TOPICS: day #93 - 2 REED (ben) - STAIRS (eb') Week 8 - the current Week 8 of the 20 weeks began on Sunday, Oct. 8  - STAIRS (eb') Week is previewed fully - Dr. David Stuart named eb' REED and Dr. Jose Arguelles named eb' the HUMAN - the four "Season Days" within each 65-day Season are represented in Mayan art as two runners handing a flaming torch from one runner to the other - the 4-day cycles - the 20-day cycles - Dr. Stuart named the first symbol imix the WATER LILY CREATURE and  Dr. Arguelles named imix the DRAGON - every 20 day Mayan month we begin with CREATURE and end with LORD (ajaw) or SUN day, so we journey every 20 days from CREATURE to LORD - the moon cycles for October - 52-day major shift point happenes on day #104 - a new 52-day cycle begins day #105

TOPICS: day #90 - 12 DOG (ok) - NATURE (kawak) Week 7 - Guatemala Highland Maya "count of days" exactly timed to the cycles of Venus - Venus sets as the Evening Star always on STAIRS (eb') days and rises always on LORD (ajaw) days - the current 4-day cycle - using the word HUMAN vs STAIRS for eb' day - moon stress as the moon approaches Earth - "TimeandDate.com" website for moon cycles for your location - moon every day at a point known as the "Meridian Passing" is the most emotional time each day so its good to know when that happens everyday where you live

TOPICS: day #89 - 11 WATER (muluk) - NATURE (kawak) Week 7 - full moon 2:40p EDT - why NATURE is a better term for "kawak" than STORM - week preview - looking back on the 9-month anniversary of Trump inaguraton and the 'Womens March' 260 days ago in January - moon cycles are egg shaped so they constantly are changing, pull in close to Earth then pull away and how that creates pressure waves - the current 4-day cycle

TOPICS: day #88 - 10 STAR (lamat) - NATURE (kawak) Week 7 - why Richard uses the Guatemala Highland Maya "count of the days" vs the Lowland Yucatan Maya "count of days - Maya books explain hpw Venus rises  and sets to keep the Mayan calendar exactly aligned - Lowland Yucatan count os OFF by 55 days -Guatemala  Highland Maya are the oldest Mayan communites - The Harmonic Convergence explained - the 9 Hell Cycles of 52-years each from 1519 t0 1987 ended August 17, 1987

TOPICS: day #87 - 9 HAND (manik') - NATURE (kawak) Week 7 - the different symbol interpretations of Dr. Jose Arguelles and Dr. David Stuart - why the word NATURE is used for "kawak" instead of the word STORM - different Mayan communities use different interpretations - the Mayan symbol HAND and the Aztec symbol DEER mean "The One branching into the Many" -  2012 explained - the 13-year cycles and their color coding - 394-year cycle that began in 1681 ended in 2012 - 13-yer cycles shift in years 5 and 9 - year 7 is 2019 -  the 4-year cycles REED-FLINT-NIGHT-STAR - Aztec calendar symbol design - the 13-year cycles and the 52-year cycles

TOPICS: day #86 - 8 DREAM (kimi) - NATURE (kawak) Week 7 - Week in review - explanation of the 260-day scroll down calendar columns - daily musical tones - levels of consciousness - How Richard met Mre. Dr. David Hawkins - the 10,000 levels of consciousness on Earth - the 18 major levels of consciousness on Dr. Hawkins "Map of Consciousness" - explanation of the 18 major levels of consciousness - the 4-day cycles - the goal is complete union with divinity - the 52-day cycles are important - Earth and Sun has a consciousness - all crime is between unconscious and awake people - higher consciousness trumps lower consciousness - all peope are damaged emotionally and are healing - all is holy - Mayan weekday s 7 thru 13 the easier to be in unconditional love - read the Advanced Basics section - the 20 day cycles Creature to Lord

TOPICS: day #84 - 5 SEED (k'an) - NATURE (kawak) Week 7  - current week in preview - How to use the scroll down calendars - the Season Days - the Four 65-day Seasons explained in-depth -  theTime Shift at day #185 - the 52-day cycle or Houses of time and the musical scale- difference between Aztec calendar colors and the Myan calendar colors - the 13 numbers - January-December calendar is the calendar of the Catholic church - Earth day is 23 hours & 56 minutes - explanation of Earth tilt and seasons - 13 cycles of Venus and 5 cycles of Earth - Venus setting and rising - the Moon cycles - Moon rotation shifts every month - Mayan calendar predicts the eclipses