What was Dec. 21, 2012 all about?


"At some point, the illusion breaks down

and the opening for the start of the spiritual quest commences.

The quest turns from without to within,

and the search for answers begins."

Dr. David R. Hawkins


* * *


The Mayan Long Count ~ Piktun


The 'Long Count' is another term for
the large Mayan "
Piktun" Living River of Time cycle

composed of 20 B'ak'tuns.


1 (one) B'ak'tun  =  144, 000 days  394.26 years


The beginning of the current 14th B'ak'tun
began on Dec. 21, 2012.

The previous 13th B'ak'tun began in 1618 AD
and completed on Dec. 20, 2012.


The current Piktun began thousands of years ago in the year 3114 BC during the life of Krishna

and completes on October 12 in the year 4772 AD,

over 2,700 years from now,

at which time we all here now will be ancient history.


2012 was significant in two ways.

First, as the completion of  13  144,000-day  B'ak'tun cycles,

and second, for marking the completion of one-fifth of one 25, 725-year cycle,,

the length of time it takes for the Equinoxes to travel 360-degrees backwards

one full circle through the entire constellation band in the sky.


13  B'ak'tuns  =  5,125 years  =  1/5  of  the 25,725-year constellation circle


144,000 days


December 21, 2012


March 26, 2407 AD

which begins B'ak'tun 15


Here are the last 13 "big dates" on the current Piktun.

Each B'ak'tun is 144,000 days or about 394.26 years

 and are here spaced backward in time, and marked off every 144,000 days.

We noticed and color highlighted a four "season"pattern.

(Also listed are known Enlightened Teachers during those B'ak'tuns.)


December 21, 2012

 B'ak'tun 14

~ David R. Hawkins   1927 - 2012

~ Mother Theresa   1910 - 1997

~ Nisargadatta Maharaj  1897 - 1981

~ Ramana Maharshi  1879 - 1950

~ Swami Vivekananda   1863 - 1902

~ Ramakrishna   1836 - 1886


 September 18, 1618 AD

 B'ak'tun  13

~ Saint John of the Cross   1542 - 1591

~ Saint Theresa of Ávila   1515 - 1582


~ Meister Eckhart   1260 - 1327

~ Rabbi Moses de León & The Zohar  1250 - 1305

June 15, 1224 AD

B'ak'tun  12

~ Mechthild of Magdeburg   1200 - 1253

~ Dogen   1200 - 1253

~ Karmapa   1110 - 1193

~ Abhinavagupta   950 - 1020


 March 13, 830 AD

 B'ak'tun  11

~ Huang Po   ? - 850

~ Shankara   788 - 820

~ Muhammad & Quran   570- 622

~ Bodhidharma   440? - 535

December 9, 435 AD

 B'ak'tun 10

~ Plotinus   204  - 270


 September 5, 41

B'ak'tun 9

~ Eeshoo (Jesus)   0 ? - 33 AD?

~ Patanjali & Yoga Sutras   150 BC? - ?

~ Bhagavad Gita    200 BC-200AD?


June 3, 354  BCE

B'ak'tun 8

~ Plato  423 - 328 BC  

~ Socrates  469 - 399 BC

~ The Buddha   563  - 483 BC

~ Lao Tzu   604 BC - 531 BC

~ Zoroaster   628  - 551 BC

~ Upanishads  700 BC?


 February 28, 748  BC

 B'ak'tun  7

~ Rome founded & calendar  783 BC

~ Nebachadnessar  1125 - 1103

November 26, 1143 BC

 B'ak'tun 6

~ Rameses ll  1303 - 1213 BC

~ The Vedas   1500 - 500-400 BC

 August 23, 1537  BC

 B'ak'tun  5



May 21, 1931  BC

B'ak'tun  4



 February 16, 2325  BC

 B'ak'tun  3



 November 13, 2720  BC

 B'ak'tun 2



 August 11, 3114  BC

 B'ak'tun  1

Piktun Long Count begins

~ Krishna   3228 BC - 3102 BC



The first B'ak'tun of the current Piktun began during the life of Krishna,

who was the first fully enlightened Spiritual Master on Earth.

The next two fully enlightened Spiritual Masters, Zoroaster and The Buddha

appeared in the seventh B'ak'tun.

Eeshoo (Jesus) appeared at the end of the eighth B'ak'tun.


*NOTE: This website uses the Guatemala Highland Maya "count of days"
and NOT the  Lowland Yucatan Maya count used by the late Dr. José Argüelles,
because the Lowland Yucatan count is now OFF by 57 days by a miscount that began
of years ago and is no longer exactly aligned to the setting and rising cycles of the planet Venus.

