The Basics of Enlightenment


What is Enlightenment?

"You" cannot 'become' what One already IS.

One does not become enlightened.
Enlightenment is our natural state of being
when all the obstacles & resistances to it have been removed.


"At some point, the illusion breaks down

and the opening for the start of the spiritual quest commences.

The quest turns from without to within,

and the search for answers begins."

Dr. David R. Hawkins

Eye of the I

Watch Dr. Hawkins powerfully explain that One IS "The Field"...HERE

One is not causing the heart to beat, so One is also not 'causing' anything to occur, as no 'personal' thoughts or actions is One 'the author' of as 'one self.'

All and everything is happening spontaneously, as all phenomena arise independently, by the consequences of 'curious attractions,' out of the perfect Peace and total silence of "The Field."

That which One IS is "The Field" out of that which Experiencing itself is emerging.

One can witness the "I's" greediness to claim that it is 'the author' of all actions and thoughts.

One can watch it's greediness without joining the greediness and One merely becomes witness of the personal "I."

Enlightenment is the dropping of the sense of personal "I" as the determiner of behaviors and decisions and who "you" are, and One begins to see that One is "The Field."


Watch Dr. David R. Hawkins teaching on YouTube HERE


The following summary provided will guide one to the clinically proven facts of 

 what one IS to "be" enlightened, as researched and proven by Dr. David R. Hawkins in

 his book on enlightenment: Discovery of the Presence of God: Devotional Non-Duality


  Everyone has within their own brain a primary "reptilian brain" which operates the ego/mind basic survival goals of pleasure and gain.

The first life forms had to search for energy outside of themselves for survival and so the good for me-not good for me mechanics of survival was and is imprinted upon the awareness of all physical life forms.

 This survivalist judgemental ego/mind/reptilian brain is the part of us which judges, desires, seeks, wants to possess and gets.  Every thought and every action is reviewed by this part of the brain and given value based upon millions of years of evolution and ones' current lifetime of social programming.

Whatever you "value" you claim as "mine," whether it be thoughts or a favorite shirt.

The most common ego "positions" serve not as a unity but as a duality.

    A "me" versus a "you."

"Acceptance" calibrates at level 350 so the solution to any "argument/attack" temptation is

to accept what is so and to remain emotionally positive no matter what

All ego positions begin with a rejection that the world is perfect as it is and a fight to be in the "right.".

The spiritual path requires one to understand rather than demand/win over others.

We all  have a "horizontal" personal history that extends throughout time ...

 "birth, childhood, grade school, high school, jobs, families, old age, transistion"...

   yet also within each of us is
    a "vertical" eternal timeless wise higher SELF

      that radiates a LOVE, PEACE and knowingness from our innermost Divine Heart.
          and IS aligned with the highest "Good" for all Beings.

If to Be Love is the Final Destination...Open Up, Pure Heart...then

    play it again, rebirth


 A physical key concept to Understand about "enlightenment" is that all manifested physical energy forms, including our bodies and brains, change and move from place to place, and if not aware of the needs of others use FORCE to get their way, and are limited by just having a form. Physical forms are vibrational structures that are only temporal in duration, they don't last forever--while the un-manifested, underlying potential beyond "frequency," spiritual Divine Domains of Radiant Divine Power IS Permanent, Unlimited, all-POWERful, Everlasting, Invincible and Eternal...does not change.

Humans are emersed in both realms, physical flesh and invisible spirit.  IN the world yet not OF it. 

Non-attached, but not detached.

A line of curved lines, waves, we identify as words, which we assign meaning to and utilize to de-fine the inner world of non-physical ideas, as such.

The highest level of conciousness, total awareness, represents REALITY and not perceptions of it, and so reality IS Love Perfect Peace.

All levels down from that highest Power level of Perfect Love and Peace indicate increasing resistance to perfect love and peace, as displayed on Dr. Hawkins Map of Consciousness, all the way down the scale on into the complete absence of love and peace .

