Calendar BASICS - 101
  1. Introduction to the Basics of the Mayan Calendar
  2. Mayan calendar Codex and Aztec calendar stone
  3. 260-day calendar Map ~ preview
  4. Basic 260-Day Calendar Map
  5. 20-Day Mayan Hoop MONTH
  6. A little storytelling with the 20 Mayan symbols
  7. Mayan Units of Time
  8. The 13 Numbers and Tones
  9. The FOUR 65-Day Seasons and Season Exchange Days
  10. The FIVE 52-day Houses of Time
  11. Major 52-Year Time Cycles
  12. The 20 Major Venus Cycles: 94 BC ~ 1986 AD
  13. The "Piktun" Long Count: 20 B'ak'tun cycles of 144,000-days
  14. Why everyone needs to use the Guatemala Highland Maya "Count of Days"
  15. The Roman and American Calendars
  16. Solar and Lunar Eclipse Chart
  17. ending & beginning ~ the omega & alpha point

Introduction to the Basics of the Mayan Calendar


The Mayan calendar IS the universal time code to

     the unfoldment of Creation in space/time.

 It's very interesting. 

Back in the summer of 1987 many of my friends wanted to know all about it, especially after we heard it being described as both the world's most accurate calendar, an ancient Sun-Venus calendar that can track Venus, Mars, and the lunar and solar eclipses.

The 260 day count is just 6 days less than the 266 day nine-month womb gestation period for human beings. 

    260 + 6

My first word of advice for anyone getting started is...don't get hung up on the meanings of the 13 numbers or the 20 day sign symbols. That can be a snare. Many names and "meanings" of the 20 day glyph symbols vary from region to region there in Central America.  So don't get entangled to argue about the names and the "meanings" of the 20 day glyph symbols, and their "official" names

The keywords chosen by this editor to help encourage the various aspects of discussion have been evolving as the research brings things to Light.  We're sure as you study and draw the glyphs yourself that they do reveal themselves, sometimes radically different than they may to someone else.

Truth be, Dr. Hawkins states that, "Everything is imagination."

The real key to actually "using" the 260-day calendar is knowing when the major shift points occur...when each 13-day week starts and when day 13 rolls around...knowing when the 20 day month begins and when it completes...noting the five 52-day shift points and when the Season Exchange Days occur within the four 65-day Seasons.

There are only about four "original" calendars known to exist and they all highlight only the symbols for day 1 and day 13 in each 13 day week.

The 20 day sign symbols you'll see here here are the best examples I could come up with after studying hundreds of original ones in various Mayan codice texts. I created them for my charts and all were drawn using "sacred geometry" pii spiral pattern parameters. This was back in the late 1990's while living in Sedona, the Land of the 260 Days.

Sedona is the spiritual center of the southwest for Native American people and is located in northern Arizona, at the bottom of the huge rim of the Colorado plateau which covers four southwestern US states, and about a three hour drive from the Native American communities of the Hopi.  The 260-day calendar is the sacred calendar of the Hopi.

*NOTE: Richard now uses the Guatemala Highland Maya "count of days" and NOT the  Lowland Yucatan Maya count used by the late Dr. José Argüelles, because the Lowland Yucatan count is now OFF by 57 days (as of 2017) by a mis-count that began hundreds of years ago and is no longer exactly aligned to the setting and rising cycles of the planet Venus.
CLICK HERE for THE PROOF from "The Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian"

  *  *  *  *

           The ancient 260-day Mayan Calendar

            is the worlds most accurate calendar.



  The Mayan calendar system exactly charts

         the orbits of both Venus and Mars,

             AND the Solar and Lunar eclipses!


     "They knew the secret timing to the Great Lights in the sky."


 The ancient 260-day Mayan calendar is composed

      of 20 (TWENTY) 13-day "weeks. "   

       20 x 13-days = 260...the total days in one full Mayan calendar cycle.


    The 260 days are composed of  13-day "weeks."  20 of them in all.

    And the calendar utilizes 20 day-sign symbols which is the Mayan MONTH of 20 days.

     It takes 260 days to journey through all possible combinations.


    The 260-day cycle is about six days short of the 266-day 9 month average human birth cycle!


  A series of four 13-day weeks together create a "bundle," or a "House" of 52 days

    and FIVE (5) of these 52-day bundles together make the sacred Round of 260 days

             13 days  x 4  =  52  days

                                     52 days  x  5 = 260


     The charts below show these 52-day shift points on a Map of the 260 days

    and upon reflection, it revealed itself to be...

        a Musical code...the Octave! 

    utilizing the same "pattern" as a piano keyboard layout.


 And the calendar is also sectioned into four 65-day "seasons."  65 x 4 = 260.! 



Recent studies on habit breaking or habit forming behavior

 revealed that it takes at least a minimum of 18 days for

 new behaviors to begin to feel comfortable (Mayan 20-day month)

and on average 66 days for the new behavior

to be fully integrated and set (Mayan 65-day season).

This is reported here...


This is what the 13 Mayan 20-day months and four 65-day seasons can do for you! 



The 20 day sign symbols signify each 20-day Mayan month, of which there are 13 in number. 


The Mayan calendar also has four "Seasons" of 65 days each:

   The  yellow Serpent  chikchan Season  ~ Sprout Roots Instinct

    The  red Dog  ok Season ~ Nourish Compassion Love.

     The  white Eagle  men Season ~ Pray Envision Project

       The  blue Lord  ajaw Season ~ Sun Ruler Ascension.



Mayan calendar Codex and Aztec calendar stone



 Mayan Calendar "Codice Madrid"

(1 of 4 known to exist)


"You wanna take it out for a spin?"


Here are The Keys to the layout


When to climb up and down The Temple stairways...


~ Start at the blue X and follow counterclockwise ~



The spirit enters the womb at around 90 days and day 90 on the Mayan calendar is

in the NATURE kawak Week 7. 

That's the vertical right row of dots going straight up the right side.

The drawing shows the spirit "piercing" the womb.

If one is conceived from around the beginning of the DOG Season day #250  and the last day #260,

that NATURE week 7 is when the spirit enters the womb.


Day #1 of the 260 is...   


 1 "Water Lily Creature"



The first 13-day movement is

from the inner position out  > > to day 13,

   from Inner World to outer world.

Then right, across outer position for 13 days.

Then a movement in, inward, toward the Inner World for 13 days... and so on.


The top horizontal 13-day row of dots going right to left across the top of the Calendar is

Blue SEED k'an Week 12

and the candle in the yop stage drawing is pointing at day # 156 which is

8 Monkey chuwen and is Mayan DayKeepers Day. 

DayKeepers Day is an all day long ceremonial festival honoring

the new spiritual initiates and apprentice DayKeepers, and the Spiritual Elders.


Breathing Living Light Waves our Holy River flows. 



*NOTE: Richard now uses the Guatemala Highland Maya "count of days" and NOT the  Lowland Yucatan Maya count used by the late Dr. José Argüelles, because the Lowland Yucatan count is now OFF by 57 days (as of 2017) by a mis-count that began hundreds of years ago and is no longer exactly aligned to the setting and rising cycles of the planet Venus.
CLICK HERE for THE PROOF from "The Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian"


Click here to view the actual Aztec Calendar Stone


a small clay reproduction


The Aztec Calendar Stone layout is significant because it represents

a complete model and artistic rendering

of temple ceremonial life, their spiritual universe,

as of 1494 AD.


the 13 days rise from and return to source, with the 20 symbols on a circle of life




Aztec Calendar Stone layout with the 20 Mayan Day Glyph Names


At the top of the Aztec calendar stone circle of 20 glyph symbols is a pointed 'gate'
above the first day symbol CREATURE and the last day symbol LORD,
and is pointing to the 4-sided square LEGEND KEY box with
13 tiny circles,
along with the
13th day-sign REED ben.

~ Every 13-days One rises into the world, expands to the limit and returns to Source. ~

~ Rebirth 1 Expand ~ 5 Stabilize ~ 7 Mid-point ~ 9 Contract ~ 13 Complete/Rebirth

The Breath of Time...Inhale & Exhale

The Arc of Time. At the beginning 'oomph' to rise, peak and return.

Consider the human rib cage, from the top down, the design:
The first five are connected to the breastbone
then rib 6 has a small bone connection with rib 7
and with ribs 8, 9 and 10 are are
all connected,
then ribs 11 and 12 'float' in connective tissue.

[Note that one in every 100 people have a small 13th rib in the neck.]

There is a donut shaped 'energy field' surrounding each one of us
centered on the spine and the heart.

The Heart is our Universal Soul 'plasma reactor' chamber feeding Love ENERGY to
The Brain energy fields surrounding the eye of our Physical Soul.

Use the breath of the lungs to pump that love up to the crown,
and with one hand receive & with the other hand give: love.

ENERGY flows always: - Negative - (electrons) attract to + Positive + centers (protons).
Opposites 'attract' & similar charges 'repel'.

On the Aztec Calendar Stone (diagram)
the highest point in the sky above
CREATURE and LORD at mid-day
is the Most Powerful SOUTH GATE, keeper LORD
at the peak of mid-day, Light, growth and summer.
~ the major Alpha & Omega point ~

The first day CREATURE and last day LORD
are joined at the top of the circle of life, the 20 day signs.

< Now go counter-clockwise to the left <

The LORD births All Creation CREATUREs

Descending to the left, notice the GATE or "gateway" of the South-West above NIGHT.

The WEST sunset fall GATE keeper is the SERPENT, and after sunset DREAM death.

The North-West GATEway is above the blue STAR.

The winter inner-underworld NORTH GATE keeper is the DOG, and after MONKEY.

arising inwardly under the North-East GATEway is the REED with kundalini rising.

The dawn sunrise spring EAST GATE keeper is the  EAGLE, with GUARDIAN angels assisting.

The South-East GATEway rises above the thunder Flint.

Once again above the top summer South GATE keeper LORD
moves, rebirths all of creation CREATUREs.

From CREATURE to LORD, every 20 days..

260-day calendar Map ~ preview


Calendar Map preview

 The Mayan Calendar and the Twenty 13-Day Octaves of Time...


First off let's climb up to the top of the hill so that we can see the entire landscape.


Lets look at  an overview of the 260 days on a map  so we can see the entire picture,

then we'll zoom in on the specifics.


We'll first look at a blank map with these key sections highlighted...       


The map below has the 20 Mayan day sign symbols across the top and are read left to right,

     from the first symbol Water Lily Creature across to the 20th symbol Lord.


