The Current 260-Days


The current 260-days

Started on:

January 29, 2021

1  DRAGON imix

Day #1


The current 260-days

Complete on:

October 15, 2021

13  SUN  ajaw

Day #260





A secondary 260-day cycle.







November 14, 2020

3 SERPENT chikchan

Day #185




January 13, 2021

3 DOG ok

Day #250




March 24, 2021

3 EAGLE men

Day #55




May 28, 2021

3 SUN ajaw

Day # 120


- - - - - - - -


begins on

August 1, 2021

3 SERPENT chikchan

Day #185

The Four SEASONS weave together and overlap consecutive 260-day cycles. Events happening during the five days from 11 SUN - Day #180 to 3 SERPENT - Day #185 seem to reveal a sneak preview of events to come in the next 260-day cycle beginning Day #1.

The 52-day HOUSES


The FIVE 52-day HOUSES



January 29, 2021


"The Wilderness-Ego"

The Underworlds

52-day cycle 1 of 5

begins Day #1

1  DRAGON  imix


March 22, 2021


"Good-Works Service"

The Outer Heavens

52-day cycle 2 of 5

begins Day #53

1  SKYWALKER  b'en


May 13, 2021


"Reason to Love"

The Inner Heavens

52-day cycle 3 of 5

begins Day #105

1  SERPENT  chikchan


July 4, 2021


"The Bliss Teachers"

The Higher Heavens

52-day cycle 4 of 5

begins Day #157

1  EARTH  kab'an


August 25, 2021


"The Divine Ones"

The Mystic Heavens

52-day cycle 5 of 5

begins Day #209

1  MOON  muluk


October 15, 2021

Last Day #260

13  SUN  ajaw


Blue NIGHT Year 9


Year 9 of 13-Year cycle

2013 ~ 2025


blue  NIGHT  ak'bal

WEST gateway - harvest


Year 3 of 4-year cycle

2019 - 2022


365-day blue Year 9 NIGHT

Started on:

JANUARY 11, 2021

9  NIGHT  ak'bal

Day #243



Completes on:

JANUARY 10, 2022


13-YEAR Cycles

Current 52-Year Cycle

1987 to  2038


13-Year Cycle 3 of 4

1987 - 1999

2000 - 2012

> 2013 - 2025  

  2026 - 2038


blue NIGHT ak'bal  YEARS

blue West - Harvest

13-year cycle

2013  to  2025


2021 =

Year 9 of 13-years

blue WEST harvest


blue Year 9 NIGHT ak'bal

Year 3 of 4-year cycle

2019 to 2022

2013  1 NIGHT  west - harvest

2014   2 STAR  north - winter

2015  3  SKYWALKER east - spring

2016   4 MIRROR  south - summer

2017  5 NIGHT west - harvest

2018   6 STAR  north - winter

2019  7 SKYWALKER  east - spring

2020   8 MIRROR  south - summer

2021   9 NIGHT west - harvest

2022   10 STAR  north - winter

2023  11 SKYWALKER  east - spring

2024  12 MIRROR  south - summer

2025  13 NIGHT  west - harvest

13 Numbers and Tones

There are no known ancient Maya written texts (as far as I know) explaining the meanings of the Mayan 13 numbers, other than how the Maya marked each day using DOTS and BARS code notations. And Mayan calendar numbers were usually written in the color black.

In the Mayan Calendar numbering system, the numbers:

1 = one DOT
2 = two DOTS
= three DOTS
= four DOTS

5 = one BAR
6 = one DOT above one BAR
7 = two DOTS above one BAR, and so on

10 = two BARS
11 = one DOT above two BARS
12 = two DOTS above two BARS, and so on

15 = three BARS
= one DOT above three BARS
16 = two DOTS above three BARS, and so on

20 = CLAM SHELL symbol.

Let's now examine the Aztec Calendar "Sun Stone" for more clues.

Let's zoom in on the key LEGEND BOX at the very 'top' of the Aztec Calendar Stone:

From the Aztec Calendar Sun Stone replica pictured above, at the very top of the stone is a four-sided square LEGEND BOX with 13 seeds in circles circles surround the 13th Aztec day-sign Corn Plant.

1 = Re-birth/Expand   

5 = Stabilize   

7 = Mid-point  

9 = Contract   

13 = Complete/Rebirth

The Breath of Time...inhale expand and exhale contract.

