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*NOTE: Richard now uses the Guatemala Highland Maya "count of days" and NOT the  Lowland Yucatan Maya count used by the late Dr. José Argüelles, because the Lowland Yucatan count is now OFF by 57 days (as of 2017) by a mis-count that began hundreds of years ago and is no longer exactly aligned to the setting and rising cycles of the planet Venus.
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To look up ANY DATE of any YEAR from 1901 to 2013,

  click on the YEAR below to open.


Click on the YEAR you seek BELOW and then look up the date you seek

 to find the Mayan calendar day number for that day, from  #1 to #260.


Write the down that Mayan day number, from #1 - #260. 

Next, open up the VIEW ALL 260 Days page.

Now match the Mayan day number you wrote down with its' date in 2013, to discover the Mayan weekday 1-13 and Mayan symbol for the original date your looked up. 


NOTE: Be aware that depending where one is born on Earth, and at what time of day, may change the corresponding Mayan calendar day of birth either forward or backward a day.