Also at the top are:


    the four colors: yellow red ,  white  and  blue   identify  

         four medicine hoop Doorways that lead into each Directional Gate

      and they function also as the Year Bearer symbols:


       yellow Reed (East)      red Flint (South)     white Night (West)     blue Star (North)


  The  m  market days are every five days, and are also the Season Exchange Days, in their time and

     in their season:

         Serpent Dog , Eagle and  Lord 


and the red circles indicate the FIVE major transitions, the 52-day Houses of Time and

     the key Levels of Consciousness at levels 200, 400, 600, 800 and 1,000, of course,


 Under the 20 symbols are 13 rows of 20 days each which indicate the 13 months of 20-days each

   and the also the primary color and placement of the twenty 13-day weeks.


Basic 260-Day Calendar Map


The 260-Day Map

The 260-days arranged into a grid of 13 twenty-day Months. 

  With the twenty 13-day Weeks and 20 symbols,

    the five 52-day cycles and four 65-day Seasons

     and the Five 52-day Houses of Time.


Now lets look at the 260-Day Map with the 13-day numbers for each week identified

    and also the Season Days in red font with dotted lines and

     the day numbers from 1 to 260 listed in the left hand column row info boxes

       along with the tones for each number and month...


 The complete 260-Day Map  has the 20 symbols at the top and

    under them are the 13-day weeks starting at the top right corner

    and moving across to the right. >>>

   So the first day is number 1 under the symbol Water Lily Creature

    (which I sometimes abbreviate to WL Creature in other charts and calendars.)

   Day #2 is number 2 under the symbol Wind, and so on until day #13 of 13 Reed


 There are 5 key transition points at the following Mayan days

  which signify the 52-day cycles (13 days x 4 = 52 days).

These FIVE 52-day cycles represent the five Houses of Time.

  Notice it takes 52 days for a yellow day number 1 to reappear again.


One night after work back in 1997 I had colored in the rows in which each 52-day cycle started.

Something looked familar.  I had colored in rows 1, 3, 6, 8, 11 and 13.

Then I turned the chart sideways and...WOW!...saw a familiar row spacing "pattern"

 similar to that of the black and white keys on any piano keyboard


 The revelation of the musical scale connection to the Mayan calendar,

   was an emotionally overwelming experience of awe and grace.  It just dawns one...there it is!




  The beginning day of each of the 52-day House are located at:


 House ONE ~ House of shadow Desires

  day # 1     =    Ab      in the 20-day row 1    yellow  1 WATER LILY CREATURE  imix   


House TWO  House of Good Works   

  day #  53   =   A#      in the 20-day row 3    yellow  1 REED  ben     row 3


House THREE ~ House of Reason & Love

 day # 105  =   C#      in the 20-day row 6     yellow  1 SERPENT  chikchan


House FOUR ~ House of Being

 day # 157   =   D#      in the 20-day row 8     yellow  1 EARTH  kab'an


House FIVE ~ House of Divine Radiance

  day # 209   =   F#      in the 20-day row 11    yellow  1 WATER  muluk

            and the G# point

 at the end of the last day #260 13 LORD ajaw 

  which shifts away from G# into A flat (Ab) range at

    the beginning of day #1  1 WATER LILY CREATURE imix.


   G# and Ab are the same tone, but G# is what I call the "God Tone."

     It represents Divine level 1,000 at the top of the scale of consciousness.


     In the 13-day daily tone designations I use tone Ab to represent day 1

      rather than G# because it indicates a movement away from G# towards A,

      so the first 20 days of the calendar are in Ab range, moving toward A.


    Whomever designated the letters A-G for the musical scale notes

       really knew what they were doing.


Also indicated on the chart are the major levels of consciousness shift points. Discover more about this in the Advanced Basics section.


20-Day Mayan Hoop MONTH


20-Day Mayan Hoop MONTH

The keywords to the 20-day Mayan Hoop Month.

  The 20 symbols and keywords, grouped into 5 sets of four symbols

   with medicine hoop directions and market days identified.



The following 20 Mayan day sign names in English and Mayan are the interpretations of Dr. David Stuart, , except where noted *.  Dr. Stuart is considered the world's leading authority on Mayan glyph decipherment. 


                  D.S.  =  Dr. David Stuart

                  J.A.  =  Dr. José Argüelles  (Mayan Factor)  

                  R.J.. =  Dr. Randall Jimenez (Aztec Calendar Handbook)



                     ENGLISH  mayan  (D.S.)      English  mayan   (J.A.)      English  aztec  (R.J.)



   *WATER LILY MONSTER   imix      Dragon  imix        Crocodile   cipactli

      *Dr. Stuart interptrets imix as "Water Lily Monster," but we will use a similar word less negative, Creature, so as to read, "Water Lily Creature."

    WIND          ik'             Wind       ik             Wind   ehecatl

    NIGHT        ak'bal        Night      akbal        House   calli

    SEED          k'an           Seed      kan                     Lizard   cuetzpalin


    SERPENT   chikchan    Serpent    chicchan    Serpent   coatl

   *DEATH       kimi'          Worldbridger    cimi     Afterworld   miquiztli    

   *Stuart and others interpreted kimi' as "death." Death per se in much cultural mythology is usually depicted as being in The West, sometimes beyond a river, where the Sun sets off to rest and dreams. One does not actually "experience" ones own physical death, except to be "out of a body" so to speak. So we use the word "DREAM."  One cannot kill energy, it only changes form.  That is a law of physics. So, you are safe. We thought of using the term Shape-shifter but life is just a dream. Dream life is unexplainably REAL to all living things,...when we're dreaming. This is a calendar of spiritual life and transformational death seems to be a change of form on a long journey. Dream on.... 

    HAND         manik'      Hand      manik       Deer     mazatl

    STAR          lamat        Star       lamat        Rabbit   tochtli



    WATER        muluk       Moon      muluc       Water    atl

   DOG            ok              Dog        oc            Dog        itzucuintli

   MONKEY     chuwen     Monkey   chuen       Monkey   ozomatli

   STAIRS        eb'             Human     eb            Dry Grass   malinalli



    REED          ben         Skywalker   ben         Reed        acatl

    JAGUAR     hix          Wizard        ix             Wild Cat   ocelotl

    EAGLE       men         Eagle         men         Eagle        cuauhtli

    GUARDIAN   kib'         Warrior      cib           Condor     cozcacuauhtli



    EARTH    kab'an          Earth       caban           Movement   ollin

   FLINT      etz'nab'        Mirror      etznab          Flint            tecpatl

  *STORM   kawak          Storm      cauac           Fire-Rain     quiahuitl

     *Dr. Stuart interprets kawak "Storm" which, we think, is too destructive a word, so more is the powerful forces of  "NATURE."     (Who is it not nice to fool?)

    LORD (king ruler) ajaw    Sun    ahau             Flower       xochitl



The 20 Mayan day sign names are generally considered to be known.  Any other key words to help explain them is completely subjective.  Go from town to town in the maya lands and ask around and generally people there either don't know or don't say.  There is disagreement even among the Mayan "elders" in different towns and regions.  So while we generally know the basic maya names for the 20 day signs, their "inner meaning" and "usage" is strictly a personal it should be.

Feel free to explore your own personal interpretations and revelations as I did.  That is when the real "knowing" begins. 

   Dr. Hawkins likes to point out in his books that..."a thing IS what it is...that IS its' meaning."


  The ancient Mayan codices the 20 day signs are shown grouped into four sets:

  by the four sets of glyph groups around the four sides of the inside ring on the Madrid Codex below...

and  the four Year Bearer daysign glyphs:  Night, Star, Reed and Flint.

  as seen on the Aztec calemdar stone medicine hoop ring below.


At the top of the Aztec calendar stone circle of 20 glyph symbols is a gateway above the last day, symbol AJAW,  and the first day, symbol IMIX.  The highest point in the sky above AJAW-IMIX is the most powerful SOUTH gate. Going counter-clockwise the next gate is above AK'BAL Night, the gate to the days in the West. At the WEST gate is the CHIKCHAN Serpent at sunset, and KIMI' Dream death. At the gate to the days of the North is LAMAT Star. Above the NORTH gate sits pals OK Dog and CHUWEN Monkey. The next gateway is near yellow BEN Reed leading to the days of the East. At the entrance to the gate of the EAST is MEN Eagle, and KIB' Guardian angels met you at the dawn and sunrise. Rising up thunder ETZ'NAB' Flint opens the gateway to the days of the SOUTH and the ascension of AJAW and the rebirth of IMIX.


The South Gatekeeper is reborn Water Lily Creatures


Gateway into the West begins at Night

At the West Gate is the Serpent

The West Gatekeeper is the Dream (transformation, death)


Gateway into the North begins in the Star

At the North Gate is the Dog

The North Gatekeeper is the Monkey


Gateway into the East begins at rising Reeds

At the East Gate is the Eagle

The East Gatekeeper is the Guardian


Gateway into the South begins at thunder Flint

At the South Gate is the Lord Sun Ruler

The South Gatekeeper is reborn Water Lily Creatures




The 20 day signs follow a four-day pattern in order on the calendar: yellow, red, white and blue.

       The yellow day signs initiate each four day series. 

       The red day signs shape what was initiated.

       The white day signs multiply what was shaped.

        And the blue day signs ripen what was multiplied.


So the day signs have a relationship by color. 

When you scan the 20 day Month chart above, the yellow day signs all cross reference each other, the red day signs all cross reference each other, the white day signs all cross reference each other, and the blue day signs all cross reference each other, as they are seen grouped together around the middle of the actual Madrid Codex above.


A little storytelling with the 20 Mayan symbols


So, now it's time to share a little storytelling with the 20 Mayan day signs...


All Life is LIGHT

energy waves that remember

Waves of  l i g h t


similar patternssssss

that give meaning to the symbols in our World.


This ancient 20-day dance is now shared with you.


The Light is strongest at mid-day, at noon, at the South Gate, streaming from the divine Radiant One, the heavenly Sun Light LORD Ajaw who gives birth to The Movement of the 10,000 Things. . .

Birthed from the Divine Being is. . .



  The most ancient forms of life began in the oceans, in the water, and changed from simple bacteria into more complex forms by genetic mutations.  All physical life forms on earth, and all plants and creatures, arose from these early beginnings.  All these forms have very simple awareness and search their surroundings for energy sources outside themselves. They are aware of their surrounding yet are not aware or concerned about the wants or needs of other life forms in their local environment.  And over millions and billions of years of time all kinds of genetic mutations made possible all the forms of life we witness today.  We humans still have at the base of our brains the primative "reptilian brain" wherein these primitive basic survival skills are imprinted and run 24/7.

