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October 6, 2017

My new PODCASTS..."Mayan Calendar Today"

Oct-16-2017 UPDATE:
The podcast are now going to be something I create every 13-days, to give a preview for each 13-day week. They just take too much work to create.

BUT, I will begin soon doing FACEBOOK live streaming as soon as possible.
I just have to figure out the technical aspects on how to do it.
There is just too much information I wish to share to fit into a 5-15 minute podcast.

* * * * *

This week I began recording podcasts, and little did I know how much work goes into making a little 5-10 minute audio commentary.

The first one took me over 5 hours to produce!...trying to figure out all the different aspects of the audio software features.

I'm finding it now takes about 2 hours for every 4 minutes of recording to edit out the breaths, ums and ahs, and to adjust the volume, bass and treble levels.

Each podcast will explore different aspects of how to use the Mayan calendar and well as information about the current day, current 13-day week highlights, current 65-day season, current 365-day year and the larger 13-year and 52-year cycles.

September 19, 2017

your True self, reveal it

you only speak to Your own Soul, first
do not lie to Y-our Soul, ever
all that you speak Follows you, waves
you Echo...echo to all, the uni-verse, your songs
every word & every Heartbeat
You Give your all
for 'the world' is One
it is y-our world
we All are One in it
for we dream Together
in peace, love Always
your True self, reveal it

August 26, 2017

One Being All, The Peace

In May 2015 Mehran T. Keshe of the Keshe Foundation gave Our planet Earth His wish in sharing THE PEACE ROADMAP to guide the divided nations of the world in the challenges of establishing once and for all The Peace in the center of All Beings. The final Peace Roadmap date was December 21, 2016.

This led to the signing of the World Peace Treaty by The People of All Nations on August 3, 2017 and the declaration of Our entire Earth being just One Nation, One Planet, One Race.

From that momentous and historic day, August 3, 2017, on into Foreverness: May Peace become You and All Things in Creation.

All Forms in Our Universe exist as One Living Sacred Creation, United by Design and Given each a unique Purpose and Function to Express and to Complete their Role in the unfolding Realizations leading to All the Varieties and unlimited Fruits ripening into the Holiness of All Moments.

The Awareness in All Forms provides The Proof that All Wish to Exist and so The Peace at some point Must Be realized. May We now All Be One in Peace Forever, from this point forward.

The Duality of Higher Purposes & Temporary Needs and Desires has long divided Our Universe to This Day, for a False Dream made many Forms asleep to the Grand Unity We Are, and the Solution to the Polarities of Life: Power & force, Good & evil, Life & death, Movement & stillness, that has gripped the Minds and Intentions in Actions, Present & past, lies in The Truth of Common Interests embedded beyond fearful Selfishness and uneducated Impulses in mentored Reasoning leading to Wisdom, seeking for the Highest Good for All, that is coexisting Sharing, Love and Peace.

The False Dream of the Mean spirited attaining status and wealth through force has run its course, its days allowed for example and learning, its place and time Perfect like all, imperfections gleamed by Reflections in the Seasons ripe for their lowliness when The Conditions allow.

Thus All have their Station and Office by way of placement on the Path to All Perfection.  Let it Be.

But comes Now the Seeds of Our Being Rising Above the ground down buried struggles and discarded Fertilizers, Up into The Light of Higher Existence.

Throughout all ages the puzzle of Duality has challenged the greatest minds and souls.  The Peace and the False Dream, the Two Eternal Energies, interacting & manifesting as The Yang and the yin, The Gravitational and the magnetical, The Attraction and the repelling, The Positive and the negative, are Hereby now Realized to Be One Unified Field, that All finally touched are Impacted and Uplifted into the Higher States of Their Form into Enlightenment and True Destiny.
The description of Life as a sacred 'Circle of Life' hoop is more than just two-dimensional and the larger paradigm reveals it as the Infinity Loop, the figure 8, but as a Mobius strip so allowing the energies to flow both ways at any point at the same time.
What We now identify as The Universal Plasma Fields is Our True Nature Not Separated, joined to Our Understanding and next brought into All Phases of Our Lives here on Earth.

