The FACTS about 2012

Thursday, December 20, 2012, was the end-date completion of the 13th 144,000-day Mayan time cycle B'ak'tun that began in the year 1618 AD, while the next day, the one so many people talk about, Friday December 21, 2012, marked the NEW very-first-day beginning point of a new 144,00-day B'ak'tun cycle, B'ak'tun cycle number 14. A total of 20 B'ak'tun cycles of 144,000-days each make up the big Mayan "Long Count" Piktun that completes in the far distant year 4772 AD.

The Piktun began over 5,000-years ago in 3114 BC, when the very first fully-enlightened soul on Earth, Krishna, was alive in India. The Piktun was tracked daily for a millenium by the Mayan calendar 'day counters', caleed "Day Keepers."

Q: So, what about all the hype concerning the so-called "Galactic Alignment" occuning on December 21,  2012...?

A: According to the US Naval Observatory the "alignment" of our Sun with the center of our Milky Way galaxy already occured in October 1998. So 2012 is tracking 13-years from that-point. So, YES there was a near-alignment, and YES it was connected to 2012.

The 1998 near-alignment of our Sun with the 'edge" equator plane of our Milky Way galaxy happened in year 12 of a 13-year cycle that began in 1987.

Because our planetary time/space-continuum is a numeric-base 13:20 FRACTAL SET certain non-physical primary harmonic "potentials" of energy (love) when amplified by intention (will power) may, by divine grace, precipitate a "higher power" spiritual energy-field event.

And the Mayan calendar actually pinpoints these degrees of potentials quite exactly.

Everything is spiritual...only to what degree!

I guess we are all here attending, to whatever degree, Divine U.

Time to be aware of a powerful 'potential' Divine possibility that only recently "came into Being" in 1987.

Perhaps "summoned forth" with inner intention and prayer during the very first ever planet-wide Weekend of Prayer, called the "Harmonic Convergence" held at all the major sacred sites around our planet during the wekend of August 16-17, 1987.

The planetary shift in consciousness that August 1997 weekend was the most important event in the history of Mankind, since Christ a mellenia ago, according to the-late psychiatrist DR. DAVID R. HAWKINS, the foremost expert in the world on spiritual practices and consciousness research.

The Harmonic Convergence, DR. HAWKINS stated, "just happened to occur" at the same time as this major shift in conscious awareeness, and was not because of it.

DR. HAWKINS said that, "...By grace, the karma of all humanity was transformed..." on that weekend.

All of Man-kind is now potentially and karmically able and capable of enlightenment, the realization of the highest states of spiritual consciousness.

The date December 20, 2012, was Day #160 on the 260 day Mayan calendar, named: 4 Ajaw or 4 LORD; 4 Ahau or 4 SUN.
That day on the Mayan calendar occurs every 260-days, every nine months, in the 13th Week of 13 days.

The year 2012 can be viewed in context by looking at the year-by-year 52-year cycles, shown below by the chart:

The year 2012 was the 13th year ,13 FLINT etz'nab', of a 13-year cycle, and the number 13 indicates extremely HIGH spiritual potential consciousness levels, in the mid 900's-levels (see this chart) including up to Level 1,000, extremely powerful, in the best spiritual sense of-The Word. 

The 13-year cycle 2000 to 2012  wave peaked in the 13th year, 2012, just like it-did in the previous cycle 1987 to 1999 at the end of the year 1999.

January 13, 2013, began a new 13-year cycle, the white NIGHT ak'bal years. And, just-like when a new 13-day week begins and the first 2 and 3/5 days signify volatile challenges that correspond to being in "The Wilderness," the first 2 and 3/5 years of a 13-year cycle signify volatile challenges that correspond to being in "The Wilderness." This "low potential" period might manifest some kind of demonic force-attacks that draw the attention of people away-from peace and love, unless curbed by mass prayers.

So there were "challenging" years after December 21, 2012, i.e. "Mideast wars" and all the Left-vs-Right social political divisions created by it. All to distract ones attention away from The Highest Good.