This primitive survivalist mindset infuses all life and has its own day in each 20-day hoop month. the very first day. 





Many aquatic plants have their roots in the muck and arise to the surface as a beautful flower.  This day sign signifies the most primative life forms and creatures which all have awareness but no concern for others. These life forms are very low on the scales of awareness.  When wild animal behavior is seen in humans we may label it "bad," but when it is seen in wild animals we understand that wild animals are just trying to survive without concern for others so that behavior is 'normal."  All negative behaviors, when rated on a scale from 1 to 1,000, are below level 200. The life forms have "awareness" and are just trying to survive, without concern for others. The "spiritual lightbulb" is NOT turned on or present yet. The fruit is not ripe. This survival instinct is present in all living things.  It is the prime initiative and initiates all actions.  But these life forms "know" not what they do, they have very limited awareness, so we have compassion for them but we also "watch our backs," so to speak, when around them (as a general lesson--not literally, as in someone who is born on this day).

WATER LILY CREATURE is the first day of every 20-day Mayan Month.

The Water Lily CREATURE day-sign shows a half circle 'dark sun' at the top, with dots around it and lines touching the bottom.

Some creatures in creation have very little awareness. Their world is dark and surrounded by those like themselves and see only the connections to the bottom. And that is perfect. All things have their station in creation.

The water lily rises up from the muck and rises to flower on the surface. It needs the muck to be grounded in so there is a purpose for muck.

Some see only a dark bottom half of the 'Circle of Life,' and they'll find others of like mind to agree and align with while connecting to the very bottom.

Actually we are all like that in some way sometimes, maybe. But it is good to understand and allow that that is so for some souls and life forms. We respect all paths to explore although we may not condone the desire or choice of lesson. But we are all One, Yang & yin dancing. Even great beautiful art sometimes contains scenes of suffering and evil, because it is there and it exists. When we deny imperfection we project it onto others and loss sight of the greater picture of wisdom.

The 'negative' aspects appear as volatile energy 'forces', "the Dark Sun" eclipsed in darkness.

Accept life in whatever happens and be guided within by love and peace. Set the example for others without condemnation because we are for giving love.

An apple tree has roots & branches with apples at the very top, in the middle and at the bottom. Some sit in sunlight and some in the dark shade. Some are perfect for a while, others are slightly misshaped for a while and some are rotten to the core. But all are on the same tree.

The day before CREATURE day is LORD (ajaw) day, the last day the 20-day month, and so we completed then a 20-day cycle.

Every 20-day Mayan month is like a 20-day project where every day we are becoming more aware to be loving & peaceful in every moment no matter what.

This 20-day Month starts today and goes for 20 dqys.

So on LORD day we wrap up the month, a 20-day attempt, at becoming more and more peaceful & loving for 20 days while identifying how and when we forget to be loving & peaceful.

Yes, every Mayan calendar day has a "meaning" that we project onto it but as we get more mature many realize that the only things that really last and make a difference, all that really matters after all is said and done is how much love we gave others and the trail we left that vibrates out into the entire universe.

Today is a new beginning of a 20-day Mayan month, a new 20-day project for us to be loving & peaceful no matter what.

Like a new baby, like a new creature, we take only one step at a time. Pledge yourself right now to remember to take every step and every breath with love & peace, all day long, in every moment, just for today. Just for this moment, and the next and the next, be loving & peaceful to everyone in every situation, all day long, with every breath.

Life is an obstacle course and when we give up complaining about it and become compassionate towards ourselves and 'others' as we help overcome each day the challenges and obstacles then we realize the goal is not just "the end" but being loving & peaceful each moment of the journey.

Ask for help to do this, for we can not do this alone. Ask for divine Power to flow forth from within you to all beings, to everyone, all day long. Give the love of All The Universe to everyone, in every moment. Feed them your divine love that flows through you from the Highest Source within your heart to all beings everywhere.

Fill the world with your love today and feel the peace and joy it give you, for it feeds you and gives to you everything so that you may give it to all. Share this gift of Love & Peace to all in every moment no matter what you are doing. Connect with divine Love and let it flow through you while you talk to people, while you eat and while you think, and while you clean up stuff and while you drive, and while you are at rest.

Just be love, today, all day long.

Be this new CREATURE that even you are shocked to discover is within your heart flowing out to all others. Be a wonderful new creation that your friends have never seen before. Shock everyone by being kind and nice and loving and peaceful and happy all day long whatever you are doing.

Do it today, then do it tomorrow , then do it all the time. You won't need a Mayan calendar to track or inspire you because you'll be too busy inspiring everyone else. If you can do that then I have done well with these words from my heart.

Todoy begins a new 20-day cycle. Be loving and peaceful all day long. Be new creature here in STAIRS week. Climb higher than you've ever been before. Breath love & peace to all, all day, all night, tomorrow, the next day, then always.

Rebirth yourself today, right now. Just be loving & peaceful, with every breath, to all things, to all people, everywhere you go and in all you do today. Be divine love to all.



The second mayan day sign in the south sky is the WIND (ik') or breath of life.  Every life form has a subtle non-physical energy pattern, essence and spirit which determines its identification and destiny coming into physical form at birth.  Every thing has an "essence" or spirit group energy which makes it what it "is." The first thing we do after being born is to breathe and begin the first repetition, the first pattern, of a rhythm. Each element on the scientific Table of the Elements represents a name someone has given to a pattern of energy. Its all just energy, people, place and thing.


WIND (ik') is the 2nd day-sign and the 2nd day of every 20-day Mayan Month.

A CREATURE (the first day-sign) is born, takes its first breath and the WIND enters within it. A creature is born with the 'essence' or quality of its parent and environment. Every creature has a group spirit spiritual nature that has a specific range of awareness and consciousness potential.

The WIND (ik') day-sign has 3 circles, two above one, with curved lines connected to the top 2 circles and coming from opposite directions to join together as one image.

Two things interact and one results.

Life is a unity of opposing energies that interact, like Good-evil, or the Chinese Yang-yin, or the Light-dark, or the +positive-negative-, or the Gravitational-magnetic, even On-off, all seemingly opposing each other.

But really it is not that simple. Depending on the context of whatever phenomena is being observed for understanding the seeming hard dual natures that we see in the physical world is usually found to have 'gradients' between the extremes of polarity that we project onto the duality of meanings.

Look at all the millions of shades of combinations between the two extremes of any two "pure" colors.

Apply that reasoning to all of the above examples of opposites and you will find that in reality the Universe is One thing with many gradients of forms, awareness, consciousness and purpose.

A circle goes around and touches all the directions, east, south, west and north. A ball can expand to touch everything everywhere.

How many glasses of water are in all the oceans on earth? Just one, if the glass is big enough!

So perspective and definition count for the CONTEXT of the CONTENT. Go google the definition of those two words content & context.

In a spiritual sense, energy is being transferred from the Highest divine states of radiant infinite power & transferred by decreasing levels to the very lowest states of being and matter. This is constant and non-stop, and each of us is somewhere in that process, receiving & giving to feed the least among us the divine radiant infinitely invincible powerful life-sustaining energies of love and peace.

Like a wire with electricity, only the resistance within the medium keeps the full transfer from occurring without loss of original complete divine impulse.

And the only thing that is stopping that transfer is RESISTANCE to accept the energies, and so all war & conflict & disagreement is the absence of this free exchange of energy from the Highest with love & peace to the Lowest. And we accept that there is resistance, it is a forever fact of life in Our Universe.

The WIND Gives...



The Gateway into the West is at NIGHT. 

These spirit rhythms multiply and build into repetitive echo patterns, and so the third symbol is the NIGHT sometimes shown with multiple dots or stars in the sky.  The Aztec calendar name for this symbols is the Temple and a variation on that word is "template."  Some mayan ruins are both temples and astronomical observatories with slots in the walls and cielings to pinpoint stars during their yearly cycles. The temple is the template to the heavens above.  All variations of the Night day sign have the wave pattern near the bottom. Notice the little triangle pyramid connected to the sky.



Here in the West harvest sign we have the entire Blue Corn life cycle, seed, plant, fruit. These patterns are ripened into a code or SEED which is the container containing all the instructions for further expansion. The seed is planted in a channel home base.  The Aztec calendar names this day sign Corn Plant. I once planted Hopi blue corn seeds in a community garden in Sedona.  First one knells down and says a prayer of blessing while holding five blue corn seeds. Then one picks up the planting stick and penetrates the earth, twirling it around to open up the mother earth. Then one places four seeds in the bottom, one for each direction, then one in the middle unto which the others will be supported. Then one pushes the ground over the seeds with the planting stick and thumps the ground gently with a heart-beat rhythm to firm the loose soil. Then one stands up, takes one large step over the planting, and knells down again. The blue seeds are planted in rows with irrigation channels on each side.  The water (energy) flows to where one channels it to.



Before the West Gate is the SERPENT.  The seed begins to instinctually sprout root and stem, in spiraling designs.



 After sprouting, the root is grounded to mother earth and the stem naturally pushes up to seek the light.  Within is all that is needed to be.  This is the day sign DREAM.  Close your eyes in the sunlight and see red.  Like a stem cell which can potentially become any organ the body requires, one becomes what one truly is...shaped by local conditions and karmic possibilities to love, and work and be of service to the Divine. One changes course many times, throughout one eternal life with many earthly chapters, and the compass is set to the true direction that comes from within. The Divine dream, the movement of the 10,000 things, is forever intertwined in the physical dimensions.

The night before my mother passed on, I dreamed of our family all on a boat braving a stormy flood. And she was leading us all in singing...

"Row...row...row your boat...gently...down...the is...but a...dream."

What is dreaming?



Grounded to the earth, growing up, seeking the light, with an inner truth and respect for the hoop of life, one Divine will branches to the many and gathers together that which sustains life.  This is the work of our HAND.  The Aztec calendar sign is a deer with antlers, symbolizing the one branching into the many.  Isn't it amazing how our one awareness branches into our 10 fingers and 10 toes...our little family of 20. 

With so simple an example of our one will branching to our many, how then can we not fail but to also realize the Divine Presence branching to be with us and in us all?



The STAR represents organized patterns, organic plant art that from blue Seeds have now grown and flower into blue Stars.



Patterns are expressed in the movement of WATER, the serpentine waves that purify flowing rhythms.

There is a old saying, "The Rain begins with one drop."