The Arc of Time: At the beginning, an impulse 'oomph' to rise, stabilizes, peaks and returns to Source.

The key shift points are of course 1 and 13, and in the corners  5 and 9, with 7 in the very middle.

This is a CODE, suggesting the image of energy rising-up, expanding, stabilizing, and then contracting back to Source.

By grace I realized the connection of the 13 numbers to the musical scale in 1997.

One night I had colored-in the rows of each 20-day month where the 52-day "House" cycles started and ended on my 260-day grid map of the Mayan Calendar.

Something looked familiar.

I had colored in the rows: 1, 3, 6, 8, 11 and 13.


Then I turned the grid map sideways and...WOW!...I saw a very familiar row spacing pattern, exactly like the black-white keys on a piano keyboard.

The Musical Code to Time ~ as shown on a piano:

G# is the "G-o-d tone" that begins and ends the octave. Gee, sharp!

The "modern" musical scale frequencies at pitch 440 are deliberately set to create disharmony.

The most beneficial original pitch 432 is now available, with many apps for mobile phones and laptops.



In 2005 I suddenly realized the connection of the 13 Mayan Calendar numbers to DR. DAVID HAWKINS Map of Consciousness.

Each of the 13-day cycles, and each of the five cycles of 52-days, might be associated with general "levels of consciousness" or awareness.

Levels of consciousness were identified by the research of the-late DR. DAVID R. HAWKINS and presented in his clinically proven "Map of Consciousness" in his 1995 New York Times best selling book Power vs Force, as reviewed in this chart (edited for educational purposes).

Purchase Dr. Hawkins Map, HERE.

All levels DOWN from Level 1,000 indicate increasing resistance to perfect love and peace.

There are 10,000 different possible Levels of Consciousness and Awareness on Earth that one can experience and focus on, reduced here to a logarithic scale from 1 to 1,000.

The "bottom" 199 levels are predatory in nature, without awareness of spiritual power, compassion or the capacity for love.

Now one can determine what are generally known as Dante's "Nine Circles of Hell" or "The Council of 9," with 1 at the bottom.

Listen to the-late DR. HAWKINS explain the Levels of Consciousness in this link (Part 1 of 6):

We "fall in love" with people (and living beings) not so much for who or what they are, or what they look like, but with The Presence of the Holy Spirit, their Higher Power, within them.  And the stronger the power the deeper the love.

I had realized a way to study both the levels of consciousness AND the Mayan calendar on a daily basis, on a 13-day basis, and over the entire 260 days.

It created the concept for me of a fractal Hero Journey through the Mayan Calendar utilizing Dr. Hawkins' levels of consciousness, as reviewed in the chart below, a journey that takes one first through the lower levels of consciousness of the 'Wilderness' underworlds and then after Day #52,- 1 SKYWALKER - after consciousness Level 200, through the higher levels of consciousness of the 'Heavenly Realms' over 260 days.  

Cycle 1
Days #1 - #52  represent House ONE of The Wilderness & Ego @ potential levels 1-199.
Cycle 2
Days #53 - #104  represent House TWO of Good-Works Service @ potential levels 200-399.
Cycle 3
Days #105 - #156  represent House THREE of Reason to Love @ potential levels 400-599.
Cycle 4
Days #157 - #208  represent House FOUR of The Bliss Teachers @ potential levels 600-799.
Cycle 5
Days #209 - #260  represent House-FIVE of The Divine-Ones @ potential levels 800-1,000.
Cycle 1 - Ego Challenges Emerge when Conditions allow
Cycle 2 - Moralize, Create Positive "Do Something About It" Actions and Services
Cycle 3 - Reasonable Planning, Spontaneous Unconditional Love and Acceptance, Transfiguration Shifts
Cycle 4 - Effortless Intentions Realized without Force by creative Power
Cycle 5 - Complete Enlightened Conclusion, draws any resisting Negative in preparation for Next Cycle

To help regain Spiritual-Mental-Emotional-Physical balance one can utilize the Mayan calendar to track the 'potentials' of the -Negative- to +Positive+ universal cycles of Love.

Some of our deepest fears keeping us from realizing spiritual-emotional-physical healing can be overcome by understanding that: "...[w]e may be punishing people, but more ourselves, by withholding our Love from them." states Dr. Allen L. Roland, PhD.