2015 began the year-3 of the current 13-year cycle, 2000 to  2025, and we have witnessed a lot of positive developments worldwide that began to lay the foundations for the "Golden Age" of Mankind about to manifest.

This "positive" part of the 13-year cycle "flowers" at the midpoint year 2019 as The Fruit "ripens." Then we "turn the corner" at year 9 in 2021, then "return to source" complete at the end of the current 13-year cycle in 2025.

The top "legend box" on the Aztec Calendar Stone

Then the next 13-year cycle, the blue STAR lamat years, begin in 1926. This new beginning signifies the start of another 2 and 3/5 years of low "potential' volatile challenges until mid-2028. This next 13-year cycle will "flower" in 2033 as The Fruit ripens, then "returns to source" completes in 2038, which also marks the completion of the current 52-year cycle that began in 1987.

In 2039 we begin not-only a new 13-year cycle, the yellow REED ben years but also a new 52-year cycle as-well.

Again, 2012 was the year-13 of a 13-year cycle that began in the year 2000.

According to the clinically proven research of DR. HAWKINS, for the last-couple hundred years and until the summer of 1987 the AVERAGE level-of-consciousness of ALL people on- Earth stood in spiritualdarkness at a low negative consciousness-level, Level 190.   

Still, for in All Ages then past, an Awareness witnessed the stillness Awakening as from a Strange Dream, a Wandering Darkness, from which both the Spirits of Selfish Desires and Integrity struggled for Worldly Attention.

 Until: August 16, 1987, on the weekend of the worldwide Weekend of Prayer, the Harmonic Convergence, but not because-of- it, the  AVERAGE level-of-consciousness on our planet suddenly jumped from the -negative- consciousness-level 190 up to the +positive+ consciousness level of 204 in just one-afternoon, leaping ABOVE Level 200 (the critical point of integrity) for the very first time in the history of Man-kind.

The Mayan calendar day for August 16, 1987, blue 13 LORD ajaw - Day #260, occurs every 260 days.

This means that according to the Guatemala-highlands Maya "count of days" the Harmonic Convergence weekend of August 16-17, 1987, occured on Saturday, 13 LORD ajaw  -  Day #260 and Sunday, 1 WATER LILY CREATURE imix - Day #1, at the very-end of the 260-day calendar AND at the beginning of a new 52-year cycle, right on the most powerful day of the calendar: 13 LORD ajaw.

And not on 2 JAGUAR hix - Day #54  or 3 EAGLE men - Day #55, as-per the late-DR. JOSE ARGUELLES using the Yucatan-lowlands Maya "count of days." Sorry.

*Note: All Mayan dates here are from the exact-accurate calendar of the Guatemala-highlands Maya "count of days."
For the
calendar of the Yucatan-lowlands Maya "count of days," used by the-late DR. JOSÉ ARGÙELLES,
is miscounted by 57 days, as-of 2018.
For the
Yucatan-lowlands Maya calendar miscount began hundreds-of-years ago and
no longer aligned with the rising and setting cycles of the planet Venus.

For PROOF: see today's date at the Smithsonian National Museum Of The American Indian website:  click HERE.

That was difficult for me to accept at first, until it later became clear, that the Yucatan-lowlands Maya "count of days" is miscounted.

It was a mental challenge to 'switch over' to using the Guatemala-highlands Maya "count of days" at first, but I did, in 1997.

* * * * *

And according to various Native-American Hopi and Aztec elders there is also a "Blue Star" prophesy.

This may-be related to the 8th Mayan day-sign blue STAR  lamat .

The very-last 13-day week on the Mayan calendar is blue STAR lamat Week-20.

 This most spiritually powerful 13-day week leads-up-to the last-day of the 260-day calendar, situated at the End & Beginning -or- Omega & Alpha of the 260-day "wavelength," at the conjunction of the most powerful "time warp" shift point, at the end of Day #260..

If blue 13 LORD ajaw - Day #260 calibrates at Level 1,000, which is Divinity, then the arrival of blue STAR lamat Week-20 signals the-coming of both the End and the Beginning.

