2009 Coast to Coast AM
February 5, 2012

Radio Interview on 'Coast to Coast AM' on Nov. 18, 2009


2009 Coast to Coast AM - RADIO INTERVIEW

COAST TO COAST AM with host George Noory, Dr. Bill Birnes, Richard Eagle.

Yes, there is an ancient Stonehenge in America.

A hidden-in-plain-site huge quartzite natural-rock amphitheater sits at the eastern-end of a 1/4-mile-long line of sacred rocks aligned east-to-west that marks where the sun rises & sets on the spring and fall equinoxes at Blue Mounds State Park in southwest Minnesota.

George Noory, the host of the #1 rated late-night radio show in the world, COAST TO COAST AM, proclaimed "I love this story!" while  live on-air Nov. 19, 2009, as this amazing story is told to 4-6 million listeners.

Nov.18, 2009 show 

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