All the negative emotional levels below level 200 on the Map of Consciousness describe the absence of Perfect Love and Peace and indicate force, not Power.


      POWER  versus  force


 To "be" enlightened, One is aligned with the Spiritual, miraculous, Peaceful, Loving, Eternal, and Permanent POWER of Divinity.

To "Be" enlightened, one only surrenders to ones' inner Higher "Power" ALL thoughts and feelings as they arise, so that the temporal vanity of "thinking-ness" of the physical ego/mind/reptile brain is silenced by de-valueing the endless stream of thoughts one "thinks about" and one becomes silent so that Revelations may dawn, being of One Radiant Divine Presence, by Grace...and so One is then truly Home, joyfully lacking any personal perceptions and dwelling in the Reality of Truth, Perfect Peace and Love, forever.

Now many well known "cult" groups have applied this powerful concept of "giving up all ones thoughts to the Divine" for their own twisted ends. Just be aware that this is the main technique these groups utilize because it does work to bring One Peace without thinking. Unburdened of thinking One REALIZES rather than thinks about things, KNOWS now in this Holy Instant, rather than continuously gathering just information.


         thinking vs REVELATION (BLISS)


There is really no separate "you," only universal degrees of Awareness, The Eternal Awareness, limited  by conditional perceptions and interpretations filtered through the temporal  experiencer-recorder sensor "body" organs.


The physical body ego/brain/mind "thinks" that the sensations of the recorder/body is a separate "me" doing a "this" or a "that."  IT always thinks in terms of determining differences and "dualities," and, being seemingly separated from others, does not have the higher awareness level to realize"other" peoples' needs.  IT thinks only of it-self and others in objective terms.  "I am separate from all other things."

 The ego/mind believes "it-self" to be doing something, causing something, and "thinks" in terms of "causes and effects."

IT is not "your" mind, to begin with.  Best to conceptualize ones' body, brain and mind as an "it" because "it" is not really "you," an eternal spiritual energy field.  It is best to treat "it" as one would a loving pet, by taking good care of it and loving it, in silent surrender of thought and quiet soul, with Love, and innocent compassion.

"Your" body and brain, IT is like a camcorder.  Life viewed through the lens of the camcorder is only a filtered image.

Our Universe is actual ONE hologram and the body eyes/senses/brain records a sequence of images which "it" imagines to be real, but "it" is always changing, and that which changes is not real or eternal, only temporal. 

When one walks around a hologram image like they have in so many science museums the illusion of REAL movement occurs, so one is just percieving each angle of the image as an illusion in the mind that can only try to make sense of it.

One can experience the illusion of movement by using "flip cards" of individual drawings of someone throwing a ball.  Flip the cards rapidly and the illusion of movement occurs.

 The world is a big inkblot onto which the ego/mind/brain projects its' illusions

 All the perfect forms of the physical world arise spontaneously as wave forms out of the One un-manifest, peaceful, loving, and eternal spiritual power domain of Radiant Divine Light "possibilities." And then instantly dissolve as quickly as they arise.  Every instant is a miraculous new creation without end.

We are One Awareness with this Holy Neverending Creation, co-creating by intention. But, without a Unity of Intention one may falsely think that one is separate, so ones' co-creations are then certainly temporal, temporary, and not eternal, and so leading to a cascade of false illusions...and the world seemingly becomes one dark and foggy deception, clouding the Light of the Holiness Present.

 Be Aware of the inner Higher Holy Self, the One peaceful and Eternal spiritual Power of Divine Love while "being" in the world, and discover Heaven within.

Seek the surrender of all "thinking about" things and find peace inside, no matter what.

One Is Enlightened after the limititations and perceptions of the ego/mind/brain dissolve away into nothing.

 Dr. Hawkins states that one cannot "get" or "attain" enlightenment.  One can only "be" enlightened by surrendering every thought in every moment as they arise, and not by getting or doing something.

 He says that you cannot "get" what you already ARE, love.