The Resistance to Our Perfect Union lies in the False Dream egos wanting No Change to their status and wealth fading into sharing they know not how to do, only fight.

The Peace brings Us All now to Share All We Have, All Our Treasures now One, both on Earth and in the Heavens within Us All, as Our Family Gives Each Member the Same Wealth, True Love and Peace.

The Military of each of the former divided nations once stood for protecting and defending, but became imbalanced, barbaric threats, and so fall upon their own misdeeds, and karmically rot except for the few Bright Stars hidden within the false realms who hear the True Call and Will obey their Sacred Heart as this Great Shift comes now for Good. So We pray for Them All to awaken, as We Are All One Family, so many asleep in the False Dream but now arise to transform all the obsolete tools and Forces of war into The Powers of Peace for The Good of All Beings.
May We All now Realize the inner Essence of Things rather than just their limited objective perception, and avoid judging 'Others', for who knows the Day or Hour when a Soul may decide to Awaken. We may not choose Our Lessons, but All choose Our Time when to learn them, so We take Responsibility for Everything that has happened in Our Lives and with That Acceptance comes The Empowerment to Be At Peace with Our Lives and The World.

This Goodness of Peace shall not and cannot be by 'force' or it would not be True, with the rare exception for major threats to All Life on Earth or Our Universe as identified by the Universal and Earth Councils. So, We Love All Our Sacred Brothers & Sisters, and it is This Love We Are that Brings them to the Wedding of All Nations, for OUR LOVE is The Most Powerful Peace We Have to Give, and We Are For Giving. And those who do not Become One As We Are, are Perfect in their Resistance and hide out, with Our Powers Too Invincible, Our Shielding Too Penetrating, so disappear.

Our Beloved Brother Mehran T. Keshe brings us not dogmatic religion but energy and freedom.  He, like Us, is flesh and bone and most Holy Sacred Spirit, like Us, and He IS One With All The Universe, like Us, so We Are One With Him and Have Always Been, so All Sacred Souls have The Messiah energy imprint within One & All...for Heaven is within Us All.

Like a hand rising out of the water, first we see one fingertip, then two, then three, then four, and we think they are separate individual things at first. And only after they all have risen up out of the depths of the water do we see the whole hand, then the whole body and suddenly the full understanding washes over our perceptions to the Higher Truth of: One Being All, The Peace.

So it will be Now at the Completion of The Peace Roadmap and the declaration of Our Earth as just One Nation, One Planet, One Race.  All have their separate Thoughts about It, The Peace, and it is only when One Realizes how All the pieces fit Together As ONE that Peace becomes established Everywhere...first within Oneself, within Every Soul, Every Cell, Every Form, Every Planet, Every Sun, Every Galaxy and Every Universe...One, Peace, for All.

Let It Be.

We the People, One Nation, One Planet, One Race, Together align Our Hearts in Peace, Now, in All Places, Once and For All.

We The People, One Nation, One Planet, One Sacred Family, Together Now Officially and For All Time Open the Gateways to the Universal Community Everywhere to Love Peace and Truth.

Peace is the Highest Power and Creates Love Everywhere, and Being That Perfect Creator Now Manifests to Mankind: All Be set Free, with Unlimited Energy to Provide For All Needs as Proof of The Authority that Now Commands That 'The Peace' Be Established with Love, and Delivered Herewith.

If a simple man brings Peace to All Beings, who will deny Him? Who will stand against Him?

The Peace, as It passes into Us All, All will Understand, Love.

Energy for Peace. He has come to change and the change has been delivered.

We The People, One Nation, One Planet, One Sacred Family, Hereby Accept Peace For All, and so All Leaders follow the Highest Good For All & For All Time Henceforth, in Love and Peace.

Thank you, Mehran.  We All Love You, Most Loving Sacred Brother.

