What's Next: After 2012

Note: All-Mayan-dates here are from the exact-proven-accurate calendar-of-the-Guatemala-highlands-Maya "count-of-days."
For the
calendar-of-the-Yucatan-lowlands-Maya "count-of-days," used by the-late DR. JOSÉ ARGÙELLES,
is miscounted by 57-days, as-of 2018.
For the
Yucatan-lowlands-Maya count-of-days miscount began hundreds-of-years-ago and
misaligned with the rising-and-setting-cycles of the planet-Venus.

For PROOF: see todays-date at the Smithsonian National Museum Of The American Indian website: click-HERE.


Question"What do the next Mayan 13-Year-cycles ahead indicate?"

Answer: The date December 20, 2012 ended a 394-year B'ak'tun-cycle that began way-back in 1618 AD, so the-Dark-Ages just-ended. Now it's-time to get-ove- it.

December 21, 2012 marked the beginning of a NEW 394-year-cycle.

2012 was also the-end of a 13-YEAR south red FLINT etz'nab cycle that-began in 2000.

So why-does-it-seem-like THE-SHIFT didn't HAPPEN then?

Well, the year 2012 was right-in-the-middle of a 4-year-cycle: 2010 - 2014.

It-was-only-in 2015  that the-next-possible-4-year-cycle could-begin: 2015 - 2018.

January 13, 2013 began the current 13-YEAR-cycle, the west white NIGHT ak'bal years.

And, just-like when the first-two-and-a-half-DAYS of a new 13-day-mayan-Week begins, the first-two-and-a-half-YEARS at the-beginning-of-a-13-year-cycle signify potential-times of volatile-challenges of unexpected-natures.

At all 'new'-beginnings it-is-best to concentrate-on the--basics,"chop-wood, carry-water" so-to-speak, until summer 2015 with the shift into integrity in Year 3.

During times of lower-potential-spiritual-energies different-sorts-of-conflicts will seek-to-draw-attention-away from the-more-successful-communities-of-people living-peacefully-together in established-civil-societies. Authoritarian-religious-theocracies-of-all-types begin-to-crumble as the-deceptive-"spirit"-behind-their-cruel-laws are-shown to be evil and not-of-divine-love.

After the Mayan-New-Year January 13, 2015 for Year 3 of the-current-13-year-cycle, 2013 to  2025, major-shifts in the realms of spiritual-and-political-power begin and the world and public everywhere begin to see-and-know, for the-very-first-time, the TRUTH about world-history-and-current-events that have-been-hidden-for-decades. Seemingly 'miraculous'-realizations and true-spiritual-power begin-to-overtake-the-major-evil-forces-of-this-world in unforseen-and-unexpected-ways.

And THEN, in mid-July 2015, huge-major-social-shifts-manifest and positive-changes-kick-into-high-gear with increasing-spiritual-power, especially-after mid-May 2016, for a long-term-10-year-cycle-run up-through to 2025.  

Mid-July 2015 begins to bring-relief, being the 3rd-year after 2012, as the number 3 always-signifies the-ascendance-out-of-The-Wilderness-and-into-integrity (i.e., "On the-3rd-day, a holy-Spirit-rises from the-dead"-zone, as the-ego submits-to the-higher-mind, (on every day 3 of 13-day or in every year 3 of 13-years).

But 2015 Year 3 is a "push-me-pull-you" kind-of-a-year with lots of flip-flopping-resistance to truth-and-integrity that begins to stabiloze in 2016 Year 4.

Positive social-peace-developments blossom around-the-planet and cooperative-business-financial-agreements worldwide (google A.I.I.B. & the-BRICS-quantum-banking-system), along-with emerging "free-energy" technologies (Keshe plasma-nano-particle-applications), create high-integrity-partnerships and circumstances favorable-to win-win business-models, that-mark the very-beginnings of the very-first-ever "Golden Age" of Mankind upon the Earth, that really kicks-in-to-gear after mid-May 2016.

January 13, 2016 starts Mayan Year 4.

2016 is the 4th-year of a 13-year-cycle, 2013 - 2025, AND also the 2nd-year of a 4-year-cycle, 2015 - 2018.

October 22, 2016 starts another 260-day cycle and then January 12, 2017 brings Year 5 and a "turning-of-the-corner" in a new direction.

This current very beneficial THIRD 13-year cycle, 2013 to 2026, of the FOUR spiritual energy-waves (1987-2000-2013-2026) creates high-integrity-partnerships karmically-tilting world-events, with the mid-point "flowering" fully-expressed in the summer of 2019 Year 7.

Then we "turn the corner" again in 2021 at Year 9, just-like in 2017 Year 5.

The current 13-year-wave will 'complete-and-peak' in 2025 Year 13, just like it did in 2012 at the-end of a 13-year-cycle that began in 2000.

In 2026 the-next 13-year cycle will-begin, the north yellow STAR lamat years, and new-beginnings signify another 2-3/5 years of potential unexpected volatile-challenges--a back-to-basics "chop-wood, carry-water time, until mid-2028.

At-that-time, in 2028, the fourth positive-spiritual-energy-wave begins to stabilize-things, so another busy boom-period worldwide of more-lasting peace-and-prosperity re-energizes things that completes-and-peaks in the year 2038, which is also the-end of this current 52-year cycle that began in 1987...wow!

So, in 2039 both a new 52-year-cycle and a new 13-year-cycle of east red REED ben years begins.

This feel-good world-peace and spiritual-power-for-good energy that begins in 2015 leads to the unmistakable, one may-say "destined", establishment of a Golden Age of Mankind that will last over 400-years.

Things sometimes seem to move-very-slowly over many-months-and-years, but then-suddenly take a GIANT-leap-forward overnight.

We have quite-a-ways-to-go yet, friends, but, let's-be-clear that The Better Angels of Our Nature will-arise, from Earth into the Heavens, from Creature to Lord...and so it-is. 

Blessings, Peace and Love All on our sacred-journey Home.