Deep instinctual flows of nurturing love and compassion is so natural in so many life forms, such as our good companion DOG.

Dog breeds share a 'group mind' thus the entire upper part of the symbol "over" the left head with 'nose to the air'.


The dog is sitting at the base of the tree looking up at the MONKEY, master mimic mind you, who assembles and exercises the community to greater good.


Now one rises above the Monkey mind with a Dog heart, where pure rhythms flow, rise up, wise sage, the blue STAIRS of holiness, true StarSeed, to heights that inspire and influences all who realize the ascent.


From this high place one measures, looks and records, the REEDS of the field, their seasons and as above, so below, a bridge spanning the rivers of wisdom that flow pure inside one as wholistic patterns.


The cosmic dancer magician takes on a JAGUAR skin, prepared to act any part, shift and change beyond the known, into the eternal estatic bliss of the now love forever play.


The bliss of the spirit rising gathers together the EAGLE group mind, to pray, envision and project together the Peace and the Love of Being One Heartsoul, One sacred Hoop.


Love is the only medicine, and our GUARDIAN angel code commits us to always Assist and Protect, to Be the Light and to Share the Light, on behalf of All Beings. The Aztec calendar symbol is a vulture, or that which carries away all traces of the body memory after a spirit has departed for the Higher realms.


This is our dance upon our sacred Mother EARTH, to move and ground our holy dance of love and joy, with our families, in sacred ceremony.  We dance the heartbeat of our beloved One Hoop of Life..


That heartbeat echo of divine love radiates a flowing pattern, mirroring the surface of our mind.  Our FLINT knife allows for clear endless reflections but also can spark a fire to life, thunder and lightning. The true essence clears away all that resists perfect love and peace.

FLINT is one of the four "Year Bearer" day-signs: yellow REED (ben) East, red FLINT (etz'nab') South, white NIGHT (ak'bal) West and blue STAR (lamat) North.

FLINT is "the Gateway to the South" as we rise up to LORD (ajaw) day.


NATURE, in all its elements, is that which is forever evolving in waves of both physical and spiritual unfoldment, a never ending process, which both catalyzes, destroys and then re-energizes every single energy pattern in the universe every moment. The quantum physics of Nature states the observer influences what is being observed and is not separate from it. We, with All creation, merged with the Creator of both Meadows and Storms.

Some interpret "kawak" as meaning STORM, but I thought that word was a little harsh and that the word NATURE fits better the general meaning.

NATURE (kawak) day is the 19th day-sign of every 20-day Mayan Month and is the day before LORD (ajaw) day, the last day of each 20-day month.

So basically on every NATURE (kawak) day we are just about ready to wrap up another 20-day cycle and present our efforts to the sun-ruler LORD (ajaw) as a gift to the world.

There are 13 months of 20-days each in every 260-day calendar cycle so we have 13 attempts to master ourselves in the art of love and peace over every 20-day period. It allows one to look at each 20-day month as a 20-day project, to become masters of love and peace.

If we think we are "Being right" all the time, it means nothing without the qualities of love and peace backing it up. It grants that if "mistakes" are made, that there is love and peace with forgiveness, and encouragement to move on together as One.

Life on Earth is an obstacle course, and when we quit complaining about it and quit judging others for falling down or not going fast enough, we begin to Help and Give to others to overcome the obstacles and become a Team. As they say, there is no letter "i" in the word team.

There are so many components and personal agendas as we all run the obstacle course together, and actually there never really is a finish line until we "pass over," so the only real accomplishment is in how we help others over and around obstacles JUST FOR TODAY, with love and peace in all things in every moment.

I heard some screenwriter in an interview a while back say that,.."the most important thing I learned from my dad was: That people will remember you not for what you do...but how you made them feel."

Love and peace is like the Sun in the sky: its always there. We just have to feel beyond the clouds in our lives to link into it.

So every 20 days give us another chance to link in to all the forms of life on Earth, recognize limitations and response-abilities, and to feed everything around us with perfect love and peace in every moment, no matter what. Everything is made of one thing, energy, so everything is One thing, just with a different shape, so love it All.

The 1st day-sign every month is the "dark sun" CREATURE and the last day-sign every month is the "light sun" LORD, so our awareness and focus increase over 20 days from the day of the CREATURE to the day of the LORD.

The second day-sign WIND has three circles and the second to last day-sign NATURE also has 3 circles, and four dots around a seed with an X to mark the "on center" energy ready to ascend to LORD day.

To me this signifies our seed of intentions and actions being connected to all the elements and fields of energy in our universe, in all the four directions, focused and catalyzed in motion to love & peace, then brought to completion tomorrow LORD.


To Be the Light and Share the Light, on behalf of All Beings, the Radiant LORD Sun flowers, inner ruler of Heavens perfect delight, love, ascension becomes all there is, perfect love and peace, for just a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, upon surrender of the false, so no ego & no mind here. . .then the true you shines, halo.

The Light of the Divine Ones Sun is strongest at mid-day, at noon, at the South Gate, streaming from the divine Radiant Heart, the heavenly home of Light LORD Ajaw whose ascension gives birth to The Movement of the 10,000 Things. . .and so becomes Water Lily Creature, again for a day.

Birthed endlessly again and again from the Divine Heart Being, the Hoop of Life is made complete and renewed every 20 days.

Some name this day-sign Sun or Ruler, as it the last day of every 20-day Mayan Month.

Each Mayan Month begins on WATER LILY CREATURE day, so every 20 days we journey from CREATURE to LORD.

This last day of every 20-day Month we complete our 20-day project to master perfect love & peace. Review all that has happened in our lives over the last 20 days. What were the goals? What were the challenges? What did we do well? What do we need to let go of? How can we improve to become more loving & peaceful souls.

I have found that successful people have "mentors," teachers in their life to help guide them along. So connect with the Greatest Teacher and Guide in the Universe, Holy Spirit, Great Spirit, all the names of divinity dwell within you to call upon.

We just cannot walk the path alone. We need help. We need the Highest Power to uplift us at all times. There are moments to feel divinity and there are moments to do the laundry. But you can do all things and always be connected to divinity within. Divinity is everywhere. Audit where you think divinity is not and you'll find that the moment you judge where it is not is the exact moment you lose your connection with it.

you have two hands and you can spread them far apart with your arms, but they are still connected to you, even though there seems to be a distance between them.

Look at the day-sign for LORD and you see how many circles? Yet they are joined in one space, the individual 'parts" form together a larger unit whole that we give some kind of meaning to.

Let's use just the letters of the word "GOD" as an example:
There is a G which is a spiral representing the universe, from the inner spiraling to the outer And there is an O, representing the circle or hoop of life, one path to all directions. And there is a D, represent half or a part of the circle, the D standing for the Definition of the part. And all together it is One.

The day after LORD begins a new 20-day Month. Every day connects into the entire life, every moment is connected to each moment. All is One.

LORD (ajaw) day brings divinity all together and teaches us that every day is ONE, love & peace...

no matter, how it looks, or when or what name, ONE Spirit You-All

every day


Mayan Units of Time


 Mayan Units of Time


The 13 Numbers and Tones


The 13 Numbers and Tones

Aztec Calendar Stone replica


There is no known ancient written texts explaining the meaning of the mayan 13 numbers other than to mark each day.

~ Rebirth 1 Expand ~ 5 Stabilize ~ 7 Mid-point ~ 9 Contract ~ 13 Complete/Rebirth

The Breath of Time...Inhale & Exhale

The Arc of Time. At the beginning 'oomph' to rise, peak and return.

We know that the Mayn numbers were written in a dot and bar notation style and always in black color.

From the Aztec Calendar Stone replica picture above,
at the very top of the stone is the four-sided square LEGEND KEY box
with 13 circles, 
along with the
13th day-sign REED ben.


Consider the 'numbering' of the human rib cage, from the top down, the design:
The first five ribs are connected to the breastbone
then rib 6 has a small bone connection with rib 7
and ribs 8, 9 and 10 are are
all connected together,
with ribs 11 and 12 'floating' in connective tissue.

One in every 100 people have a small 13th rib in the neck.

And there is a donut ring-shaped 'energy field' surrounding each one of us,
centered on our Heart and spine.

The our Universal Soul 'plasma reactor' chamber feeding Love ENERGY to
the Brain energy fields surrounding 'the Eye' dot of our Physical Soul.

We all can use the breath of our lungs to pump that love UP to the top of our head 'Crown,'
and with one hand Receive & with the other hand Give: Love.

So, which one of your hands Gives, and which one Receives...?

"Know Thyself."

ENERGY flows always, in this way:
Free - Negative - (electrons) are attracted to: + Positive + centers (protons).
So, 'opposites' Attract' & 'similar' charges Repel.


To help regain Spiritual > Emotional > Physical balance one can utilize the Mayan Calendar to track the 'potentials' of the -Negative- to +Positive+ universal cycles of Love.

Some of our deepest fears keeping us from realizing spiritual-emotional-physical healing can be overcome by understanding that: "...we may be punishing people, but more ourselves, by withholding our Love from them." states Dr. Allen L. Roland, PhD.

Potentially the most 'powerful' Days of LOVE every 13 days are: Mayan weekdays 7 thru 13.


The key 'shift points' are of course 1 and 13, and 5 and 9 in the corners, with 7 in the very middle.

This is a CODE: suggesting the image of energy rising up, expanding, stabilizing, then contracting back to source.

In the Maya numbering system, the number 1 is represented by one dot, the number 2 by two dots, the number 5 by one bar, the number 6 by one dot above one bar, the number 10 by two bars, the number 11 by one dot above two bars, and so on until number 20 which is represented by a clam shell symbol.

I don't know where Jose Arguelles came up with his number qualities and names, and he doesn't mention where in his writings, at least at the time I moved on from his work around 1996. Maybe he has since then. It seems to be based on numerology.  I had a problem with that. Not with him but on the general lack of explanations even the experts seemed stumped by.  So you don't have to have any "meanings" for the numbers (unless it's out there that I don't know about which is a real possibility. Drop me a line if there is). 

By grace I realized the connection to the 13 numbers to the musical scale in 1997.

One night I had colored in the rows of each 20-day month on my 260-day grid map of the calendar in which the Mayan 52-day "House" cycles started or ended.

Something looked familar.  I had colored in the rows 1, 3, 6, 8, 11 and 13.

Then I turned the grid map sideways and...WOW!...saw a familiar row spacing "pattern" similar to that of the black and white keys on any piano keyboard

I realized the connection of the numbers and musical notes to Dr. Hawkins levels of consciousness around 2005.