CLICK HERE for THE PROOF from "The Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian"


Thursday December 20, 2012     

was the ending date completion of the 13th major 144,000-day Mayan time cycle "B'ak"tun"

 that began in the year 1618 AD.

while the next day, the one everybody was talking about,

Friday December 21, 2012

   marked the NEW very first day beginning point of a new 144,00-day B'ak'tun cycle,

    B'ak'tun cycle number 14 of a total of 20 B'ak'tun cycles of 144,000 days each

      that make up the big "Long Count" Piktun

        that completes in the distant year 4772 AD.


  The Piktun began way back over 5,000 years ago in 3114 BC

    at the time when the very first fully enlightened human, Krishna, was alive in India    

      and was tracked daily for millenium by Maya calendar day counters, the Mayan "day-keepers."


Q: So, what about all the hype concerning the so-called "Galactic Alignment" happening

   on December 21,  2012"?

  A: Well, according to the US Naval Observatory the "alignment" of our Sun

      with the center of our Milky Way galaxy already occured in October 1998

         So now we're tracking 13 years out from that point.

The 1998 near alignment of our Sun with the edge plane of our Milky Way galaxy

   happened in the 12th year of a 13-year cycle that began in 1987

Because our planetary time/space continuum is a numeric base 13/20 FRACTAL SET

  certain non-physical principal harmonic "potentials" of energy (love)

   when amplified by intention (will power)

      may by Grace precipitate a "higher" spiritual energy field event. 

         And the Mayan calendar actually pinpoints these degrees of potentials quite exactly.

Everything is spiritual...only to what degree!

  Guess we're all here attending, to whatever degree, Divine U.


 Time To Be Aware of a powerful potential Divine possibility that only recently came into Being...reportedly summoned forth with inner intention perhaps during a time of a planet-wide Harmonic Convergence of prayers...during the wekend of August 16-17, 1987. The most important event yet in recent human history according to Dr. Hawkins. The Harmonic Convergence, Hawkins wrote, just happened to occur at the same time as this major shift in conscious awareeness, and not because of it.

   By Grace, the Karma of All Humanity was Transformed.

 All of humanity is now karmically able and capable of realizing the highest states of spiritual enlightenment.

The date December 21, 2012 was...

  day #160 on the 260 day Mayan calendar, and named...

           4 Ajaw   or   4 Lords  or   4  Sun   or   4 A'hau     


   which actually occurs every 260 days...

    every 9 months...

     in the 13th Week of the 13 days.

The underlying energy potential "currents" surrounding 2012  can be explored by looking at the year-by-year 52-year cycles from the Basics 101 section.

Year 2012 was the 13th year (13 FLINT etz'nab') of a 13-year "wave" pattern,

 and a 13 indicates extremely HIGH spiritual potential consciousness levels...

  in the mid-900's and up to 1,000...extremely powerful,

     in the best sense of that word. 

 It "crested" or peaked in the 13th year, 2012,

  just like it did roll in at the end of the year leading up to1999.

And January 13, 2013 began a new 13-year cycle, the white NIGHT years and, just like when a new 13-day week begins, the first 2-3/5 years signify challenges that correspond to being in "the wilderness" so there are a few bumpy years of challenge still ahead of us after December 21, 2012, until 2015, including some major dark force attacks to draw the attention of the world away from world peace and love.

Then after 2015 we will witness a lot of positive developments worldwide that begin to lay the foundations for the "Golden Age" of mankind to form by mid-century. This positive spiritual energy wave will peak in the year 2025, at the end of the 13-year cycle.

Then the next 13-year cycle, the yellow STAR years, begin in 1926, and new beginnings signify another 2-3/5 years of challenge until mid-2028. Another positive spiritual energy wave then will lift us up and through to another period of worldwide peace and prosperity that peaks in the year 2038, which is also the end of a 52-year cycle that began in 1987.

So in 2039 we begin not only a new 13-year cycle of red REED years but also an new 52-year cycle as well.

2012 was the 13th year of a 13-year cycle that began in the year 2000.

According to the clinically proven research of Dr. David Hawkins, tor the last couple of centuries and up until the summer of 1987 the AVERAGE level of consciousness of all humans on Earth stood in darkness at consciousness level 190.   

