The Day Souls Enter a Body





Learn how to calculate your SOUL birthday, the day your Soul re-entered this world and your mother's womb fetus.

The-late DR. DAVID R. HAWKINSs clinical research has clinically proven and verified that a Soul enters the mother womb fetus APPROXIMATELY ~90 days or 3-MONTHS (12 weeks) after conception, at the end of the first trimester.

The number 90 is very important to the Maya, for there are 90 steps on many temples.

So everyone has TWO "birthdays" during the year and also on the 260-day Mayan calendar:

(1)  the day your Soul entered your mother's womb fetus.

(2)  the day of your physical Body birth six months later.

After looking-up your Mayan BIRTH date and discovering where-it-is on the 260 days, look-up SIX MONTHS before your day of birth.

Here is a website that makes it easy to calculate backward to find that first trimester date:

Just type in your birthday, where it says, "Your estimated due date is:".

The day your Soul returned to the physical dimensions of Earth time-and-space is your own special trinity point...that miraculous day your Soul arrived back on Earth.

You now have your normal "Body birth date" and now a "Soul birth date" too.

So, you may be celbrating FOUR times a year!

That's because the Mayan calendar "moves around" every year.

You have your "Body birth date" and now your "Soul birth date" too.  And both of those datess are located on the Mayan calendar, which changes every year because the-Mayan calendar is 260 days long and the 12-month January-December Gregorian calendar is 365  or 366 days. Whatever Mayan day today is on the Mayan calendar will show up again 260 days later on a different Gregorian calendar date..

The Soul enters the womb-fetus at around the first-trimester or 90 days, and Day #90 on the Mayan calendar is in NATURE kawak Week-7.

That's the vertical right row-of-dots going straight-up on the right side of the Mayan calendar diagram below..

This drawing from the Madrid Coex shows a soul "piercing" or entering a female womb.