It created for me a fractal journey through the levels of consciousness, a Hero Journey that takes one through the Underworlds and Heavenly Realms every 260 days. 

Notice how there are 9 major levels in the negative "hell" range below level 200, which match the Mayan 9 levels of darkness. 

I had suddenly realized a way to study both the 1,000 levels of consciousness AND the Mayan calendar on a daily basis, on a 13-day basis, and over the entire 260 days.


Let's review the information of this very important research into the levels of consciousness of all living beings.




The "octaves of consciousness" levels and key words correspond to the musical scale octave

 and correspond to the 13 mayan days, months and 13-year cycles

 and any 13 units of Time as follows:

~ The Arc of Time, at the beginning 'oomph' to rise, peak and return. ~



1-13       Levels               TONE      key words


  1       being Alive            Ab      primal, challenge, survival instincts

             Lowest potential consciousness levels  1 > 76  on days-rows-years numbered 1


  2       being Polarized          A        duality, drives, volitile forces 

             Very Low potential consciousness levels  76 > 153  on days-rows-years numbered 2


  3       being Pride-Positive+        A#      moral, integrity, kind, warm (but with negative - Pride)

     -Negative- to +Positive potential consciousness levels  153 > 230  on days-rows-years numbered 3

                Note: The first 3/5 of this range is  below  level 200, with Pride- at level 175

                             before the spiritually Positive+ levels of 200 and above.

  4       being Family           B       respectful, fair, balanced, considerate, trust, stable

             Medium low potential consciousness levels  230 > 307  on days-rows-years numbered 4


  5       being Harmony       C        inspire, forgiveness, willingness, acceptance, humor

               Medium potential consciousness levels  307 > 384  on days-rows-years numbered 5


  6       being Wise             C#       reason, understanding, meaningful, happiness

              Medium High potential consciousness levels  384 > 461  on days-rows-years numbered 6


  7       being Love              D         loving, revelation, benign, reverence

               High potential consciousness levels  461 > 538  on days-rows-years numbered 7


  8        being Bliss              D#       unconditional love, joy, spontaneous healing, miracles...halo

              Very High potential consciousness levels  538 > 615  on days-rows-years numbered 8


  9        being Peace             E        enlightened, Self, I Am, no ego & no mind

              Very High potential consciousness levels  615 > 692  on days-rows-years numbered 9


 10       being Pure                F        Pure Consciousness, Sage, Is, I 

               Very High potential consciousness levels 692 > 769  on days-rows-years numbered 10


 11       being Clear               F#      Teacher of Enlightenment, chakra clearing 

              Very High potential consciousness levels 769 > 846  on days-rows-years numbered 11


 12       being Realized         G         Full Realization of Divinity, god as Logos 

               Very High potential consciousness levels  846 > 923  on days-rows-years numbered 12


 13       being Divine             G#       Divine Radiance, avatar, final surrender 

                Highest potential consciousness levels 923 > 1000  on days-rows-years numbered 13






 Because our space/time continuum is a 20/13 fractal set,

    the 1,000 levels are cycling through each 13-day week.


Every 13-days the energy "potential" cycles through the same pattern as through the 260 days...

    only here increasing in POWER potentials by about 76 levels of consciousness each day



Our Hero Journey takes us through a dimensional full creation cycle every 13-days,

  re-setting on days 1 and 2 which flow through the primitive creations of The Wilderness,

     through the classic "darkside," the Underworld of Desires, but only for 2 and a half days,

    transending all low energy "negative" force fields that calibrate below level 200.

Then, halfway through day 3  which overcomes Pride

time shifts in tendencies to Positive beneficial levels ABOVE 200,

the Second "Inner Astral" Heavenly Realms of Good Works

where the positive POWER emotional influences of levels 200-399 build up

 in spiritual magnitude.

Then on creation day 6 the Third "Higher Heaven" Realms of Reasoning and Knowing evolve

into day 7, which is mid-way and opens the Heart, the Celestial Heavenly Realms of Love

 with energies at or above level 500 of  LOVE

   manifesting from the Spiritual emanations of Our One Divine Hearts' intention

and on day 8 all creation is seen as One,

  the Fourth "Enlightened" Heavenly Realms Being Bliss and Peace...halo

    signified by a radiant nimbus halo emanating from ones' crown chakra

and day 11 unfolds the Fifth "Divine" Heavenly Realms of Clear Divine Radiance

   All Be One Awareness

unto day 13 and the Final Doorway, up The Stairs with Divine Radiant Grace.

"The calendar is understood to be the Circle of Life,

             and so We Be All On A Sacred Journey,

              meandering thru both Wilderness and Heavens,

                 Desires, Good Works, Knowing, Being, Divine

                   on The Path of Perfect Love and Peace on Earth."




The FOUR 65-Day Seasons and Season Exchange Days




The Four 65-Day Seasons

and Season Exchange Days


The Four Seasons and Market Days


The usual ‘Market Day’ is set up and attended every fifth day, and is also an exchange or trading day, although not as elaborately ceremonial a community day as the ‘season day’ markets are.


Market days appear on the calendar every FIVE days:


m  market day


 The 260-day Maya calendar also calculates and tracks FOUR (4) 65-day ‘seasons.’


The 260 days are re-calculated into four 65-day units of time.


4 x 65 days = 260 days


The four Seasons, in order, are:  


            The  Yellow  SERPENT Season

            The  Red  DOG Season

            The White EAGLE Season

            The   Blue  LORD SUN Season


These four 65-day Seasons BEGIN on the following Maya calendar days: 

    Yellow SERPENT  chikchan Season:   3 SERPENT chikchan -  day #185 of the 260

    Red DOG ok Season:   3 DOG ok  -  day #250

    White EAGLE men Season:   3 EAGLE men  -  day #55

    Blue LORD ajaw Season:    3 LORD ajaw  -  day #120


Looking at these 260-day charts, notice the beginning day of each of the 65-day Seasons, and the ‘season exchange’ days every 20 days, signified on the calendar by the small red letter “s.”



The first 65-day season, the ‘Yellow SERPENT Season,’ begins on Mayan day ‘3 SERPENT chikchan’ and day #185 of the 260…and 185 days into each 260-day cycle in the ‘White NIGHT Week!’

So the four 65-day Seasons “overlap” consecutive 260-day cycles. 

Events that happen during the days leading up to the beginning of ‘White NIGHT Week,’ and then especially around day #185, 3 SERPENT chikchan, will always reveal a ‘sneak preview’ to what the next 260-day cycle is bringing!

Also, notice how every 260-day Mayan calendar cycle completes in the ‘Red DOG Season of Love’ and then a new 260-day cycle begins there, too.

‘The White DOG Season of Love’ always overlaps the end and the beginning (birthing) of every 260-days, every nine months.

Each 65-day ‘season’ begins on the third day of a Mayan 13-day week. . .

             on days:






Each of the four 65-day seasons has within them four major ‘season exchange days’ that is also a ‘ceremonial’ community market day. 


Maya symbolic drawings of these ‘exchange’ days show two runners passing a torch between themselves, just like in a relay running race.

The Season Exchange Days are days to ‘exchange or trade with others’ whatever the seasonal energy represents, as explained by the key words of that particular season day.


The 65-day yellow SERPENT chikchan Season

The “exchanges” signified for season exchange days in the 65-day ‘Red Serpent Season’ can be explained by exploring the key words for the SERPENT day symbol: sprout, roots, instinct.

The season exchange days (s) within the 65-day ‘Yellow SERPENT Season’ are these four days associated with the SERPENT day symbol:


3 SERPENT (day #185)  The first day of the ‘Yellow SERPENT Season.’ Season one of the four seasons.

10 SERPENT  (day #205)

  4 SERPENT  (day #225)

11 SERPENT  (day #245)


All yellow color days and weeks within the Yellow Serpent Season are more strongly focused on because of the YELLOW ‘time wave’ harmonic ‘tendencies’ at that time.


The 65-day red DOG ok Season

The exchanges signified for season exchange days in the 65-day ‘Red DOG Season’ can be explained by exploring the key words for the DOG symbol: nourish, compassion, love.

The season exchange days (s) within the 65-day ‘Red DOG Season’ are these four days associated with the DOG day symbol:


  3 DOG  (day #250 of 260)   The first day of ‘Red DOG Season.’ Season two of the four seasons.

10 DOG  (day#10)

  4 DOG  (day #30)

11 DOG  (day #50)


All RED color days within the Red DOG Season are strongly associated with ‘shape – love’ (keywords) because of the Red Dog connection and group RED ‘time wave’ harmonic ‘tendencies’ at that time.


The spirit enters the womb at around 90 days and day 90 on the Mayan calendar is

in white NATURE kawak Week 7 in the white EAGLE Season

That's the vertical right row of dots going straight up the right side.

The drawing shows the spirit "piercing" the womb.

If one is conceived from around the beginning of the DOG Season day #250  and the last day #260,

that NATURE week 7 is when the spirit enters the womb.



The 65-day white EAGLE men Season

The exchanges signified for season exchange days in the 65-day ‘White EAGLE Season’ can be explained by exploring the key words for the EAGLE symbol: pray, envision. project

The season exchange days (s) within the 65-day White EAGLE Season are these four days associated with the EAGLE day symbol:


 3 EAGLE  (day #55 of 260)  The first day of ‘White Eagle Season.’  Season three of the four seasons

10 EAGLE  (day #75)

  4 EAGLE  (day #95)

11 EAGLE  (day #115)


All white color days within the 65-day White EAGLE season are strongly associated with “multiply - prayer” (keywords) because of the White Eagle connection and group WHITE ‘time wave’ harmonic ‘tendencies’ at that time.

The spirit enters the womb at around 90 days and day 90 on the Mayan calendar is

in the NATURE kawak Week 7. 

That's the vertical right row of dots going straight up the right side.

The drawing shows the spirit "piercing" the womb.

If one is conceived from around the beginning of the DOG Season day #250  and the last day #260,

then white NATURE week 7 is when the spirit enters the womb.



The 65-day blue LORD ajaw Season

The exchanges signified for season exchange days in the 65-day ‘Blue LORD Season’ can be explained by exploring the keywords for the LORD symbol: sun, ruler, ascension.

