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Richard Alan Eagle
January 2020

Join Richard on His Personal Journey

This STAR man wishes to find a female partner to share life with and help bring the Mayan Calendar to the world.

"Where are you? I have no children and live in a recently restored large rural farmhouse in the Youmgstown, Ohio, beautifully furnished on one-acre wooded lot with walking trails and gardens, backed up to 20-acres farmland. But I would be willing to relocate.

I wish to create a daily podcast and wish to create this with a partner to talk about what day it is on the Mayan Calendar and current events. I can't do it alone."

Birthday: October 3  (time & place by request)  6'2"  185 lbs.
Mayan calendar:  8 STAR - day #8 
Zodiac: Libra
Chinese year: Fire Rooster

If you wish to contact me open the Contact form page reply; please include a short note about yourself .

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