Potentially the most 'powerful' Days of LOVE every 13-days are: Mayan Weekdays 7 thru 13.


The "Expanded" Levels of Consciousness chart

(Note: Mayan calendar info and musical scale are not part of the Map of Consciousnes.)

Again, we "fall in love" with people (and living beings) not so much for who or what they are, or what they look like, but with the Holy Spirit, the Higher Power, within them.  And the stronger the power the deeper the love.

The "Octaves of Consciousness" levels and keywords correspond to the musical scale Octave and correspond to the 13 Mayan days, 13-months and 13-year-cycles, and any 13-units of Mayan time, as follows:


1-13       Levels               TONE       key words


  1       being Alive            Ab     

primal, challenge, survival instincts

Lowest potential consciousness levels  1 > 76  on days-rows-years numbered 1


  2       being Polarized          A       

duality, drives, volatile forces 

Very Low potential consciousness levels  76 > 153  on days-rows-years numbered 2


  3       being Pride-Positive+       

A#      moral, integrity, kind, warm (but with negative - Pride)

-Negative- to +Positive potential consciousness levels  153 > 230  on days-rows-years numbered 3

Note: The first 3/5 of this range is below level 200, with Pride- at level 175 before the spiritually Positive+ levels of 200 and above.

  4       being Family           B      

Medium low potential consciousness levels  230 > 307  on days-rows-years numbered 4


  5       being Harmony       C       

inspire, forgiveness, willingness, acceptance, humor

Medium potential consciousness levels  307 > 384  on days-rows-years numbered 5


  6       being Wise             C#      

reason, understanding, meaningful, happiness

Medium High potential consciousness levels  384 > 461  on days-rows-years numbered 6


  7       being Love              D        

loving, revelation, benign, reverence

High potential consciousness levels  461 > 538  on days-rows-years numbered 7


  8        being Bliss              D#      

unconditional love, joy, spontaneous healing, miracles...halo

Very High potential consciousness levels  538 > 615  on days-rows-years numbered 8


  9        being Peace             E       

enlightened, Self, I Am, no ego & no mind

Very High potential consciousness levels  615 > 692  on days-rows-years numbered 9


 10       being Pure                F       

Pure Consciousness, Sage, Is, I 

Very High potential consciousness levels 692 > 769  on days-rows-years numbered 10


 11       being Clear               F#     

Teacher of Enlightenment, chakra clearing 

Very High potential consciousness levels 769 > 846  on days-rows-years numbered 11


 12       being Realized         G        

Full Realization of Divinity, god as Logos 

Very High potential consciousness levels  846 > 923  on days-rows-years numbered 12


 13       being Divine             G#      

Divine Radiance, avatar, final surrender 

Highest potential consciousness levels 923 > 1000  on days-rows-years numbered 13



Because our space-time continuum is a 13:20 ratio fractal set, the 1,000 levels of consciousness are cycling through each 13-day Mayan week.

Keep in mind that there on actually 10,000 levels of consciousness on Earth but Dr. Hawkins reduced the scale to 1,000 to make it easier to work with.

Every 13-days the energy "potential" cycles-through the same pattern as through the 260 days, only here increasing in POWER potentials by about ~76 levels of consciousness each day, "potentially", over each 13-day cycle.

Our Hero Journey takes us through a multi-dimensional full creation cycle every 13 days. re-setting on Weekday 1, which flow through the primal volatile consciousness levels of The Wilderness (the wilder-ness), through the 'dark side' Underworld of Desires, all low energy -Negative-  force fields that calibrate below Level 200 for 2 and 1/2 days.

Then, halfway through Weekday 3, the time shifts in tendencies to the +Positive+ beneficial levels ABOVE consciousness Level 200, the second "inner astral" heavenly realms of Good-Works, where the +Positive+ POWER emotional influences of levels 200-399 build-up in spiritual power magnitude.

Then on Weekday 6 the third "higher heaven" realms of Level 400, the Reason and knowing potentials, manifest.

Also in the third realm is Weekday 7 at > the mid-point and opens the heart, the celestial heavenly realms of Love, with energies at or above consciousness Level 500, manifesting the spiritual emanations of our heart's intention.

On Weekday 8 all creation is potentially experienced as One, the "Enlightened" fourth realm Being Bliss and Peace, signified by a radiant nimbus halo emanating from ones' crown chakra.

