This excellent book is one of the "official" guidebooks at the Museum of Mexico where the 12-ton Aztec calendar stone is displayed in Mexico City.

Website for the "Aztec Calendar Handbook," a superb Aztec calendar stone reference book co-authored by Dr. Randall C.Jimenez and Richard Graeber.

This is one of those "must-have" reference books if one is really into the Mayan-Aztec 260-day calendar.

"This new book is not only the Ultimate Guide to the Aztec Calendar, it is the only guide that goes into this degree of depth and scope of what the Mexican culture is all about."
Gerald Rodriguez, Education Director
Mexican Heritage Corporation

"This is truly a monumental effort to reduce a vast and complicated history into a simple, clear explanation…an authoritative introduction to the Aztec Calendar.  It is appropriate for children and adults."
Jeff Paul, Director
Chicano Studies Library & Multicultural Center, SJSU

"This is a study that anyone who claims any Native American ancestry must look at.  The presentation is outstanding."
Dr. Cecil Orozco, Historian, Author, Educator
University of California, Fresno

Blog site of Dr. David Stuart of the University of Texas at Austin, considered to be the world's leading authority on Mayan day sign glyph decipherment.

Order his books here:

Website of Dr. David R. Hawkins who researched and developed the 1,000 levels of consciousness and the Map of Consciousness.

Buy his original Map of Consciousness and all his books here.

Time and Date is a great website to find information on the Moon cycles for your location and much more.

Just type in your location in the search bar.

Knowing the exact time every day when the Moon is "Meridian Passing" directly overhead at your location is important. The "Meridian Passing" time usually indicates the most emotional time of each day.

Home page for Mehran T. Keshe and the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute based in Italy.

This is the future of human health and energy transformation.


US website for the Keshe Foundation USA

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Dr. Keshe teaches a public workshop LIVE every Thursday morning @ 3am EST.

This is the Keshe Foundation channel on YouTube with lots instructional videos, including the agricultural Gardeners and Growers Workshop, bi-weekly on Sundays, teaching how to use plasma fields for growing food and plants.

Cary Kirastar Ellis is one of the teachers doing plasma-field workshops around the world  for making do-it-yourself GaNS products at home. Here is the link to her YouTube channel, filled with lots of instructional videos.

Watch this short 4-minute CBS news story from Los Angeles on the doctor who teaches kids how to synchronize their brain hemispheres using the simple "SuperBrain Yoga" exercise. Helps autistic and downs syndrome people immediately.

How to synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain has been the 'Holy Grail' goal of brain research.

This 3-minute yoga exercise has been proven to do it.

HERE IS HOW YOU DO "Super Brain Yoga"...

With your LEFT hand thumb and index finger lightly pinch the RIGHT lower ear lobe, thumb behind the lobe and index in front.

With your RIGHT hand thumb and index finger lightly pinch the LEFT lower ear lobe, thumb behind the lobe and index in front.

Next, touch the TIP of your tongue to the roof of the inside of your mouth and breath through your mouth

Begin to bend your knees and squat DOWN slowly and comfortably while INHALING, then stand back UP while EXHALING. 

Now repeat this squatting down and up over and over again at a comfortable pace for just 3-MINUTES.

That is all you do. Within 15 minutes the brain hemispheres synchronize.

This amazing website of Dr. Bruce Lipton is packed with articles to help us understand the mind-body-spirit connection. A MUST READ!

Mellen-Thomas Benedict has one of the most studied clinical Near Death Experience (NDE) cases in history. 

Read here what happened to the genius inventor of light therapy machines after he "passed away" for over 2+hours from brain cancer in 1982 as he recalls what happened to him on "the Other Side" after his death, at a hospice with nurses and doctors present.

Mellen is the inventor of the world's most advanced light therapy instruments...the "DreamSpa," shown above.

Richard Eagle has met and spoken with Mellen many times and has used Mellens' light therapy machines which Rich says gave him his life force back after multiple major surgeries. He considers Mellens' NDE story one of the most inspiring and thought provoking articles ever written.

Mellen passed away on March 31, 2017.

Here is the latest state-of-the-art Light Therapy portable system, the DreamSpa, invented by Mellen-Thomas Benedict.

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The health food store Rich helped manage bought Mellens' first pro spa model unit in 2009 for $18,000 and it gave Rich his life force back.
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This is the only multi-vitamin most people need to take, Dr. Rath, and its THE BEST.
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Dr. Rath spent 15 years as chief of staff to the late two-time Noble Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling.
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Zero Hedge is the one of the best alternative sources for financial news and opinion. Updated throughout the day.

Rich feels that A Course In Miracles is one of the most important books he's ever read.  Developed as a college level course in spirituality at Columbia University in the 1970's, and described as "spiritual genius" by Dr. David Hawkins, the world's leading psychiatrist in spiritual research. The volume has both text and a daily workbook. 

A MUST READ! This daily workbook is FREE TO READ on-line.

For anyone inerested in permanently healing oneself spiritually and to become "immune from any negativity" in just 77 days.

Alleluia to the Pachelbel Canon in D / Kyrie

by Robert Gass & On Wings Of Song

Two of the World's Most Highest Calibrated spiritual songs  as "clinically provern" by Dr. David R. Hawkins.

This is the CD Dr. Hawkins loved to play at his lectures...angelic & devotional.

Learn your current biorhythms within seconds.

Shakspeare and Sir Walter Raleigh by Henry Pemberton.

First published in 1914.
This is THE research book that slam-dunk made the case for the Great Bard plays actually being written by Sir Walter Raleigh.

Read the full volumn here, right now, for FREE on Google Books. 

The stage manager and actor "Shakespeare" was in public a lowlife drunk, whose children were illiterate. There is NO mention of him in all the private family papers and records of the most important people in England at that time. Why?? Read this book now and find out.

"Shake-speare" was just a pen-name, indicated in those days by the use of the hyphen-, and this very hyphenated pen-name is found on the first page of Hamlet in 1603.

This website shows you what 10,000 dollars looks like, next is a million dollars which can fit in a grocery bag, then a billion which will need a truck, and finally, what a trillion bucks looks like

Americas combined net worth, all of us (Uncle Sam), is some 9,000 trillion, so what that we owe 20 trillion. We still got 8,983 trillion dollars left, baby!