Once one "intends" to continuously surrender unto the Divine all ego positions, judgements, dualities and worldly desires by invocation to the Divine Power of  the Holy Spirit, including all false spiritual vanity, the miraculous occurs.

One then IS naturally Humble and dedicated to Divinity, in Love and Service to All.


       "getting" vs ATTRACTING


What then used to be "desired" by the ego--all the me, me, me and all the get, get, get, want, want, want, desires sought by emotional force--is transformed into "attracting" into one's life that which by grace Divinity has created, according to one's level of consciousness and karmic potential.

What was once hard to "get" by force and trying suddenly is easily "attracted" by the leap into a higher level of consciousness.

By allowing the witnessing of life, without any "thinking about" judgements and without any perceived gain or loss, in the holy "now," in the present moment, without clinging to the past and without control of the future, a totally surrendered life dedicated to the Divine Holy Spirit is one of Unconditional Love and devotion to Being Loving and Kind with constant inner prayers invoking the Divine Will for help.

When beginning this process of constant surrender one "thinks"...How can "I" surrender all "my" goals and values? Don't "I" have to think in order to function and survive?

The intention to totally surrender and yield ones' will to the guidance of the Divine Will opens the possibility for direct energetic atunement to KNOW the Way upon the Path to Perfect Love and Peace instead of just always "thinking" about it.   One instead just IS still within and suddenly KNOWS the ultimate wholistic revelations of THW WAY forward by direct radiant Understanding , Peace and Love as the Guide. One then intuitively KNOWS what to do and say, and it is life changing, for the Good, and is the actually the most miraculous pathway unto ones' eternal joy and mission in life

Life goals perhaps remain the same, maybe not, but they will now be totally dedicated unto the service of Divinity and Love, without thought of personal perceived gain or motive.

Dr. Hawkins states that the "body" will continue to go about "its business" and one will survive even better and be happier.  The right words to say in any moment always seem come without "trying" and the revelations may trigger important life decisions to be realized, framed by a consideration for ones' eternal destination.

As our beloved brother Dr. David Hawkins states: "...the ego/mind is addicted to processing the details of the content of form, which is the attraction and lure of the world...To "renounce the world" means to withdraw energy from it and decline activities that require attention to specifics, thereby abiding in the [spiritual] Self rather than in the amusements of the [physical ego/mind] never was 'the world' that was interesting, but the projections by one's ego of its values and the specifics of its sensations."  


Time is short, holy Ones...make your choice now, for narrow and Joyful are the Gates unto Heaven within.

Be Clear and fare Well...

Choosing to be One with Our Divine Source in Heart and soul outweighs any short term payoffs that the ego may tempt one with that would force one down again into the lower levels of consciousness...guilt, fear and separation from Love and Peace with All, be Gone forever more.

Welcome home, holy One. Welcome home.

So...How does just One person "lift" up all of Humankind?
One can in only 3 minutes.
Just watch...


* * * * *

 There are 10,000 different possible levels of consciousness that One can experience. 

The "bottom" 2000 levels are animal in nature, without awareness of spiritual power.

But with this clinically proven knowledge of the keys to Enlightenment by Dr. Hawkins, one's "chances" of perfecting that path to enlightenment has now recently increased by 1,000 percent!

Dr. Hawkins created a clinically proven Map of Consciousness to help us understand this and reduced the 10,000 levels into a more workable model displaying 1,000 major levels.

One can chart each Mayan calendar 13-day week to help understand the different ranges and levels of consciousness, with each of the 13 days corresponding to specific levels and musical tones, until one masters surrendering them all.


If we compress these 1,000 levels to match the 13-unit mathematical code of the Mayan calendar one creates a segmenting of the levels that follow the chart below. . .