Still, for in All Ages, and in All Times, An Awareness witnessed

  the stillness Awakening, as from a Strange Dream

   from the Wandering Darkness

 From which both the Spirits of Desires and Compassion

  struggled for Worldly Attention.


 August 16, 1987... at the time of the "Harmonic Convergence" (but not caused by it) the average level of consciousness on the planet suddenly jumped to level 204, in just one afternoon, leaping ABOVE level 200 for the very first time in history--the most important event yet in recent human history!

That same day... blue 13 Lord ajaw ...day # 260...occurs every 260 days.

"I realized in 1995 after reading Dennis Tedlock's book The Popol Vuh that the Guatemala highland Maya, the oldest Mayan communities, were using the most accurate day count based on the rising and setting of the planet Venus. The Mayan calendar is slowly arriving earlier each year and must be adjusted to the rising and setting of Venus every 8 years. The actual 260-day calendar cycle is actually a bit less than 260 days."    

Please be aware that the day count Dr. José Argüelles, and most people, use is the Yucatan lowland count which has been proven to be "off" by about 57 days (as of 2017).  Richard believes this is because after the Spanish invasions in the 1500's the frequent Venus "adjustments" were forgotten about."

*NOTE: This website uses the Guatemala Highland Maya "count of days"
and NOT the  Lowland Yucatan Maya count used by the late Dr. José Argüelles,
because the Lowland Yucatan count is now OFF by 57 days by a miscount that began
of years ago and is no longer exactly aligned to the setting and rising cycles of the planet Venus.

CLICK HERE for THE PROOF from "The Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian"


This means that according to the Guatemala Highland Maya "count of days"

 the Harmonic Convergence weekend

 of August 16-17, 1987 occured on: 

 Saturday (day #260) 13 LORD ajaw and Sunday (day #1) 1 WATER LILY CREATURE imix...

 at the very end of the calendar, and at the beginning of a new 52-year cycle,

 on the most powerful day of the calendar...13 LORD ajaw

 and not on (day #54) 2 JAGUAR hix and (day #55) 3 EAGLE men

 as per the late Dr. José Argüelles Lowland Yucatan Maya "count of days."


And according to various native american Hopi and Aztec people...

        there is a "Blue Star" prophesy...

  This may be related to the 8th Mayan day sign symbol blue STAR "lamat."

  The very last 13-day week on the Mayan calendar is blue STAR lamat Week 20.

 This most spiritually powerful 13-day week leads up to

   the last day of the calendar,

 situated on the end & beginning ~ omega & alpha ~ of the 260-day wavelength,

  at the junction of the most powerful time warp portal zone.

If day #260, blue 13 LORD ajaw, calibrates on up to level 1,000, which is divinity, then

the arrival of blue STAR lamat Week 20 signals the coming of both the end and the beginning.


The "Harmonic Concordance" of Saturday, November 8, 2003,

which again raised the consciousness levels worldwide by three more points

to level 207, occured on day #208 blue 13 Star lamat...

again on a day 13, this time in GUARDIAN kib' Week 16,

which was right on the "time warp" point at level 800.
The average level of consciousness for all of mankind, in *2012,  calibrates at level 204, having FALLEN back three points since2003 because of all the negative worldwide media attention surrounding the Middle East wars.

 But, this still means the world is now on an upward spiral path into Truth and stability.

 For the first time ever, those sacred Values which we hold so dear can finally be permanently established...the Truth-dom of Divinity on Earth, a time of the Dominion of Truth.

 All consciousness levels over 600 represent the states of Divine Enlightenment and the illusions of dualities and separation dissolve into the holistic knowing of Revelations and the Radiance of Divine Light.

 In the "state" of enlightenment, "the world" as most people perceive of "it" does not even exist!

 All life is subjective...

 It is the grand illusion of the primitive ego/mind.

 The Reality is that the pathways of Being Enlightened have now become clinically proven by science! 

 To always BE Loving and Peaceful...no matter what.

Many of us, whom have sought Our Truth

 actually are all Destined to "Be" come enlightened some day.


 To be enlightened one doesn't "do" or "get" anything.

 One cannot "get" what one already is.  

 We are being attracted by our Future, to our Overtone Higher Self

 Our Higher Love!

and so return once again

 to Our Very Source...

  Love & Peace

  and right on Time!


 It IS Time...to BE...enlightened.


The 13th B'ak'tun in the Piktun Long Count completed on

       Thursday December 20, 2012

  and then began a new 144,000-day cycle, the 14th B'ak'tun, the very next day on

      Friday December 21, 2012.