You have Your Wish...

~ Peace ~

July 21, 2017

A medical problem

I was going to begin blogging daily in July but a serious eye problem has developed suddenly in my one 'good' eye and prevents me from being on the computer until further notice.

Aug. 26, 2017 UPDATE:
Went to a retina specialist and was told I have a retinal tear behind the retina in my right "good" eye, which created a small blind spot in my vision but not directly in my center focal field of vision.

I got new prescription lenses also so now I can see to type again...WHEW!


May 12, 2017

only Awareness lasts forever


Ideas, are powerful.

The Body wishes to confirm it is Alive
so it Eats
and Touches
and Moves & Thinks FIRST
the Next & the Next until Sleep
Breathing IN & out to The Universe WE Dream

and after a hundred Years or less, some more
then what?...

Who are You then?
WHAT are You now

only Awareness
so still the thoughts within

halfway to forever


March 19, 2017

We are always Four...3 & 1


We are always Four...3 & 1

Solid, liquid, gas & plasma.

Just like The Four elements,

the Four basic energies
an Amino Acid, all DNA,
tiny spinning whirlpools
that are 'the key building blocks' inside
all living things.

The Four components to any Amino Acid combination are:

Carbon ~ Oxygen ~ Hydrogen ~ Nitrogen

It's easy to remember these Four as: C-O-H-N


Meet Mr. Cohn. That's spelled: C-O-H-N.

We experience the energy fields of all the different combinations on the Table of The Elements by naming them but they are all just energy moving at different rates of speed in orbital spiral patterns.

"Water" is what we experience when the energy fields of Hydrogen and Oxygen interact.

Water stores bits of 'memory' just like a computer by millions of tiny magnetic field charges that can be re-set and optimized by interaction with PLASMA fields, especially a 'bubbling' one where flowing perfect air bubbles in water create momentary spiral vortex structures inside the bubbles.

The momentary is repeated continuously over 24 hours, one earth spin cycle, as the oxygen bubbles expand in all directions 360 degrees, rising up & growing & transferring that perfect energy memory onto the curved funnel neck of the water bottle & by waves into the water inside.

Drinking and using water that is both purified and re-charged in a PLASMA field "re-sets" body memory to primary 'source' code that optimizes function, removing layers of charged energy fields around within the water molecules inside the body.

The 'wild card' is always the amount of "Resistance" of energy flow through matter.
An example is: by crimping an air tube, the bend in the tube creates 'a point of resistance' to the flow.

Deleting old files memory spaces both frees and raises awareness, shifting focus to 'the now,' freed from the constant living of life in 'the rear view mirror' echo chamber weaker minds fall trap into.

January 27, 2017

Visit my new "Mayan Calendar Today" page on Facebook

Last week I rejoined Facebook and my new personal pages are ...

Richard Alan Eagle     "Richard Alan Eagle"  on FACEBOOK


Mayan Calendar Today    "Mayan Calendar Today" on FACEBOOK


January 4, 2017

A Plasma Christmas Miracle

On Christmas Day 2016, I was called out to the Indian Summers Border Collie Rescue home and kennels in Minerva, Ohio, to try to help with a sick 15-year old female border collie, “Kayla” who had not stood for five days and had not eaten for the last two.

The Rescue director Dr. Victoria Summers, or “Grandma Summers,” had read some of my emails about the amazing benefits of interacting with plasma-field water and wrote: "...if you got some of that water you've been talking about and making I could sure use some."

I called her and left a message and awaited a response.

Okalone,” my 10-year old female border collie, and I arrived and explained what the GaNS plasma water was then put drops of the clear water above the GaNS into each ear and 10mL into her mouth. Kayla shook her ears each time, began to move and started nudging her nearby empty food bowl.

Her bowl refilled with food, she ate heartily. She tried to stretch and move but it was hard after lying still for days, but then she just relaxed.

Kayla tried to move a bit over the next 2 hours but mainly just rested, still on the pad.