The season exchange days (s) within the 65-day ‘Blue LORD Season’ are these four days associated with the (SUN) LORD day symbol:


  3 LORD  (day #120 of 260)  The first day of ‘Blue LORD Season.’ Season four of the four seasons.

10 LORD  (day #140)

  4 LORD (day #160)

11 LORD (day #180)


All BLUE color days within the 65-day Blue LORD Season are more strongly associated with “ripen - clarity” (keywords) because of the Blue LORD connection and group BLUE ‘time wave’ harmonic ‘tendencies’ at that time.


Note:  Blue LORD Season exchange day ‘4 LORD ajaw’ (day #160 of the 260)

            is a  very important Maya Calendar day

            because it is THE day on which  Dec. 21, 2012 occurred..



The FIVE 52-day Houses of Time

The Maya calendar is sectioned into five 52-day realms and cycles of Time or Houses

                                (13 days x 4 weeks  = 52 days)

  so five unique realms representing five different Houses of time and ranges of consciousness awareness potential may be identified over the course of every 260 days.


 Days #1 - #52 represent the House of dark Desires at awareness levels 1-199..

 Days #53 - #104 represent the House of Good Works at awareness levels 200-399.

 Days #105 - #156 represent the House of Reason & Love at awareness levels 400-599.

 Days #157 - #208 represent the House of The Bliss Teachers enlightened and awareness atlevels 600-799.

 Days #209 - #260 represent the House of The Divine Ones radiant peace & love at awareness levels 800-1,000.


Seen as a "Hero Journey" thru all 1,000 levels of consciousnessthe first 52-days then represent a journey of understanding through the lowest levels of consciousness,the lower "Underworlds" or dark wilderness, and then journey on"up" through 4 more "higher" levels of consciousness or Heavenly Realms from days 53 to 260.

Major 52-Year Time Cycles

*NOTE: This website uses the Guatemala Highland Maya "count of days"
and NOT the  Lowland Yucatan Maya count used by the late Dr. José Argüelles,
because the Lowland Yucatan count is now OFF by 57 days by a miscount that began
of years ago and is no longer exactly aligned to the setting and rising cycles of the planet Venus.

CLICK HERE for THE PROOF from "The Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian"


The 52-Year Major Time Cycles of Venus

Every 13 YEARS there is a big mass conciousness "charge-up" that happens...that builds up into that final 13th year, like what happened in 1999 and then occurred again in 2012.

2012...was the completion of exactly TWO 13-year cycles from 1987.

The very first worldwide weekend of world prayers, known as the "Harmonic Convergence," date of August 16 and 17, 1987 was set as to the  "ending of the 9 cycles of Hell" each 52-years long, counted forward from  the day Spanish explorer Cortez landed in the Mayan lands in 1519 on first day #1 of the Mayan calendar in the first year of a 52-year cycle, during year 1 REED ben.

The last year of the last 52-year "Hell cycle" was 13 STAR lamat in 1986.

The last 260-days of that last hell cycle began on Dec. 1, 1986 and ended 260 days later,on Sunday, Aug. 17, 1987, in the year 1 REED ben.

The next day after the "Harmonic Convergence" (Aug. 18, 1987) was the very first day #1, or 1 WATER LILY CREATURE imix, in the first year 1 REED ben of a new 52-year cycle AND new 104-year Venus cycle.

Calendar day #53, 1 REED ben, corresponds to consciousness level 200, the first entrance into positive spiritual energy and integrity tendencies on the Mayan calendar every 260 days.

On the last day of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 the "average" level of consciousness on Earth rose above the benchmark level of 200 for the very first time EVER, to the spiritually positive POWER level 204 from level 190 where it had been stuck in the spiritually negative energy FORCE fields for centuries.

The date December 20, 2012 ended a 394+year B'ak'tun cycle that began way back in 1618, so the Dark Ages just ended. Now it's time to get over it.

December 21, 2012 marked the beginning of a NEW 394-year cycle.

2012 was also the end of a 13-YEAR south red FLINT etz'nab cycle that began in 2000.

So why does it seem like THE SHIFT didn't HAPPEN then?

Well, the year 2012 was right in the middle of a 4-year cycle: 2010 - 2014.

It was only in 2015  that the next possible 4-year cycle could begin: 2015 - 2018.

January 13, 2013 began the current 13-YEAR cycle, the west white NIGHT ak'bal years.

And, just like the first two-and-a-half-days when a new 13-day week begins, the first two-and-a-half years at the beginnings of every 13-year cycle signify potential times of challenges and unexpected natures.

At all 'new' beginnings it is best to concentrate on the basics--"chop wood, carry water" so to speak--thru the 2-3/5 years of challenge after 2012 - - until January 2015 with the beginning of Year 3.

During cycles of "lower potential" spiritual energies the 'usual sorts' of conflicts will seek to draw attention away from the far more successful free countries and communities of people living peacefully together in established civil societies. Authoritarian religious theocracies of all types should begin to crumble as the 'spirit' behind their cruel laws are shown not to be of Divine Love.

After the Mayan New Year on January 13, 2015 is Year 3 of of the current 13-year cycle of 2013 - 2025. Major shifts in the realms of spiritual and political Power begin and the world & public everywhere actually begin to see and know, for the very first time, the TRUTH about world history and current events that have been hidden for decades. The seemingly 'miraculous,' realizations and true Spiritual Power begins to overtake the major evil forces of this world in unforseen and unexpected ways.

A short 52-day cycle of mini-challenges arise from a new 260-day cycle beginning May 21, 2015 until mid-July 2015.

And THEN at that point, in mid-July 2015, huge major social shifts manifest and positive changes kick into high gear with increasing Spiritual Power, especially after mid-May 2016, for a long-term 10-year Cycle run up through to 2025.  

Mid-July 2015 begins to bring relief, being the 3rd year after 2012, as the number 3 always signifies the ascendance out of The Wilderness and into integrity again. (i.e., "on the 3rd day the Holy Spirit rose from the dead" zone, as the ego submits to the higher mind on every day 3 of 13.)

But 2015 Year 3 is a "push me-pull you" kind-of-a-year with lots of flip-flopping resistance to truth and integrity that finally smooths over in 2016 Year 4.

Positive social peace developments blossom around the globe and cooperative business financial agreements worldwide (google AIIB & the BRICS banking system), along with emerging "free energy" technologies (Keshe plasma nano particle applications), create high integrity partnerships and circumstances favorable for win-win business models, that mark the very beginning of the very first ever "Golden Age" of mankind upon the Earth, that really kicks into gear after mid-May 2016.

January 13, 2016 starts Mayan Year 4.

2016 is the 4th year of the 13-year cycle 2013-2025 AND also the 2nd year of a 4-year cycle, 2015-2018.

Year 4 in January 2016 begins just before the end of a 260-day cycle on February 4, 2016 day #260, the most spiritually powerful and important "BLUE 13" day.

Then the next 260-day cycle starts on February 5, 2016 and signifies the First Day of the new cycle, in the challenging first 52-days of Being in "The Wilder-ness, which lasts until March 27, 2016. And then a steady flow of positive karma will tend to increase and then 'peak' on October 21, 2016.

October 22, 2016 starts another 260-day cycle and another 52-days in The Wilderness that ends after December 12, 2016, and then January 12, 2017 brings Year 5.

This current very beneficial THIRD 13-year cycle, 2013 to 2026, of the FOUR spiritual energy waves (b.1987- b.2000- b.2013- b.2027) creates high integrity partnerships karmically tilting world events, especially just before and in 2017 Year 5, trending strong after mid-May 2016, and especially after December 15, 2016, with the mid-point "flowering" fully expressed in 2019 Year 7. Then we "turn the corner" again in 2021 at Year 9, just like in 2017 Year 5.

The current 13-year wave will 'complete the peak' in 2025 Year 13, just like it did in 2012 at the end of the 13-year cycle that began in 2000.

In 2026 the next 13-year cycle will begin, the north yellow STAR lamat years, and new beginnings signify another 2-3/5 years of potential unexpected challenges--more chop wood, carry water time--until mid-2028.

At that time, in 2028, the fourth positive spiritual energy wave begins to stabilize things, so another busy boom period worldwide of peace and prosperity re-energizes things and peaks in the year 2038, which is also the end of this 52-year cycle that began in!

So, in 2039 both a new 52-year cycle and a 13-year cycle of east red REED ben years begins and some event (something more powerful than the Harmonic Convergence of 1987?) may potentially manifest at the very beginning of this new 52-year cycle.

New beginnings signify challenges--more chop wood, carry water--another 2-3/5 years of challenges, until 2041

2041 is the same Mayan year, 3 NIGHT, as 1989 when the Berlin Wall came down! expect some major worldwide JOY then too.

This feel good World Peace & Spiritual Power energy that begins in 2015 leads to the unmistakable, one might say destined, establishment of a Golden Age of Mankind that will last over 400 years.


The 20 Major Venus Cycles: 94 BC ~ 1986 AD




The "Piktun" Long Count: 20 B'ak'tun cycles of 144,000-days


Mayan Units of Time


All cycles of 20, except "tun."


*NOTE: Richard now uses the Guatemala Highland Maya "count of days" and NOT the  Lowland Yucatan Maya count used by the late Dr. José Argüelles, because the Lowland Yucatan count is now OFF by 57 days (as of 2017) by a mis-count that began hundreds of years ago and is no longer exactly aligned to the setting and rising cycles of the planet Venus.
CLICK HERE for THE PROOF from "The Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian"


The Mayan Long Count ~ Piktun


The Long Count is another word for the large Mayan "Piktun"

Living River of Time cycle

composed of 20 B'ak'tuns.


One B'ak'tun  =  144, 000 days


We currently are at the beginning of the 14th B'ak'tun

that began on December 21, 2012.


The complete run of the current Long Count "Piktun" cycle is compsed of 20 B'ak'tuns

that began in the year 3114 BC during the life of Krishna

and completes on October 12 in the year 4772 AD,

which is over 2,700 years from now

and at which time we all here now will be ancient history.


2012 was significant in two ways:

first, as the completion of  13  144,000-day  B'ak'tun cycles,

and second, for marking the completion of one-fifth of one 25, 725-year cycle,,

the length of time it takes for the Equinoxes to travel 360-degrees backwards

one full circle through the entire constellation band in the sky.


13  B'ak'tuns  =  5,125 years  =  1/5  of  ONE  25,725-year constellation circle



144,000 days


December 21, 2012


March 26, 2407 AD

B'ak'tun 15

Here are the last 13 "big dates" on the current Piktun Long Count.

Each B'ak'tun is 144,000 days or about 394.3 years

 and are here spaced backward in time, and marked off every 144,000 days.

We noticed and color highlighted a four "season"pattern.