  First ... "it" was 1987...and people all around the world gathered together

  in large groups to pray for...Good...

   and they called "it"...the Harmonic Convergence

Then, 13 years later, we party'd like it was 1999...

and then...13 years from 2000..."it's" the year 2012


December 21, 2012 was day #160 of the 260 days.

   day 4 Ajaw...4 LORD...4 Sun...4 Ahau...by whatever name...

   and shows up every 260 days...every nine months...a birthing cycle...



the drawing board of life, upon which all imaginations can be seen for what they are

Every 13 years there is a big mass conciousness "charge-up" that happens...

  that builds up into that final 13th year, like what happened in 1999

    and now having occured again.


2012...was the completion of exactly TWO 13-year cycles from 1987/


 The Harmonic Convergence date of Aug.17, 1987 was set as to the

  "end of the 9 Hell Cycles of 52 years each" from the day Spanish explorer

    Cortez landed in the Mayan lands in 1519 on day #1, 1 Water Lily Creature imix

       in the yellow year 1 REED ben.


 Notice how the last year of "Hell Cycle" 9 was 13 STAR lamat in 1986

   but the 260-day cycle that ended on day #260 at Aug. 16, 1987

    began back the previous year on Dec. 1, 1986, in the blue year 13 STAR lamat.


 The last day of the Harmonic Convergence, Aug. 17, 1987, was "the first day"

   day #1    1 WATER LILY CREATURE imix  in the yellow year 1 REED ben.

  And on the actual Mayan calendar day #531 REED ben signifies

   the critical consciousness level of 200 is reached!

 Now, please be patient while this is explained metaphysically...


 December 21, 2012 was day #160...4 LORD ajaw  (4 Ajaw  or 4 Ahau

  and is the first LORD ajaw day on the calendar that has

  a natural consciousness "potential" above consciousness level 600

   (600 = enlightenment) at approx. 611-615.


 Days #1 - #52 represent levels 1-199..

 Days #53 - #104 represent levels 200-399.

 Days #105 - #156 represent levels 400-599.

 Days #157 - #208 represent levels 600-799.

 Days #209 - #260 represent levels 800-1,000.


 Mayan calendar days #157  to  #160  then

   may quite possibly be the actual "time slot" for

  that very holy three day period of the Christian Day of Cruxifixation and

 then Day of Resurrection or Ascension, a rising up again

  after having descended into the "Underworlds" for three days after

 the day of Sacrifice (the "death" of the ego/mind

   unto Enlightenment, Peace and Bliss)

     on day #156...   1 Earth  (1 kab'an)... One Earth!




The higher levels of consciousness, even upon Enlightenment,

transcend the mental constructs of all the levels,

so the Light "descends" into "the Underworlds"

(all the lower levels of consciousness below level 200)

   then arises ("ascends") back into "The Heavens"

                  (all the levels ABOVE level 200)

  "on the third day...day 3 of each Mayan 13-day week.


  Then day 4 of every 13-day week is the first full day ABOVE level 200.


The 4 LORD ajaw day on Dec, 21, 2012 was situated

  at the completion of Month 8 (row 8)

  and is at a 20-day completion and transition point

   from the unconditional levels of Love in the mid- to high 500's

    into Enlightenment, the transcendance of all dualities,

     and builds into the "higher" spiritual practices of the low 600's

     which define ones' higher station 

      and corresponding "duties" and devotions.


December 21, 2012

The Light shines within, no darkness.

love ~ perfect ~ peace


 When One by Grace is "Enlightened" the personal ego/mind "dies" and

  one is One with the Divine Holy Presence...hence the term "cosmic consciousness"

  which indicates the full Power of such a moment...when One realizes

  the fullness and Holy UNITY of All creation without any dualities or error ("sin").


The fact of perfected high energy "avatars" who calibrate at level 1,000,

  one of whom was/is Perfect Divinity incarnated,

 has been clinically proven by Dr. Hawkins and teams of researchers using

 Kinesiology or muscle testing, which you've heard lots about on this website.


  At the top of this webpage you found the calibrations

   for common spiritual practices,

   which was a real eye opener for me upon learning what levels of consciousness

    many of them are.    

        [Now, this is NOT a website trying to convert anyone to any religion.] 


 All counting there have been four major "avatars," all whom calibrate at 1,000,


Krishna in India

    Zoroaster in Iran     

    Buddha in China

    Eeshoo in the Middle East (Aramaic=Eeshoo, Hebrew=Yeshua, English=Jesus


          keep sacred company


  Zoroaster, Krishna and Buddha each had previous multiple incarnations on Earth before   being enlightened by Grace, while Eeshoo was born fully enlightened and truly was God incarnate.. 