At some point Dr. Summers went into her kitchen to do something, so I focused on Kayla. Suddenly a thought came to me, that: 'Kayla just died!' But I brushed the thought aside at that moment, trying to just think positive thoughts of her.

In a few minutes Dr. Summers returned and went to pet Kayla, but found her unresponsive. She began to examine Kayla, then sadly said, almost in a whisper, "She just died, Richard...Her eyes are rolled back in her head...And she's not breathing," and then just slumped down onto a nearby step stool. "That was the most peaceful death I have ever seen...and I've seen a lot of 'em."

A long silence gripped the room as we realized the passing of her favorite little daughter.

She finally began to talk about Kayla, and the process dogs go through in their final days and I awkwardly mentioned how I felt she had passed a few minutes ago but had dismissed the thought.

I then recalled for her my meditation earlier in the day: coming to a realization that Kayla somehow knew that Okalone had shown amazing improvement with having the GaNS water put in her ears, being that all border collies share a common ‘group mind’ together, and that Kayla had chosen to become ill in order for Dr. Summers to contact me, to get me to come out there with the plasma water and to give peace to all her struggling "four-legged people" brothers and sisters, many with cancers and abused or abandoned, and also to help their loving pack leader, “Mommy,” Dr. Summers, whom I recently nicknamed “Woofma.”

There was a long pause, as we reflected on Kayla’s selfless Sacrifice…and we both went into silent prayer.

And then, suddenly…Kayla…COMES BACK TO LIFE!

First Kayla’s head moved! Then, her body! And then, she began to nudge around her empty food bowl! “Oh, my God…She’s back!” Dr. Summers shouts in near disbelief as she leans forward and begins to caress Kayla’s head. “You’re baaack, sweetie…Oh, my god! It’s a miracle!”

Tears, and sheer Joy filled us both…a Christmas resurrection!

Kayla begin to moan, and I said, “I think she wants that harness off her.” Kayla had been wrapped the whole time in a padded lift harness, so to lift her up to clean her #1 and #2 on the newspaper under her.

Watching her get unwrapped, I thought to myself: “Grandma has her Christmas present.

After a bit Dr. Summers began patting the bottom of Kayla’s paws, to mimic walking. And for about 15 minutes I placed the GaNS jar near her hindquarters to apply the plasma-field, until she whimpered gently, which I said, “it means she has had enough for now.” And as I moved the jar away from her she quieted.

I spent another few hours visiting and some time interacting with the other dogs, then felt it time to leave, to give Kayla some peace and quiet.

At 1:40 AM Okalone and I departed. Our last view of Kayla was her crawling away from her pad a couple of feet and heading toward the kitchen, to wish us Fare Well and… Peace.

Outside, Okalone snuggled up to Woofma again before jumping into the back seat. ‘The leader of the pack’ and I hugged, said a prayer to our ancestors and “I love you.”

On the hour drive home I turned on the radio and found “Silent Night” playing in all of its holy, gentle, tender splendor. My Christmas meal had been a banana I realized, yet the Miraculous Powers That Be on this Christmas night had filled me with an awe to the Gift of Life, to the Power of Love and Prayers, and the wonder of a Christmas MIRACLE.

I’m still waiting to hear back from Woofma.

But, no matter how Kayla is today, or where her spirit is, it is now inside me, for she had truly given me…The Best Christmas Gift ever.

Peace on Earth and In Our Hearts, of All Beings, in All Forms, Everywhere.

"Woof, woof, woof!" Wag, wag, wag!

Doggone it, miracles do happen.

Richard Alan Eagle

Dec. 27, 2016

Feb, 17, 2017 - UPDATE: Kayla can't yet stand on her own but is padding around in a harness contraption.

August 18, 2016

The Tempest arises Again


The Tempest arises Again
within the Dreams of All Souls only
and Now
Awaking from that long cold Nightmare
We embrace Love & fare Well


   c, what thoughts trail u