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February 5, 2012

Radio Interview on 'Coast-to-Coast AM' on Nov. 18, 2009



The 1991 discovery of a natural rock Stonehenge of America in Blue Mounds State Park, Minnesota

with George Noory, Dr. William Birnes, Richard Eagle 

Nov.18, 2009 show 


  George Noory, the late night radio host of Coast-to-Coast AM, and his writing partner, New York Times best-selling author Dr. Bill Birnes, interview Richard Eagle live on-air late night November 18, 2009 show at 2:40 am EST (11-19-09) about his amazing real life experience at Blue Mounds State Park near the southwest corner of Minnesota and the discoveries realized while there.

Coast-to-Coast AM has the second largest radio audience in the world, with 5-10 million listeners every night.

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Yes, there is a Stonehenge in America!
    "I love this story," said George Noory, radio host of "Coast-to-Coast AM," the largest late-night radio show in the world, on Nov. 19, 2009 while interviewing Richard Eagle live on-air about his true life experience at Blue Mounds State Park in Minnesota.

     Richard recalls how he and Bonita Anderson visited Blue Mounds State Park in the southwest corner of the state of Minnesota in the United States one afternoon in late October 1990, where from atop 100-foot blue quartzite quarry cliffs one can gaze into both the states of Iowa and South Dakota.
     Earlier that day Richard and Bonita had visited Pipestone National Monument, 28 miles north of Blue Mounds, where the soft red stone for "peace pipes" has been harvested for thousands of years from the earth out of small sunken quarries.
     The Blue Mounds State Park brochure stated the area is Sioux Native American land and is home to a small bison herd, where the buffalo roam over a vast area inside the 1,830-acre park.
     The brochure also stated that in the south section of the park is an ancient alignment of rocks a quarter-mile long that run in an east-west direction, and that on the first day of spring and fall both sunrise and sunset line up exactly with the blue rocks alignment.
     Astonished that they both had never heard of these ancient stone rocks that aligned with the equinoxes, after having lived in Minnesota all of their lives, they were excited to investigate.
     But it was late in the afternoon and the park was about to close for the night so they had to hurry over to the southern entrance and literally run up the hill to the blue rock alignment to see for themselves if Minnesota really was home to some kind of Stonehenge in America.
     This is the amazing true story of what two Minnesota residents experienced at Blue Mounds State Park that late afternoon in October 1990, and then what they witnessed upon returning there the following March to view the sun rise over the rocks on the first day of spring in 1991.
Upon arriving before dawn they saw a weather illuminated spiraling energy beam rising above the huge boulder at the western end of the ancient quarter-mile long east-west alignment of blue quartzite rocks.
     Then at the eastern end of the alignment they were shocked to notice a hidden natural rock amphitheater that had been camouflaged by surrounding foliage during the summer months and bordered by multiple massive boulders, with a special sitting ledge upon which to view the sun rising between the boulders on each equinox...the "Stonehenge of America."