Also listed are Enlightened Teachers during those B'ak'tuns.


December 21, 2012

 B'ak'tun 14

~ David R. Hawkins   1927 - 2012

~ Mother Theresa   1910 - 1997

~ Nisargadatta Maharaj  1897 - 1981

~ Ramana Maharshi  1879 - 1950

~ Swami Vivekananda   1863 - 1902

~ Ramakrishna   1836 - 1886


 September 18, 1618 AD

 B'ak'tun  13

~ Shakspere (Sir Walter Ralegh)  1554 - 1618

~ Saint John of the Cross   1542 - 1591

~ Saint Theresa of Ávila   1515 - 1582


~ Meister Eckhart   1260 - 1327

~ Rabbi Moses de León & The Zohar  1250 - 1305

June 15, 1224 AD

B'ak'tun  12

~ Mechthild of Magdeburg   1200 - 1253

~ Dogen   1200 - 1253

~ Karmapa   1110 - 1193

~ Abhinavagupta   950 - 1020


 March 13, 830 AD

 B'ak'tun  11

~ Huang Po   ? - 850

~ Shankara   788 - 820


~ Muhammad & Quran   570- 622

~ Bodhidharma   440? - 535

December 9, 435 AD

 B'ak'tun 10


~ Plotinus   204  - 270


 September 5, 41

B'ak'tun 9

~ Eeshoo (Jesus)   0 ? - 33 AD?


~ Patanjali & Yoga Sutras   150 BC? - ?

~ Bhagavad Gita    200 BC-200AD?


June 3, 354  BCE

B'ak'tun 8

~ Plato  423 - 328 BC  

~ Socrates  469 - 399 BC

~ The Buddha   563  - 483 BC

~ Lao Tzu   604 BC - 531 BC

~ Zoroaster   628  - 551 BC

~ Upanishads  700 BC?

 February 28, 748  BC

 B'ak'tun  7

~ Rome founded & calendar  783 BC


~ Nebachadnessar  1125 - 1103

November 26, 1143 BC

 B'ak'tun 6

~ Rameses ll  1303 - 1213 BC


~ The Vedas   1500 - 500-400 BC

 August 23, 1537  BC

 B'ak'tun  5




May 21, 1931  BC

B'ak'tun  4



 February 16, 2325  BC

 B'ak'tun  3



 November 13, 2720  BC

 B'ak'tun 2



 August 11, 3114  BC

 B'ak'tun  1

Piktun Long Count begins

~ Krishna   3228 BC - 3102 BC



The first B'ak'tun of the current Piktun began during the life of Krishna,

who was the first fully enlightened Spiritual Master on Earth.

The next two fully enlightened Spiritual Masters, Zoroaster and The Buddha

appeared in the seventh B'ak'tun.

The Christ Eeshoo (Jesus) appeared at the end of the eighth B'ak'tun.


*  *  *




Why everyone needs to use the Guatemala Highland Maya "Count of Days"

The Guatemala Highland Maya "Count of Days"

   In 1995 Richard realized after reading Dennis Tedlock's book The Popul Vuh that the day count Dr. José Argüelles, and most people, were using, the Lowland Yucatan Maya "count of days," was miscalculated by 57 days (as of 2017). Tedlock found that the Guatemala Highland Maya, the oldest known Mayan villages, kept a "count of days" based exactly on the settings and risings of the planet Venus cycle known as the Guatemala Highland Maya "count of days."   The Mayan Calendar needs to be 'adjusted' every so often to keep it aligned to the rising and setting of Venus. 

     This is why the Guatemala Highland Maya count the Mayan "New Year" arrives a day earlier every couple of years, fron the adjustment made to the rising and setting of Venus.

Venus sets when last seen as the "Evening Star" in the western sky just after sunset ALWAYS on the Mayan day EB', the 12th Mayan symbol in the 20-day Mayan month.  And then Venus travels between the Sun and the Earth during its closest approach to Earth and cannot be seen. Then 8 days later Venus first appears in the eastern sky just before sunrise as the super bright "Morning Star" ALWAYS on Mayan day AJAW, the 20th symbol in the 20-day Mayan month.

These two symbols, EB' and AJAW, are always found in the Venus cycle charts in all the oldest Mayan codice books.

     The actual 260-day cycle is actually a bit less than a full 260 days...really more like 259.8 days.

     Richard began using the Guatemala Highland Maya count of days in 1995.

CLICK HERE for THE PROOF from "The Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian"

     "Now we can lock into the exact clockwork 'rising" and 'setting' timings of Venus within our solar system to keep the Mayan Calendar exactly aligned."

This means that according to the Guatemala Highland Maya "count of days" the Harmonic Convergence weekend of August 16-17, 1987 occured on:

Saturday (day #260) 13 LORD ajaw and Sunday (day #1) 1 WATER LILY CREATURE imix...

 at the very end of the calendar, and at the beginning of a new 52-year cycle, on the most powerful day of the calendar...13 LORD ajaw and not on (day #54) 2 JAGUAR hix and (day #55) 3 EAGLE men as per the Lowland Yucatan Maya "count of days" used by most followers of the late Dr. José Argüelles.


The Roman and American Calendars


 Introduction to the Roman and American Calendars


Keys to the Roman 12-month ‘Gregorian’ calendar (Jan.-Dec.)


For thousands of years people have been using a Roman calendar with the 12 named months of January through December. 

The 12-month calendar system was originally developed by a Greek man for the Roman Empire, and then it later became the official calendar of the Roman Catholic Church.

The 12-month Roman calendar is a seasonal Sun calendar.  It was, and still is, used to track the 365 and ¼ -days it takes our Earth to orbit once around our Sun.  The rising and setting of the Sun on the horizon, especially if sighted correctly with stone markers, can identify the exact day of spring equinox and with it the return of the growing seasons, which is important to know especially when one is farming.

The most recent version of the 12-month calendar, the 400+ years old Roman Catholic ‘Gregorian’ calendar, is actually just a slightly modified revision of the ‘Julian’ calendar, the second Roman Empire calendar system created in 46 BC.

The Julian calendar was ordered into use by decree of Emperor Julius Caesar, in the year 709 of Rome (46 BC), as the official business and court calendar for his colossal Roman Empire.

This new 12-month calendar system (with an extra day added in every four years) was brought to the attention of the Romans by a Greek man named “Sosigenes

Sosigenes had observed that every fourth year the rising and setting of the Sun at the winter solstice would arrive a day earlier than expected, as seen and marked on the horizon from previous winter solstices.  He realized that the calculated length of each Earth ‘year’ was 365 days but was actually, in reality, about a quarter day, or 8 hours, longer.  365-days plus a quarter turn.  So he developed a leap-year calendar that took into account that ‘extra day’ that needs to be added every four years, divided the year into 12 months, and accounted for the shorter winter season and the longer summer months by assigning 2 less days for February and 1 more for August.

The Emperor Julius Caesar had known that the current Roman calendar system was not very accurate. The Roman calendar in use then, before 46 BC, did not even track the entire winter months!

The Greek calendar maker did present his theory to the Roman courts.  He discussed his new calendar, a 12-month calendar with the number of days in each month alternating and adjusting, along with his facts about that the Earths’ yearly 365-day cycle needing to be adjusted extra one day every four years.

With this new calendar system it would allow the Romans to forecast, accurately predict and ‘control’ time.  Special days could be planned and designated months in advance with exact accuracy. 

Julius Caesar issued the decree to implement the 12-month leap-year calendar system and he also named the calendar after himself.

This new ‘Julian’ calendar reformatted the day-to-day life of everyday people within the Roman Empire.  It re-set the marketplace days and the official court days, and the ‘holidays’ (or holy days).  It created the idea of the 7-day week and ‘holy day’ each week on ‘Sunday.’ 

Caesar gave names to the days of the week and the 12 months of his new calendar after various Roman gods, goddesses, planets, numbers, a relative (and former Caesar), and an important Roman family clan. 

Here they are…




(Latin planet = Old English = English)

Dies Solis sun = Sun’s Day  which became Sunday

Dies Lunae moon = Moon’s Day  which became Monday

Dies Martis mars = Tiw’s Day which became Tuesday

Dies Mercurii mercury = Woden’s Day  which became Wednesday

Dies Jovis jupiter = Thor’s Day which became Thursday

Dies Veneris venus = Frigg’s Day  which became Friday

Dies Saturni saturn = Seterne’s Day  which became Saturday



  JanuariusJanus - the two-faced god of doorways, beginnings, and endings. January

  FebruariusFebrua -  festival of purification.  February

  Martius. Mars - planet and god.  March

  Aprilis. Aphrodite - the goddess of planet Venus.  April

  Maius. Maia - one of the seven Pleiadian sister goddesses.  May

  Junius. Juno -  the god of Jupiter, and the name of a Roman clan.  June

  Julius. Julius Caesar -  the Roman general and statesman.  July

  Augustus. Caesar Augustus -  first Roman emperor, and nephew of Julius.  August

  September. Septem (seven in Latin) - seventh Roman month.  September

  October. Octo (‘eight’ in Latin) - eighth Roman month.  October

  November. Nove (‘nine’ in Latin) - ninth Roman month.  November

  December. Decem (‘ten’ in Latin) - tenth Roman month.  December


But the Greek inspired Roman ‘Julian’ calendar system was still not quite exactly accurate. 


One Earth Year = 365-days, 8-hours, 11-minutes and 14-seconds


In the next century, in the year 730 the Anglo-Saxon monk St. Bede the Venerable told the Church of his discovery that the Earth year is actually 11-minutes and 14-seconds longer than the previously thought 365 and one-quarter days, and that the Julian calendar was now many days off by the accumulation of 11+minutes each year.  But no one in the Church acted on his information then.

By the 13th century monk Roger Bacon tried to convince an interested Roman Catholic Pope Clement VI that because of the accumulation of those extra minutes each year the actual spring equinox was by then arriving on March 14th, but the Pope soon died and nothing was done to correct the accumulated extra days error.

Those 11-minutes and 14-seconds each year continued to accumulate so that after another 300 years, by the mid-1500’s, the Julian calendar date count was now 10 days off, in relation to marking the observable annual movements of the Sun.

It would be like a date being written as March 11 when it was really March 21st.  The Julian calendar was then running 10 days behind.


The adjusted Calendar of Pope Gregory the 13th


Beginning in the mid-1520’s the European Spaniards, whose king of Spain had been sponsoring his armies of European men to “explore” and subjugate the newly ‘discovered’ American continent, began returning with looted ‘artifacts’ from the Aztec and Mayan cities and some were taken to Rome, usually by way of Jesuit missionary journeys.