2012 predictions of a fearful and "negative" future?...

  Are they just some underlying mass subconscious base fear inner child "projections" harbored in dis-spirited souls?

Now, I realize most people don't buy in to any of that "end of the world" stuff,

  although...geologists do report that

    all life on Earth has been totally wiped out

     more than 40 times over the last 2 billion years...

                    2 billion divided by 40  =  every 50 million years on average

  and still, life managed to survive...and write stuff later on a thing called an  inter net 

 *  *  *


There are ancient Mayan calendar stone markers etched with dates millions of years into the future.

 Life on Earth, according to the clinically proven research of Dr. Hawkins, is actually a state of both so-called "Puratory" (for purging your ego) and Heaven within and has been around for a very, very  L  O  N  G  time, and humans are going to be around in 2013, and 2014, and way beyond....and our spirits, forever...and ever...and then some... and then some more...and so on...and so on and on and on...without a beginning and without an end. How about that!

 Forever. And, yes, you're gonna be AWARE, somewhere, FOREVER.

 Get used to it.

  So, you're...safe!


There is no "real" death anyone experiences, energy can only change form,

and only ones' false mind/ego illusions will disappear at that time. 

The Holy Divine never Changes (eternity) but false perceptions about it do (temporal).

  Eternal Life weaves us in and out of time in "our" temporary form bodies, but our eternal spirit never dies.  Yipee!

  We will all shed our physical body again sometime, for our day of "transition" is set at our day of birth, according to Dr. Hawkins clinical proven research. 

So, whomever shed or left their physical body today, no mater what the "cause" was...today was "Their Day to Go Home."  It was already set for today at birth, which allows one to give up all the "couldas and shouldas" surrounding soul a passing over. 

 According to thousands of near death experiences one actually just witnesses the "event," just as an observer would. One just "pops out" of the body into perfect peace and love. We'll all find out some day, so...

you're safe!

The theory of "cause and effect" calibrates at 460,

  whereas the statement "What is held in mind tends to manifest"

    calibrates at level 505--a higher truth.


Our day to "release" our physical" bodies are already set.  

But, we'll all be...SAFE.

 We are never separated from Divine Love, ever.

LOVE always IS, now, and forever shall BeWithout end.

Be with IT.  Ask it IN..


All the perfect spiritual lessons we accept here, in every Holy Instant, in Joy

  that never leaves us...

    unless our "direction" turns away to forget...

then The Other spirits of joyless, fear and separation, which are all illusions arise in the absence of Love and Peace.

   A direction...An Intention...Two spirits...one Holy...One Love...the Other, an illusion.

One Life, many chapters, and   n e v e r   e   n   d    i    n     g   


So, what happens at...THE END of Time?

According to The Course In Miracles "Time" per se is only a mental construct, an illusion, and not eternal.

   "It" actually exists only for the correction of mis-creations of ones ego,

   and so the only Purpose of time per se is to Heal.


"The End" of Time occurs personally when One finally accepts

  the Eternal Holy NOW Instant of guiltless Divine Love and

  in so doing can ignore all False perceptions that One can be a "separate" Being

  with a "past" and some "future," which is the main illusion of our little built-in egos.

We are all Spiritual energy beings, at One with our Eternal Spiritual Creator Field

     with whom we forver create with...We...not "me"


Time, and the notions of a real "Past" and an uncertain "Future,"

  are false perceptions within the mind/egos of any Holy Brother and Sister

   who have accepted the false notion of "separation" in their mind/ego

    and so denies The Divine Love here NOW. and so rejects All, who are One.


no, me rejects the we love


The modern cutting edge science of quantum physics reveals that every moment is a new creation and that then instantly dissolves. Only your ego/mind creates the "idea" of what is happening right now and labels it.  If we like what the now IS then we may label it "good" and we don't like what the now IS we may label it "not good" or whatever. The ego/mind literally IS not On, labeling every moment.

So "your" entire worldview is only within "your" mind and no where, and all the previous moments of now, which are not right NOW, are just your projections onto this new "now" moment. This is how the ego survives by projecting the "past" onto the not NOW future because our intentions shape THIS moment of Now. 

NOW is the ONLY moment that can BE and IS, the Eternal Holy Instant, so this all comes down to BEING NOW only what is eternal, and realizing that even any temporary moment is always changing. These illusions are only perceived within ones own mind/ego and projected out with intention "outside" onto yourself and onto a world which is being destoyed and created every moment in a sacred dance of energy. 

