The Omega & Alpha Zone

According to the-late-DAVID SILVER BEAR (JOHNSON), an Elder of the Native-American Navajo Dene nation, there was a-fulfilment-of-ancient-Navajo-prophesy in the years leading-up-to 2000, by the miraculous-appearance of their-sacred "Protectors" on multiple-occassions.

"The Holy-Ones now are Appearing to the Elders. The Grandmothers-Dream-Circles see."

The Hopi "Blue-Star" stories may-also-perhaps be-related to the 8th Mayan-day-sign blue STAR lamat.

The very last-Week of the twenty 13-day-weeks on the Mayan-calendar is blue STAR lamat Week-20.

 And this-most-spiritually-powerful-13-day-week leads-up every 260-days to the "Last-Day" of the calendar, situated at the End & the Beginning ~ the Omega & the Alpha~ of the 260-day-wavelength, at the junction of "the-most-powerful" time-warp-energy-field.

The-Magic-Circle...the-Serpent consumes-its-own-tail at the-end.

If Day #260, blue 13 LORD ajaw, potentially-calibrates
on-up-to the-very-top-Level 1,000, that is Divinity, then
the arrival of blue
STAR lamat Week-20 signals
the coming-of both the End & the Beginning... E&B...

13 STAIRS eb'  leads to 1 STAR lamat Week-20


Be Loving for all  we  have is today, give it away, love...