And weekday 11 unfolds the "Divine" fifth realm of clear divine radiance, where potentially All Be One Awareness that flows into Weekday 13 and the Final Doorway, with the last step taken by g-o-d.

Note that on the Mayan calendar a "zero point" exists between days 13 and day 1 every 13 days. And that is why I reason THE MAYA ONLY USED THE DAY-SIGNS for THESE TWO DAYS every 13 days, so to identify when a  'ZERO POINT" DOORWAY OPENS.

So the Mayan Calendar 'breathes' an  in breath & out breath, and 'holding' the breathe on the 'outer' weeks.

One way to visualize the 13 days, or any 13-units, is as an energy-field flow map on a 3-D vortex 'doughnut' shape.

Vortex energy-field flow doughnut diagram, image edited for educational use.


The very center of the doughnut is the 13/1 transition point that rises up, curls out and down to the outside of the donut path to  7, then curls down then back up thru the center to the 13/1 zero-point transition .

This explains how the energy field "reverses" as the path transits from and into the center area.

Stan Tenen discovered the "spiral on a doughnut vortex" pattern. 
See all his charts on his website HERE.

By combining two "flame letter" spiral patterns together, the vortex spiral pattern (shown above) is created.

Stan Tenen chart, for educational review use only.



In 1991 the-late DR. JOSÉ ARGUEÙLLES, author of - The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology, created the Mayan Calendar 'game' kit DREAMSPELL.

In 1991, Willard van de Bogart, a close friend of JOSÉ, told me that José confided in him, saying, "José said to me, that, of all the people he knew, besides his wife Lloydine, that you have the best understanding of his Mayan calendar research'."  Willard thenpresented to me one of the very first DREAMSPEL kits, along with a hand-written note from José with the words, "Keep up the good work."

After moving to Sedona, Arizona, to be with author, actor and filmmaker Shaeri Richards, we traveled together and taught Mayan Calendar and DREAMSPEL classes in: Phoenix, Arizona, Mount Shasta, San Francisco, Sacremento, Santa Barbara, Salt Lake City, Durang and Atlanta.

Watch rare video footage of our July1992 public DREAMSPELL presentation in Sedona, here:

I don't know where JOSÉ came up with the DREAMSPELL number 'qualities' and TONE names (numerology?) and he doesn't document or mention where in his writings, as far as I know, although someone told me he said he "channrled" them. So, I had a problem with that. Not with him but on the general lack of explanations and/or documentation of his sources.

The 13-day Mayan weeks in the DREAMSPELL game are called "Wavespells." But my teachings here are not a that "game" and I'm not breaking or casting any spells, only provuding the most accurate information possible using familar terms to help people quickly learn about the Mayan Calendar.

Now don't get me wrong, JOSÉ was the one who brought the Mayan Calendar to world attention in 1987 and without him I wouldn't have this website. I've learned so much from his research and I am extremely thankful for the information he brought to us all.

I do agree and have alway thought of the 13-day time units as a WAVES of energy, 20 of them. And then in 1997 I realized they were also OCTAVES of time and energy.



2  =  LUNAR







9  =  SOLAR



12  =  CRYSTAL

13  =  COSMIC

*Note: All Mayan Calendar dates on this website are from the exact proven accurate calendar of the Guatemala-highlands Maya 'count of days' used today by the oldest Mayan communities. The other calendar 'count of days' known as the Yucatan-lowlands Mayan calendar count, used by the-late DR. JOSÉ ARGÙELLES, is miscounted by 57 days as of 2020. The Yucatan-lowlands count of days miscount began hundreds of years ago and is no longer aligned with the rising and setting cycles of the planet Venus, which is what the Mayan Calendar is suoosed to be based upon. This split can be traced back into the 1500's with the arrival of the "divide & conquer" Spanish army in 1519. Time to switch-over to using the proven exactly accurate Guatemala-highlands Mayan Calendar, so get used to it.

I wish to be clear about the description of the Mayan 13 numbers and tones.

Time is an illusion.

And illusion is one of the meanings of the word: Maya.

Every moment is NOW and what seems to be "a this causing a that" casual sequence series off events in the physical dimensions, A-B-C-D-E-F-G etc., the billiard ball view of life, in reality is not the case, because if one could trace it all back to the very BEGINNING we find what we call "g-o-d" creating life.