One can only exist in the NOW and never in the past. So you are FREE.

But if you CHOOSE the mind/ego games, to focus on and so dwell in an impossible "past" right Now, then you are not BEING Now. ONE is then split into legions of thought and in conflict internally. Internal conflict is one of the conditions of insanity.

BEING in this NOW without ego labeling, without the past or the future, presents a Divine Holy Instant of Now to BE present, without any inner conflict.

  Our Spiritual Universe is INclusive of all physical "forms" of energy and IS One Divine Hologram, without division or separation.


   Love is shared with everyone, everywhere, or...denied and forgotten.


The moment the "self" (with a small "s") realizes, within and without,

  being ONE with The Holy Divine Light,

 without any separation of "your" Being from all "other" forms and beings,

  is the moment "Time" will no longer exist (for "you")...

   and the Oneness of All Divinity shines forth in that Holy Instant,

     the Holy Light of Divine Truth upon All "others," Holy One.


There is a beautiful Mayan phrase..."I am another, yourself." 


Time can be drastically "shortened" for one by the horizontal timeline compression nature of Miracles

A "miracle" is a holy eternal realization that heals one and hastens the moment (compresses the timeline) to when One fully realizes their Oneness, Unity and non-separation to All Divinity...all One.

 There is only the Eternal Holy Instant, the real Now, wherein the Holy Divine Source is Eternal and One, is Divine.

Our Divine Source, that All are One with, has no darkness.  It is The Light.

And Light has no darkness.  And being that we are All One with The Light

then in Reality we are all LIGHT and we all have no darkness whatsoever to speak of .

Welcome to Reality


This may prove that one doesn't have to be a monkey to see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. 


When One sees the world and everything without any darkness, then One IS truly Free and Real, indeed.

 The Light, the Radiant Eternal Holy ONE, has no past and no future, for all IS

  Eternal and Holy in "every moment" NOW.


  And so it IS....


   The ego/mind just cannot wrap its brain around that ONE

    because it is a brainless Spiritual truth


The End of Time "on Earth" signifies the moment when All realize their Divinity.


  For more on these wonderful enlightened concepts, read A Course In Miracles.


   Dr. Hawkins research calibrates A Course In Miracles daily lessons at level 600...Enlightenment.


A Course In Miracles is one of the most important books I've ever had the priveldge to read.  Developed as a college level course in spirituality at Columbia University in the 1970's, is is described as "spiritual genius" by Dr. David Hawkins, the world's leading psychiatrist in spiritual research. The combined volume has both the text and workbook.  A MUST READ for anyone inerested in healing themself spiritually, mentally and physically.

One can get the daily lessons free online here... http://acim.org/Lessons/lesson.html

Dr. Hawkins stated that "one becomes immune to all negativity" after lesson 77.

The calibration of the overall Text is level 550 and the Workbook calibrates at level 600.

Life on Earth is actually both a "Purgatory" for the purging of your ego and a Heaven within, a staging area for spiritual lessons in preparation for the eternal exploration of other dimensions, and that each Soul incarnated into a human body can here experience the full range of spiritual and karmic opportunities offered for maximum spiritual growth and the evolution of consciousness. 

On the physical Earth plane one experiences the process of transcending the animal nature: the having of a physical body, the thinking of thoughts, acting on selfish impulses, trying to control everyone and everything, willfulness, and surviving by force.  All these things are temporary...all soon crumble into the dusts of mortality. 

Over the last 20-years our research into the 260-day Mayan calendar of the Americas led to the revelation in 1997 of correlating the musical scale octave to each 13-day Mayan week.  And then again in 2006 of correlating Hawkins’ 1,000 levels of consciousness to the entire Mayan calendar.  Certain key numeric consciousness “shift point potentials” correspond to each musical tone, to every day of every Mayan 13-day and also over the course of every 260-day calendar cycle.


Review of the 12-note musical chord arrangements (major, fourths and fifths) helped to understand why when one is transcending through the levels of consciousness the various sympathetic harmonic overtone chord relationship principles precipitate energy activities of both lower and higher levels of consciousness, forces and powers, all energy frequencies logarithmically interrelated and interconnected into a multi-leveled Reality


Our time here is One of Mastering, and then Transcending, all the levels of consciousness.

Exit stage left...or Enter through The Final Doorway...to the Final...End Game...


see: "Enlightenment"



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