONE.


This is how you can do storytelling using the 20 Mayan day-signs.

Now, you try it, tell your story using the day-signs. Have fun. Be One.