Most people have probably never heard of the "Harmonic Concordance" of Saturday, November 8, 2003, the same-date as when the consciousness level worldwide again rose, this time by three-points up to Level 207. This worldwide Day of Prayer manifested on Day #208, blue 13 Star lamat, which-again was on the last day of a 13-day mayan-Week, on Weekday 13, a BLUE-13, this-time in GUARDIAN kib' Week-16, which is right on the "time warp" shift point for potential consciousness Level 800.

The average level-of-consciousness for ALL of Man-kind currently calibrates at Level 204, having FALLEN back three-points since 2003 because of all the negative worldwide media attention surrounding the Middle-East wars and 'terrorism'.

 But, this still-means our planet is on a rising tide of Truth, integrity, prosperity, unity and stability.

 For the first-time-ever, the sacred Values that greater souls hold so-dear can finally be permanently established...the Truth-dom of Divinity-on-Earth, a time of the Dominion of Truth.

 All consciousness levels OVER Level 600 represent the psychologival and spiritual states of divine Enlightenment, and the illusions of dualities and the delusion of separation-from-Source dissolve into a holistic knowing by spiritual revelation and emanation of the radiant energy fields of Divine Being.

 DR. HAWKINS stated that, In the state of enlightenment 'the world' as most people perceive it, does not even exist.

 All life is 'subjective'.

 It is a grand illusion of the primitive reptile-brain/ego-mind.

 The Reality IS that the pathways to our Being Enlightened are now available for all Man-kind, a statement clinically-proven by science.

 DR. HAWKINS advice, To always BE Loving and Peaceful, no matter what.

So all of us, whom are 'seeking' the Truth, are ALL destined to "Be" enlightened one day soon. Pray for this.

DR. HAWKINS stated, To be enlightened one doesn't "do" or "get" anything. For one cannot "get" what one already is.

We are being attracted by Our Future, to Our Oversoul Higher Self, Our Higher Love; and so return once again to Our Very Source...Love & Peace.

 And right on-time!

 It IS Now Time...To BE...Enlightened.

The 13th B'ak'tun in the huge time-cycle Piktun "Long Count" completed on Thursday, December 20, 2012.

And then began a new144,000-day cycle, the 14th B'ak'tun, the very next day on Friday, December 21, 2012.

  First ... "it" was 1987...and people all around the world gathered together in large groups to pray for Good...the Harmonic Convergence. Then 13-years later, as the Prince song says, "...we party'd like its-1999."  And then, 13-years from 2000, "it"  was the year 2012.

December 21, 2012, was Day #160 of the 260-days, day: 4 Ajaw or 4 AHAU, 4 LORD or 4 SUN and by whatever-name it shows-up every 260-days, every nine-months...a birthing cycle.

   Peace:   the still, blank drawing-board of Life, upon-which all imaginations can be seen for what-they-are.

Every 13-years there is a big mass-consciousness 'charge-up' that happens, building-up from year 1 and growing stronger...into that final 13th year. Like what-happened in 1999 and now having occured again in 2012.

2012 was the completion of exactly TWO 13-year cycles from 1987.

The first-day of the Harmonic Convergence, August 16, 1987, was the end of "Nine Hell Cycles" of 52-years each, marked from the day Spanish explorer Cortez landed on the Yucatan Peninsula sea shores in 1519 AD, on Day #1, 1 Water Lily Creature imix, in the yellow year 1 REED ben.

Notice how the last-year of the last Hell Cycle was blue 13 STAR lamat  that began in 1986, but the 260-day cycle that ended on Day #260 on August 16, 1987, began back-in-the-previous-year on Dec. 1, 1986, in the blue year  13 STAR lamat.

The last day of the Harmonic Convergence, August 17, 1987, was "the first day" Day #1 - 1 WATER LILY CREATURE imix  in yellow year 1 REED ben.

And so the Harmonic Convergence was not on:  2 JAGUAR hix day #54 and 3 EAGLE men day #55 as-per the Yucatan-lowlands Maya count-of-days.

Now, does this explain the Harmonic Convergence a lot better? I think so!

It was hard to make that change-over to the Guatemala-highlands Maya calendar count-of-days, I know, but I did.