An "octave of consciousness" results and may correspond to the musical scale notes

 and may correspond to the 13 mayan months

   and the 13 mayan days of the week as follows:



1-13       Levels               TONE      key words


  1       being Alive            Ab      primal, challenge, survival instincts

             Lowest potential consciousness levels  1 > 76  on days-rows-years numbered 1


  2       being Polarized          A        duality, drives, volitile forces 

             Very Low potential consciousness levels  76 > 153  on days-rows-years numbered 2


  3       being Pride-Positive+        A#      moral, integrity, kind, warm (but with negative - Pride)

     -Negative- to +Positive potential consciousness levels  153 > 230  on days-rows-years numbered 3

                Note: The first 3/5 of this range is below level 200, with Pride- at level 175

                             before the spiritually Positive+ levels of 200 and above.

  4       being Family           B       respectful, fair, balanced, considerate, trust, stable

             Medium low potential consciousness levels  230 > 307  on days-rows-years numbered 4


  5       being Harmony       C        inspire, forgiveness, willingness, acceptance, humor

               Medium potential consciousness levels  307 > 384  on days-rows-years numbered 5


  6       being Wise             C#       reason, understanding, meaningful, happiness

              Medium High potential consciousness levels  384 > 461  on days-rows-years numbered 6


  7       being Love              D         loving, revelation, benign, reverence

               High potential consciousness levels  461 > 538  on days-rows-years numbered 7


  8        being Bliss              D#       unconditional love, joy, spontaneous healing, miracles...halo

              Very High potential consciousness levels  538 > 615  on days-rows-years numbered 8


  9        being Peace             E        enlightened, Self, I Am, no ego & no mind

              Very High potential consciousness levels  615 > 692  on days-rows-years numbered 9


 10       being Pure                F        Pure Consciousness, Sage, Is, I 

               Very High potential consciousness levels 692 > 769  on days-rows-years numbered 10


 11       being Clear               F#      Teacher of Enlightenment, chakra clearing 

              Very High potential consciousness levels 769 > 846  on days-rows-years numbered 11


 12       being Realized         G         Full Realization of Divinity, god as Logos 

               Very High potential consciousness levels  846 > 923  on days-rows-years numbered 12


 13       being Divine             G#       Divine Radiance, avatar, final surrender 

                Highest potential consciousness levels 923 > 1000  on days-rows-years numbered 13





     Good "luck" now and have fun!

To understand the entire spectrum of of the 1,000 levels of consciousness, read Dr. Hawkins book Transcending the Levels of Consciousness.

One is Safe, Peace and Love.

The "higher Self" of everyone is an Eternal energy field of Divine Love and Peace.  Eternity is what we Are.  Consider ones' eternal future

One has an eternal Awareness that never dies, even though it may change form

At some point one realizes Love, and at some point one realizes Peace.  And at some point one realizes that all the "negative" experiences on Earth arise from the lack of being loving and peaceful.  Once one intends to "Be" loving and peaceful no matter what, when one surrenders the willfulness of the animal nature ego/mind in every moment no matter what, then one "Is" love and peace and then your time here will be complete.

In the end, one focuses on the overall field of eternal REALITY and not on the content of events, meaning one focuses on the forever underlying REALITY of Divine Love and Peace that exists in every Holy Instant and NOT the perceptions of transitory events and the content involved.


By being devoted to Perfect Love and Peace no matter what, then One is experiencing the TRUTH.

* * * * *

MORE of our favorite short Dr. Hawkins videos on 'Enlightenment' on YouTube...



* * * * *

Another proven university-developed day-by'day study guide is A Course in Miracles handbook that Dr. Hawkins calls "spiritual genius."   Wow!  It really is.   A Course in Miracles also includes a practical day-by-day workbook, and Dr. Hawkins has stated that after just the first 77 days of 77 lessons, out of the 365 daily lessons, one becomes immune to all negative stimulii.  It is an amazing read.

My friends tell me that Dr. Hawkins books can be almost "too deep" so it is nice to find that A Course in Miracles is very much like reading holy scripture but with modern symbolism, explanations and meanings.  The Text is sectioned into Chapters and Sections, with a Workbook in the back.