Sometime before the year 1572 a Jesuit astronomer by the name of “Clavius” took on the time problem that the Julian calendar was experiencing. 

Clavius attended the Roman Catholic Church courts of Pope Gregory the 13th in 1572 where he proposed that the Pope adjust and correct the Church calendar.

Clavius must have described how that the 365+one-quarter day Julian leap-year calendar system had a very small problem: That each Earth year is actually 11 minutes and 14 seconds longer than 365.25 days; and that those yearly extra 11-minutes and 14-seconds keep adding up, so that after 128 years it totals up to one full day; and, so that is why the calendar was off then by 10 days.

Clavius then explained his simple 3-part solution.  (1) If the leap-year is omitted at the end of every 100 years, and (2) if every 400 years the leap-year day is left in, then the Church calendar could keep an accurate count over the next 20,000 years!  And, (3) the calendar must be adjusted ten days forward.  

“In the year of Our Lord 1582,” ten years later, Pope Gregory the 13th issued a decree officially resetting the Roman Catholic Church calendar forward by ten days, so that after October 4 came October 15.  Those two days would have been interesting to experience!

This realigned the Church calendar so that the spring and autumn equinox and the summer and winter solstice points would appear again on the appropriate calendar days. 

This 10-day adjustment was very important to the Church for the setting of certain religious ceremonial dates, notably Easter which depends upon the calculation of the first full moon after the spring equinox.

And so began the ‘new’ Gregorian calendar count of the days… the calendar of Pope Gregory.

Various countries around the world began using the new readjusted Church calendar count over the next 100 years.  There was probably some resistance to the changing of the dates by those using the old Julian calendar count, for all different types of personal and legal reasons.

230 years later, the growing English colonies in America ‘officially’ changed over to the new Gregorian calendar count in September 1752.  The calendar by then had to be adjusted forward by 11 days. Wednesday, September 2 was followed by Thursday, September 14.


The Ancient 260-day Calendar of the Americas


By the time of the new ‘Gregorian’ calendar in the year 1582 the 260-day calendar (the “Tzolkin” in Maya language--pronounced ZOL-kin), had already been in use for thousands of years throughout the Guatemala highlands and Mexican Yucatan lowlands.

Before even the establishment of Rome as a town, and two-thousand years before the arrival of the Europeans, the 260-day calendar had been invented and in use.

The Aztec and Hopi version of it was used throughout Mexico and the southwestern United States by the 1200’s.

There is also reported evidence showing that the Indonesian island people of Bali share similar customs of the Maya-Aztec peoples.


The Mayan 260-day calendar pre-dates the Aztec 260-day calendar by thousands of years.

The Mayan (and Aztec) calendar is a 260-day calendar that weaves together two basic time cycles. 


One of the two time cycles is the Mayan ‘month,’ 20 days long with 20 unique SYMBOLS assigned to each of the 20 days of the Mayan month. 

The other smaller time cycle is the Mayan ‘week,’ 13 days long and associated with the NUMBERS 1 through 13, drawn using dot and bar notations. 

One dot equal 1, one bar equals 5, and one shell equals 20.

Within each 260-day calendar cycle are 20 weeks. (20 x 13 = 260)

Each of the 20 Mayan 13-day weeks signifies a unique spiritual journey of 13 days.


These two cycles, in combination, create the 260-day sacred Mayan calendar and its storytelling.


260-Day Time Tracking with Venus – The ‘Twin Star’


Many cultures around the world noticed the rising and setting patterns of Venus, but the Olmec and Maya cultures of Mexico and the Guatemala Highlands in Central America were the first to create a 260-day Venus calendar, regarded now as the most accurate in the world.


When the planet Venus rises in the East, in the pre-dawn skies as the “Morning Star,” it is the 3rd brightest light in the sky after the Sun and the Moon.

Venus rides bright in the early morning pre-dawn eastern skies for 236 days or approximately 8 months.


Then Venus disappears behind the Sun for 90 days, slowly spinning away, farther and farther from Earth, hidden away from view behind the other side of the Sun.


After those 90-days circling unseen around the backside of the Sun, Venus can be seen rising again just after sunset in the West twilight skies.

It is there, in the early evening western night skies that Venus will shine for 250 days as the “Evening Star.” 

Then every night just after sunset in the western skies, we see Venus getting brighter and brighter as it moves towards Earth, closer and closer on its approach towards us.


Then, just as it gets really bright, Venus disappears for 8 days.  For those 8 days Venus moves hidden across the front face of the Sun, between the Sun and the Earth.  It’s at these moments, every 19 months, when our nearest neighborly planet Venus passes in close by Earth.


After 8 days transiting in front of the Sun, unseen by the strong daylight glare, Venus reappears, at dawn, near the edge of the Sun, at sunrise in the East, and again as the Morning Star, and swiftly soon the brightest light before dawn.


These rising and setting patterns of the planet Venus are repeated on average about every 584.92 days, or every 19 months.  These Venus fly-by patterns repeat exactly five times every 8 years, during five different months of the year.

Let’s examine the 8-year pulse, the 8-year rhythm, of Venus.

It is a VERY important rhythm.  Indeed, it is a rhythm that we can connect to the musical scale, a truly sacred rhythm that holds the key to understanding the musical encoding of time in our solar system.


If we could super-speedup time and watch the orbits of the planets around the Sun from high above our solar system, we would see that over every 8-year period of time Venus exactly aligns between the Sun and the Earth 5 times, creating a spiraling 5-pointed star pattern around the Sun.




A five-pointed star pattern is exactly the same kind of pattern designs detected within the double-helix spiral blueprints of genetic DNA, in the cells of all living creatures on Earth. 

The key to the accuracy of the Maya calendar is that it is based upon the exact rising and setting dates of the planet Venus, as was recorded within the ancient Maya painted paper sacred texts. 

Maya astronomers recorded the exact Mayan dates that Venus would appear and disappear in the sky over 8-year cycles of time.  Whole tables of calculations concerning Venus and the Mayan symbol for ‘Ahau’ (LORD) are documented in the Mayan papers.  Mayan symbols representing the planet Venus are drawn placed next to the Mayan calendar day of Ahau.


So, Mayan calendar accuracy Rule #1 was: Every 8 years the first sighting of Venus rising in the eastern dawn sky should occur on the Mayan day Ahau (LORD).





The first sight of rising of Venus on the specific Mayan calendar day of Ahau every eight years determines the correct Maya calendar day for accuracy. 


Like the Gregorian and Julian calendars the Mayan calendar must be also be adjusted, except that one day must be subtracted every ten years.

Because of the length of the Venus year, 225 days (actually 224.7 days), those partial missing days of the Venus year every year (.3) begin to add up so that the Venus-Sun alignments occur 3 days earlier every 10 years.  So even with the 2 extra leap-year days added in every 8 years an additional day must be subtracted to the keep the Mayan calendar aligned to the rising of Venus on Ahau (LORD) days.


            Year    1          2          3          4          5          6          7          8          9          10

 Venus Days     .3         .6         .9         1.2       1.5       1.8       2.1       2.4       2.7       3.0

This then raises challenging questions, such as: How can one subtract one day? Where does that Mayan day go?  And just WHEN does the adjustment take place if needed?

We must realize that the 260-day calendar is really tracking an invisible ‘vibrating energy field’ that the planets are always moving through and since the planets do not have exact circular orbital patterns, the orbital revolutions we observe mathematically have variations that do not overtly appear at first as simple Earth time calculation formulas and so we have to adjust the calendars to compensate.

It is an energy field that is being tracked and it is actually a little less than 260 days in duration.  So little by little every day, every month and every year the Mayan calendar slowly slips backward so that for instance the Mayan New Year appears now in mid-January rather than in March as it did in the 1500’s.


Here then is the ideal 8-Year pattern as recorded in the Mayan "Madrid" Codex:   


Maya Symbol            Venus - Rises or Sets  (Star Pattern Cycles 1 – 5)


LORD                        *Rises as Morning Star (1)          


GUARDIAN               Sets as Morning Star


DREAM                     Rises as Evening Star


GUARDIAN               Sets as Evening Star




SEED                         *Rises as Morning Star (2)


LORD                         Sets as Morning Star


DOG                           Rises as Evening Star


LORD                         Sets as Evening Star




STAR                         *Rises as Morning Star (3)


SEED                         Sets as Morning Star


JAGUAR                   Rises as Evening Star


SEED                         Sets as Evening Star




STAIRS                     *Rises as Morning Star (4)


STAR                         Sets as Morning Star


FLINT                         Rises as Evening Star


STAR                         Sets as Evening Star





GUARDIAN               *Rises as Morning Star (5)


STAIRS                     Sets as Morning Star


WIND                         Rises as Evening Star


STAIRS                     Sets as Evening Star




Solar and Lunar Eclipse Chart

*NOTE: Richard now uses the Guatemala Highland Maya "count of days" and NOT the  Lowland Yucatan Maya count used by the late Dr. José Argüelles, because the Lowland Yucatan count is now OFF by 57 days (as of 2017) by a mis-count that began hundreds of years ago and is no longer exactly aligned to the setting and rising cycles of the planet Venus.
CLICK HERE for THE PROOF from "The Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian"


Solar and Lunar Eclipse Chart


~ Richard is in the process of creating a new updated chart for the current years ~


ending & beginning ~ the omega & alpha point


ending & beginning ~ the omega & alpha point


  According to David Silver Bear, an Elder of the Native American Navajo Dene nation,

    there was the fulfilment of ancient Navajo prophesy in the years leading up to 2000

    by the miraculous appearance of their sacred "Protectors" on multiple occassions.


   The Holy Ones now Appear to the Elders...The Grandmothers Dream circles see...


                 And the Hoop of Life forever Weaves Heart Dreams..


  The Hopi "Blue Star" stories may perhaps be related to

    the 8th Mayan day sign symbol blue STAR "lamat"?


  The very last of the 13-day weeks on the Mayan calendar

       is blue STAR lamat week.


 And this most spiritually powerful 13-day week

  leads up every 260 days to the "last day" of the calendar,


 situated on the end & beginning ~ omega & alpha~ of the 260-day wavelength,

  at the junction of the most powerful time warp energy field.


If day #260, blue 13 LORD ajaw, calibrates

 on up to level 1,000, which is divinity, then

  the arrival of blue STAR lamat Week signals

 the coming of both the end and the beginning...


omega & alpha


The serpent, biting its own tail...