Why everyone has TWO birth dates


Why we all have TWO birthdays


  Dr. David R. Hawkins clinical research has clinically proven and verified that

    a persons' "spirit" enters the mother womb and fetus

     APPROXIMATELY 90 days or 3 MONTHS (12 weeks) after conception,

         at around the end of the first trimester...about 90 days. 


   The number 90 was, and is, very important to the Maya.  There are 90 steps on many temples.


  So everyone has two "birthdays" during the year and on the 260 day Mayan calendar...

       (1)  the day your Spirit entered the womb and fetus

       (2)  your physical day of birth six months later


 After looking up your BIRTH day and discovering where it is on the 260 days,

   look up SIX MONTHS before your day of birth.


  Click HERE for a website that can calculate YOUR  90-day first tri-mester "spiritual birthday" 




Just type in your birthday where it says, "Your estimated due date is:".


   The day your spirit returned to the physical dimensions of Earth Time & Space

     is your own special trinity point...

     that miraculous day your spirit  arrived back on Earth.


One "Comes On Down" Into The More Physical Dimensions



  Spirit enters the womb at around the first trimester or 90 days,

and day 90 on the Mayan calendar codex

is in the seventh week, 1 Nature Kawak

That's the vertical right row of dots going straight up the right side of the codex.

The drawing shows the baby spirit "piercing" or entering the womans' womb.


If one is conceived from around the beginning of the red DOG Season day #250 

and the last day 13 Lord Ajaw day #260,

then 1 Nature Kawak Week is when spirit enters the womb.