What is Muscle Testing or Kinesiology?


Here is my explanation of Dr. David R.Hawkins research on the levels of consciousness.

It is probably not possible to review Dr. Hawkins research without somehow using his words, terminology, and phrases because his research can only be explained clearly using his words, terminology, and phrases. So if somehow I do, forgive me. (I'm sure he does.)

The entire energy spectrum of consciousness levels of awareness on Earth,  which was discovered to be scaled from 1 to 1,000 according to the clinically proven research of American psychiatrist Dr. David R. Hawkins, went up over level 200 for the first time ever in human history in 1987.

The clinically proven truth about awareness, and "Reality," can be found in the research of Dr. David R. Hawkins whose books are required reading in psychology classes at universities and colleges all around the world.

 In the 1960's Dr. Hawkins had the largest psychiatric practice in the country, based out of New York City, with 25 regional offices.

 It was during the 1960's that Western medical doctors were beginning to study and do research into Chinese acupuncture

Traditional Chinese acupuncture healers have known for thousands of years that the human body nervous system also has multiple energy pathways they termed "energy meridians" that can be accessed by specific acupuncture "points" located along the meridians fo the body. 

The energy flow through the energy meridians was termed "chi." In 1964 research into energy meridians by Dr. George Goodheart developed into a branch of medical science properly known today as Applied Kinesiology or "muscle testing."  

Psychiatrist Dr. John Diamond expanded the research of Applied Kinesiology muscle testing into the realms of psychology by discovering that energy meridian "imbalances," or chi flow obstruction, was related to negative emotional states, and that stress reduced thyroid function, and that the thyroid is the main "control center" of the energy meridians.

These "chi" energy meridians are now known to be water pathways of suspended collodial minerals, whose energy fields can be enhanced to the positive alkaline charge by the addition of mineral "rock powders" into ones diet and garden soils, and by being unconditionally loving and compassionate.

 Muscle testing, or Applied Kinesiology, is a simple non-invasive technique to determine imbalances of the energy meridians.

 The standard muscle-testing technique is a two-person test: one person (A) who holds their arm straight out away from their body while the other person (B) presses down lightly on the wrist of the first person (A).  Person A resists the wrist pressure being applied by person B.

 The research of Dr. Diamond proved that arm strength is DECREASED whenever a negative emotion is held in mind.

 Attending one of Dr. Diamond's muscle-testing demonstration lectures one day was Dr. David R. Hawkins.  

After the lecture Dr. Hawkins and his staff set out to clinically evaluate muscle testing, because it seemed to be 100 percent accurate, and they spent years testing over 100,000 people.

Using the muscle test technique, Hawkins and his staff again clinically proved that the energy meridians of the human body responds to negative emotional stimulus by "going weak" and responds to positive emotional stimulus by "going strong."

 But the most amazing discovery was the clinically proven fact that one could use the simple "muscle testing" technique to tell the truth about any statement.

 The energy meridians and muscles of the body respond to a False statement by "going weak" and respond to a True statement by "going strong."

 Dr. Hawkins said,

"Everything in the universe radiates a specific frequency, or minute energy field, that remains in the field of consciousness permanently.  Thus, every person or being whoever lived, and anything about them, including any event, thought, deed, feeling, or attitude, is recorded forever and can be retrieved at any time in the present or the future."

 So for the first time in human history a simple method has been developed that can determine the truth of any statement with 100 percent accuracy

 Just imagine all of the potential applications: criminal and civil investigations, criminal and civil justice, scientific research, business planning and development, politics, international diplomacy and for education. 

(Hey kids, no more flunking out on multiple-choice tests!)

In 1995 Dr. Hawkins published the results of his research in his best selling book Power vs Force and was interviewed by Barbara Walters and on the PBS program The MacNeil-Leher NewsHour and on The Today Show.  In 2008 Oprah interviewed Dr. Hawkins on her radio show.

The truth and accuracy of every statement in every one of Dr. Hawkins books has been clinically tested and duplicated by teams of university researchers around the world.

