The Current 260-Days


The current 260 days

Started on:

March 26, 2018

1  Water Lily CREATURE  imix

day # 1


The current 260 days

Complete on:

December 10, 2018

13  LORD  ajaw

day # 260


The 52-day HOUSES


The FIVE 52-day HOUSES



March 26, 2018


"The Wilderness-Ego"

primal forces
The Underworlds

52-day cycle 1 of 5

begins day # 1



May 17, 2018


"Good Works"

The Outer Heavens

52-day cycle 2 of 5

begins day # 53

1  REED  ben


July 8, 2018


"Reason to Love"

The Inner Heavens

52-day cycle 3 of 5

begins day # 105

1  SERPENT  chikchan


August 29, 2018


"The Bliss Teachers"

The Higher Heavens

52-day cycle 4 of 5

begins day # 157

1  EARTH  kab'an


October 20, 2018


"The Divine Ones"

The Mystic Heavens

master peace & love

52-day cycle 5 of 5

begins day # 209

1  WATER  muluk


March 25, 2018

Last day # 260

13  LORD  ajaw









yellow  SERPENT  chikchan


January 9, 2018

3 SERPENT chikchan

day # 185


red  DOG  ok


March 15, 2018

3 DOG ok

day # 250


white  EAGLE  men


May 19, 2018

3 EAGLE men

day # 55


blue  LORD  ajaw


July 23, 2018

3 LORD ajaw

day # 120


- - - - - - - -


begins on

September 26, 2018

3 SERPENT chikchan

day # 185


13 MONTHS of 20-days


13 MONTHS of  20-DAYS

MONTH Start Dates


Water Lily CREATURE imix


LORD ajaw



March 26, 2017



April 15, 2018



May 5, 2018



May 25 , 2018



June 14, 2018



July 4, 2018



July 24, 2018



August 13, 2018



September 2, 2018



September 22, 2018



October 12, 2018



November 1, 2018



November 21, 2018

~ Last 20-days ~


Blue STAR YEAR 6 of 13


Year 6  of 13-Year cycle

2013 - 2025


blue  STAR  lamat

NORTH gateway - winter


Year 4 of 4-year cycle

2015 - 2018


365-day blue Year 6 STAR

Started on:

JANUARY 12, 2018

 6  STAR  lamat

day #188


YEAR blue  6 STAR

Completes on:

JANUARY 11, 2019


13-YEAR Cycle 3 of 4


Current 52-Year Cycle

1987 - 2038


13-Year Cycle 3 of 4

1987 - 1999

2000 - 2012

> 2013 - 2025  

  2026 - 2038


white NIGHT ak'bal  YEARS

white West ~ Harvest

13-year cycle

2013  to  2025


2018 =

Year 6 of 13-years

white West harvest


blue Year 6 STAR lamat

NORTH - winter

Year 4 of  4-year cycle

2015 - 2018


2013  1 NIGHT  west - harvest

2014   2 STAR  north - winter

2015  3  REED  east* - spring

2016   4 FLINT  south - summer

2017  5 NIGHT west - harvest

2018   6 STAR  north - winter

2019  7 REED  east* spring

2020   8 FLINT  south - summer

2021  9 NIGHT  west - harvest

2022  10 STAR  north - winter

2023  11 REED  east* spring

2024  12 FLINT  south - summer

2025  13 NIGHT  west - harvest


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The 10,000 Levels of Consciousness

The color highlighted chart below reviews the clinically proven 10,000 levels of consciousness, here seen on a reduced scale from 1.0 to 1,000.0, from the Map of Consciousness description of research by the-late DR. DAVID R. HAWKINS.

Research in clinical psychiatry has clinically-proven that there are 10,000 levels of consciousness or levels of perception on Earth.

 To make these levels of vastly-different powers of awareness more-easy-to-comprehend a zero was removed from the-end to "shrink" the-scale to 1,000 levels-of-consciousness. An logarithmic Map of Consciousness with 18 major-levels was realized and developed by the-late Dr. David R. Hawkins. He documented this in his 1995 New-York-Times best-selling book, Power vs Force.

 Dr. Hawkins stated that: Every human is born with a pre-established level of consciousness

Review the chart-below for the details of the 18 major-levels of consciousness, the potential-capacities for awareness for all-life on Earth, that uses a logarithmic-power scale from 1 to 1,000.

The 10,000 levels-of-consciousness all-together represent a vibrational-matrix of subtle energy-fields or "attractor-fields" of energy which correspond to a range-of-emotions, perceptions, and viewpoints, on life and God; which a person then identifies with and holds in mind as their own.

The most-powerful energy-field possible on Earth, on the Map of Consciousness chart below, is Level 1,000, which corresponds to Level 10,000 and REALITY: radiant Divine perfect love and peace, a self-less kind divinity.

All levels below level 1,000 indicate increasing resistance to perfect love and peace.