Then the question becomes WHAT created g-o-d? And the answer is...A Dream.

Everything is emerging in creation perfect in every moment of NOW.

Everything in the Universes, and there are infinite Universes of possibilities and potentials all expanding at the speed of light, are FIELDS of MAGNETIC ENERGY, and when the energy levels reach certain frequencies in particular (particle) patterns we think sense solid objects whose surface features and qualities we give names and meanings to.

Actually whatever we sense emerging in our local or global environments when the conditions allow are perfect as is, as they emerge into existence. Perfect karma, at every moment. Whether "we like it" or not.

A rose flower bud is perfect at every moment, at every "stage": bud growing, bud opening and bud wilting. Perfect, perfect, perfect!

Remember THAT when discussing of the NAMES, NUMBERS and MEANINGS of any Mayan Calendar day, unit or cycle of time.

A newborn baby has no idea what "day" it is, so the words "Saturday, Sunday, Monday" are meaningless. It will slowly learn what hot and cold means without having to know a word for each. Within a few years it may understand the temperature outdoors changes regularly, to us the four seasons. People who grow plants for food realize there are certain seasons to begin planting and another season to harvest.

So generally we can say for sure there are certain tendencies in our enviroment locally that we learn are beneficial for us, and other tendencies to avoid.

There are certain beginnings and endings we learn about. People are born and then the physical form finally decays. Films we watch have a beginning and an ending to the story that is already on the actual film, or today is encoded on the CD disc or on the hard drive or thumb-drive.

So too the Mayan Calendar has certain patterns and tendencies, exactly matched to the orbital cycles of the planet Venus around our Sun and Earth.

When those Venus-Sun-Earth cycles are reduced to their smallest mathematical "common denominators" we find: 4-day cycles, 13-day cycles, 52-day-cycles, 65-day cycles, 260-day cycles, 4-year cycles, 8-year cycles, 13-year cycles, 52-year cycles and 104-year cycles.

Each cycle begins and ends, they inter-weave and co-exist in every moment of NOW all together as ONE system of tendencies we call the Mayan Calendar. And it is all in our mind, as a potential to benefit from or avoid.

Whatever we hold in mind tends to create, tends to emerge, if the conditions allow, and if karmically suitable in the complete higher good for all life in the infinite Universes.

Sometimes our intentions do not emerge because doing so somehow would effect karma negatively in some unseen way other beings we cannot understand, or perhaps gives us a necessary karmic spiritual lesson, however we judge what we wish for to be.

So again, the Mayan Calendar is a system of perfect emerging tendencies, challenging or not, beneficial or not...but all is perfect, so ALL is somehow beneficial for our spiritual growth and development.

Every moment is perfect karma emerging. Accept it.

All the negative energies in the Universes emerge, pop up like a poisonous mushroom, when conditions allow. So the "Creator-god field" one day manifested on Earth perfect as a man. And He paid the karmic price for all negative karma, He "paid the bill," so we are allowed to make our "errors," to learn from and grow spiritually, in the hope and grace that we will make better choices.

So all is perfect here on 'boot camp' purgatory planet Earth.

Dr. David Hawkins stated that, All things emerging are actually from resistance to their emergence.

Chew on that idea a while.

He said, "All pain is from "spiritual error." And to "ask within" for it to be reveled to us the root cause of any "spiritual error" we may be resisting, to let go of and correct.

REALITY is perfect love and peace.

All "justified" resentments must be let go of.

All negative emotions held onto are about THE PAST, and the beginning of this sentence is not now, it's already in the past. And being in the past keeps us from being who we really are NOW, perfect love and peace.

So as we learn about the levels of consciousness, and associate certain Mayan Calendar days 1-13 with our meanings, whatever they are, it's all about identifying FALSE perceptions we have learned somewhere and how to be in the moment NOW, as each perfect form emerges, including ourselves, for us to accept and unconditionally love and be in peace with NOW.

If something or someone is not beneficial for us, its best not to lose our soul battling it with negative perceptions, emotions and actions.

We are always given a way out of ANY situation because the Higher Power of Divine Love and Peace WILL overcome any negative force in Our Universe.

We are not separate from the Creator, for that would be a duality not a Unity, so we are all ONE with That Invincible Power.

Fear not. All rise, as Love enters.