Dr. Hawkins developed a "Map of Consciousness" (which can be ordered at www.veritaspub.com) that details the range of all possible levels of human or animal consciousness, on a scale from 1 to 1,000

Each increase of one point on the scale indicates an increase of energy field power by a factor of ten.

This means that there are actually 10,000 levels of consciousness but the scale was reduced by a factor of 10 (reduced to 1,000) to make it more easy to comprehend and use.  One of the world's most ancient books of wisdom, the Chinese I Ching, mentions that the world is: The movement of the 10,000 things.


Over the years Dr. Hawkins and research teams, using Behavioral Kinesiology at his Institute for Advanced Spiritual Research, has revealed the following information:

 Each level of consciousness indicates a particular pattern of energy field manifestations and thought patterns, just like tuning into various radio station frequencies reveals the content of the station programming. 

No one radio station, or level of consciousness, "is better" than another, they just indicate specific patterns of programming or content.

 Everyone and everything alive is born with an established level of consciousness, and on average most humans rise up the scale only five points over their lifetime. 

One may say with certainty that in accord with your level of consciousness , your capacity for awareness, you will attract a similar energetic emotional field of perception concerning the various depictions of our near year 2012.

 All levels of consciousness below level 200 indicate a focus on and attraction to negative emotions that make the body energy meridians "go weak."

 All people or groups who calibrate below level 200 choose to use FORCE, emotional, mental/will and physical, to "get" what they want in life.

And some 85 percent of all people on Earth now have a calibrated level of consciousness below 200. 

In America, that number is lower: 55 percent.

 All levels of consciousness at or above level 200 indicate a focus on and attraction to positive emotions that make the body energy meridians "go strong."

 The research also showed that all people who calibrate at or above level 200 are aligned to spiritual POWER, emotional, mental and physical, and "attract" what they receive in life.

The average level of consciousness of all people on Earth now (as of Feb. 2011) calibrates above 200 at level 205

And 15 percent of all people on Earth now have a calibrated level of consciousness above 200. 

In America, that number is higher: 45 percent.

So the positive spiritual power of only 15 percent of the worlds population overbalances all the negative forces of the other 85 percent!

And if the top 1,000 most advanced spiritual persons on the planet somehow left...the world average would fall below level 200.

The average level of consciousness of the United States, as a nation, currently calibrates at 420...the highest of any in the world. 

An energy field in the 400's indicates a focus on higher education, science and Reason.

All the levels at or above the level of Love at 500 are "subjective," while all levels under 500 are "objective" in focus.

The scientific theory of causality or "cause and effect" calibrates only at level 460, within the ranges of Reason and the higher intellect, whereas the belief that "You are only subject to what you hold in mind." calibrates over 500 and is a more accurate description of Reality

Joy, unconditional love and spontaneous healing all calibrate at level 540, within the non-physical realms of spiritual non-duality and "being-ness," which could not be proven per se by previous scientific methods.

So what is considered the "Reality" worldview for one individual may not be the same "Reality" worldview for another person, who may be at a lower or higher level of consciousness.

The lower the level of consciousness the higher the limitations and degrees of impaired perception of Reality, Truth and Divinity.

 95 percent of conflict in the world today between nations, groups or individuals exists only between these two groups of consciousness...people that calibrate below level 200 are in conflict with those that calibrate above level 200, plain and simple.

 45 percent of Americans calibrate above level 200 while 55 percent calibrate below…Power vs. force.

 Consciousness levels below 200 are classically identified around the world as "demonic" in nature.  These are the realms of the "dark astral forces" whose "upper" levels of these low energy fields are considered Luciferic because of intellectual deception and the lowest energy fields are considered Satanic because of the base animal emotions  aligned and focused with the destructive forces. 

We need to be very clear about that.  Alignment with those forces are extremely detrimental to one's own spiritual bearings and karmic potentials.

 The Kinesiology muscle test technique can be used successfully by 90 percent of the people who calibrate over level 200, potentially less than 15 percent of the world population (41 percent of Americans). 

Even the statement to be tested must be in integrity.

 So, now humanity has a simple scientific tool, Applied Kinesiology, which can determine with 100 percent accuracy the truth of any statement...AND a way to calibrate and determine the level of consciousness of any person or idea.


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