Also, in the very back of the book there is a Teachers section which distills the course down to a couple simple ideas, and a definition of Psychotheraphy. The only illnesses we are all here to be healed of is our spiritual/emotional states of imbalance. We learn that the only healing is: forgiveness, love and peace, that forgiveness IS healing, and seeing the Divine within everyone, no matter what.

In my life I have witnessed seven major unexplainable "miracles" and at least 22 instances of "Wow, how did that just happen?"  We are Holy, friends.


* * * * *

The following realizations were shared by Robert Anderson of Sedona, Arizona.


The perceptions and illusions of the world, maya, are divided into seeming dualities in time.

And most people live in maya, where they are tied up (ti-me) and tempted constantly

in this earthly world of suffering and desires.

But now many are transcending their dis-eased material life in time (ti-me) into

the One holy (holistic) spiritual inner world of organic thyme (thy-me)

and discovering their inner Divine Self.


After the water baptism of Eschoo, the One Divine Self, he was tempted in the wilderness

by Satan, who represents the collective human Ego of mankind.

The One Divine Self, Eeshoo,  did not destroy the Ego, Satan,

but told him not to tempt Him with worldly desires,

and later tells Satan to "get behind me,"

or in other words, to support Him, get behind Him, and not tempt Him.


As one can see, within our "Self" there is another word --"elf"--

and our inner child elf can either be naughty or nice

and is that which is tempted by the ego unless

our higher adult Self is awake and aware.


The key, then, is to ignore the temptations of your elf

so that you can become your higher Self.


Be aware of your elf, to become your Self.


Roberts' new take on the Norwegian fairy tale Three Billy Goats Gruff

The tale goes something like this...


A troll guards a bridge over an impassible river in the wilderness

and will eat anyone who tries to pass by him.

Three billy goats are out walking on a path through the wilderness.

The first billy goat is young and fast so he approaches the bridge first.

The troll says,"If you try to bypass me, I will eat you and you will die."

The first billy goat replys,"No, no, please! My two older brothers are coming down the path.

They are much bigger and tastier than me, and I'm too young to die."

So the troll lets the youngest billy goat bypass him.

The second billy goat is middle aged and slower and approaches the bridge next.

The troll says,"If you try to bypass me, I will eat you and you will die."

The second billy goat replys,"No, no, please! My elder brother is coming down the path too. He is much bigger, tastier and easier to catch than me, and I'm too young to die."

So the troll lets the the middle-aged billy goat bypass him also.

The third billy goat is slow and elderly, approaches the bridge last and

struggles with the troll, ending in a death and living happily ever after.


Robert then shared these insights of that story...

The three billy goats represent the Ego during the three main stages of life:

Youth, Middle age and Old age.

When one is young, one is easily distractred by youthful desires and so ignores

the eventual surrendering of ones' ego until later on in life.

When one is middled aged may still rationalize the putting off of the surrender of the ego

until later in life because of unrealized desires and

chase of the wild oats of youth, the "mid-life crisis" stage.

And then by the time one is old, one faces the inescapable fact of mortality and dying,

explaining why so many then finally decide to take up the challenge of

a serious pursuit of spiritual inquiry and lifestyle,

resulting in the "death" of ones' ego, dissolving it finally into the higher Self,

and living happily ever after..


So...Be aware of your 'elf,' to become your divine inner Higher Self.


Seek, and ye shall find...

love  perfect  peace

* * * * *


Dr. Hawkins was asked many times:
"What prayers are useful?"

"Dear God, please let him/her see the right way to go, that God's Will be done."

"We ask: What is God's intention?"

"Ask to be the servant of the Lord...
a vehicle of Divine Love...
a channel of God's Will.
Ask for direction...
and Divine assistance...
to surrender the personal will through devotion...
to dedicate one's Life to the service of God...
to choose Love & Peace above all other options...
to commit to the goal of unconditional Love and compassion
for Life in all its expressions...

surrendering all judgement to God."

"Thus every spiritual aspirant serves the World."

"We change the World not by what we say or do
but as a consequence of what we have become."

"Unto Thee O Lord do I lay down my Life."

"All Glory be to Thee, Most High."