Level 1 indicates maximum resistance to love and peace

Details for the meaning of each column on the review chart below, starting from the left:

The Level # number, from the scale of 1 to 1,000; next is Hp or the Happiness percentage % from 1 to 100% experienced at that level; then the Level Name; then the View of Life, or view of the world at that level and life in general; then the perceived Emotion at that level; then the View of God at that level: and then the Process involved at that level.

Please note that the keyword for the "View of God" at the highest level 1,000 is "Self,"  meaning our "Higher Self" within, The Holy Spirit, as in Self with a capital S, versus its opposite: our small-minded "ego-self" with the small s uncapitalized.


Dr. Hawkins states in his 2006 book Transcending the Levels of Consciousness that:

...[l]evels below 200, people tend to be closed-minded...see oneself as a victim at the mercy of life...the emotions are harsh, destructive, adversarial, and thus prone to strife and conflict...the animal instincts of survival, aggression and dominance.

The bottom 199 levels are all selfish and predatory in nature, entanglements, without awareness of others needs, spiritual power, compassion or love.

...level 310 Willingness is the gateway to the higher levels of awareness...people become genuinely friendly...predominately positive but still represents emotional drives..."

...levels below 350 reflect the domination of perception by emotionalized positions and presumed values...

...at level 350, by acceptance, tranquility replaces disturbing emotions...the ego's demand to control others is silenced by the cessation of value-driven judgementalism and desire to promulgate views...one can choose without demonizing others...does not seek to judge, control, change, dominate or condemn others...

...540 is the level of Unconditional Love, healing and spiritually-based self-help groups. From level 540 upward is the domain of saints, spiritual healers...

...level 600 and above indicates Enlightenment, peace, bliss and no-ego (symbolized in art as the halo)...

Each of the levels of consciousness indicate a specific energy field paradigm "model," with specific modes and masks of behavior which identifies that level very clearly.  By identifying with and "being" the personification of that energy field a person's facial expressions and emotions shapeshift into display resonance with that field.  What is held in mind tends to create.

By learning and identifying these basic 18 major levels of consciousness, one may understand quickly the full spectrum of spiritual reality very, very clearly.

Seen as a "Hero Journey" thru all 1,000 levels of consciousness the 260-day calendar records these fractal Potential Consciousness Patterns of Creation embedded within the "maya" or illusion of time.

Around 2005 a revelation dawned on my mind, by grace, to project the 1,000 levels of consciousness onto the 260-day calendar, and realized that level 1 potentially corresponds to day #1 and level 1,000 potentially corresponds to day #260.

The Maya calendar is sectioned into five 52-day realms and cycles of time, realms or "Houses"

                                13 days x 4 weeks  = 52 days

Five unique realms representing five different "Houses" of time and ranges of consciousness awareness potential may be identified over the course of every 260 days:


 Days #1 - #52 represent the House of the Wilderness & Ego and awareness levels 1-199..

 Days #53 - #104 represent the House of Good-Works Service and awareness levels 200-399.

 Days #105 - #156 represent the House of Reason-to-Love and awareness levels 400-599.

 Days #157 - #208 represent the House of The Bliss Teachers & enlightenment and awareness levels 600-799.

 Days #209 - #260 represent the House of The Divine Ones perfect peace & love and awareness levels 800-1,000.


Seen as a "Hero Journey" thru all 1,000 levels of consciousness the first 52-days then represent a journey of understanding through the lowest levels of consciousness, the lower Underworlds or the Wilderness, and then journey on "up" through 4 more "higher" levels of consciousness into the Heavenly Realms from days #53 to #260.



         The Five Major Spiritual Realms on               

   The Path of Perfect Love and Peace on Earth    

Desires  Good Works  Reason to Love  Being  Divine


The 260-day Mayan calendar, where all the potential energy-field forces and Powers, all 1,000 levels of consciousness, have their perfect place and day.



The Mayan calendar is understood to be the Circle of Life,

and so We Be All On a Sacred Journey, guided by

our inner Light thru both Wilderness and Heavens,

Desires, Good Works, Reason to Love, Bliss Being, Divine

on The Path of Perfect Love and Peace on Earth.


Level 1000 represents REALITY ~ LOVE PERFECT PEACE,

All levels down from 1000 represent increasing resistance to REALITY LOVE PERFECT PEACE. .

The white triangle from 1000 to 200 represents GOD The Divine Holy Creation where all is GOOD.

The white triangle from 1000 to 1 represents the YANG & yin, LIGHT & dark, that Holy Spirit encompasses that reaches down into all levels, even into the darkest place of illusions, to facilitate the knowing that frees ones' mind from all illusions and resistances to Reality.

The dark triangle represents the primitive Lower Mind of basic survival, the not-positive negative emotions, selfishness, force, clever predatory entanglements, the Wilderness, the dark shadow World of Illusions, the Dream of separation from Being Divine, the Divine Holy ONE.

The smallest white triangle represents the Awakening into the Higher Spiritual Mind, the basic positive emotions, and the thoughts of concern and caring for others besides just oneself. Still bounces back and forth into the negative realms and remains at or below level 310.

The next bigger white triangle represents being willing to ascend higher, into the Higher Levels of Awareness using Reason and wisdom but still can't quite reach Love at level 500. Being a intellectual genius calibrates at 499 but the Reality of Love is only contemplated, along with all the "other"higher non-physical realms of spiritual being. Here the Mind is just thinking ABOUT things and still separate from the Heart. Still may bounce back and forth into the negative realms and remains below level 500.

The next bigger white triangle represents the realms of Love at level 500 and still higher realms of  Unconditional Love at level 540 where spontaneous healing occurs. Still may bounce back and forth into the negative realms because the ego/mind is still active and so remains below level 600.

When by Divine Grace and karmic merit Enlightenment is realized at level 600, one has totally surrended the ego/mind and is ONE with Holy Spirit, realizing continuous revelations, Divine Love and Peace.

> This details why when ONE chooses not TO BE in constant communion with the Holy Spirit Love, then ones' mind/ego will THINK that it is separated from others and seemingly entangled in a world of illusions, dreams, desires, pain and suffering.

That ONE choice determines the path and process of spiritual evolution we are all embarked upon.

The Expanded Levels of Consciousness chart

First, click HERE to view the "Expanded" 1,000 Levels of Consciousness chart.

All calibrations, except the Mayan calendar weeks and musical scale notes and tones,

are listed in the-late Dr. David R. Hawkins 2005 book, Truth vs. Falsehood: How To Tell The Difference

All levels DOWN from 1,000 indicate increasing resistance to Perfect Love and Peace.

Note: Animal Group calibrations are AVERAGES, with individual variations occurring.

OK, so now One Knows where "the goalposts" are situated.

So, there are 1,000 major different possible levels of consciousness and awareness that one can experience and focus on. 

The "bottom" 199 levels are predatory in nature, without awareness of true spiritual power, compassion or love.

The transition from a person operating out of their human Lower Mind at level 155 up into their human Higher Mind at level 275 results in a drop in the rate of criminality from 50 percent to only 9 percent, and a decrease in the rate of poverty from 22 percent to only 1.5 percent.

Each level also exhibits a rate of happiness factor, as indicated below.

Level   Happiness percentage %

1000    100

700      100

600      100

540      96-99

500      89

400      79

350      71

310      68

250      60

200      55

175      22

150      12

125      10

100      10

  75        9

  50        5

  30        4

  20        1

Dr. Hawkins states on page 29 of his book, Transcending the Levels of Consciousness:

  "The brains physiology also changes dramatically at consciosness level 200, which is the level where the quality of life changes, not only in man but also in the animal kingdom, from preditory to benign. This is expressed by the emergence of concern for the welfare, survival, and happiness of others rather than just for the personal self."

Let's now review the interesting facts of how Dr. Hawkins came to develop his amazing Map of Consciousness. . .

The entire energy spectrum of "consciousness" levels of awareness on Earth  was discovered to be scaled from 1 to 1,000 according to the clinically proven research of the-late American psychiatrist DR. DAVID R. HAWKINS.

The clinically proven truth about "awareness" and "Reality" can be found in the research of Dr. Hawkins, whose books are required reading in psychology classes at universities and colleges all around the world. 

 In the 1960's Dr. Hawkins had the largest psychiatric practice in America, based out of New York City, with 25 regional offices. 

 It was during the 1960's that Western medical doctors were beginning to study and do research into Chinese acupuncture

Traditional Chinese acupuncture healers have known for thousands of years that the human body nervous system has multiple energy pathways they term "energy meridians" that can be accessed by specific acupuncture location "points" on the body.  The energy flow through the energy meridians was termed "chi."

 In 1964 research into energy meridians by the-late DR. GEORGE GOODHEART (1918-2008) developed into a branch of medical science properly known today as Applied Kinesiology or "muscle testing."  

Psychiatrist Dr. John Diamond expanded the research of Applied Kinesiology muscle testing into the realms of psychology by discovering that energy meridian "imbalances," or chi flow obstruction, was related to negative emotional states, and that stress reduced thyroid function, and that the thyroid is the main "control center" of the energy meridians.

These "chi" energy meridians are known to be water pathways of suspended collodial minerals (whose energy fields can be enhanced to the positive alkaline charge by the addition of mineral "rock powder" into ones diet and garden soils).

 Muscle testing, or Applied Kinesiology, is a simple non-invasive technique to determine imbalances of the energy meridians. 

 The standard muscle-testing technique is a two-person test: one person (A) who holds their arm straight out away from their body while the other person (B) presses down lightly on the wrist of the first person (A).  Person A resists the wrist pressure being applied by person B.

 The research of Dr. Diamond proved that arm strength is DECREASED whenever a negative Emotion is held in mind.

 Attending one of Dr. Diamond's muscle-testing demonstration lectures one day back in the 1960's was Dr. David R. Hawkins.  

After that lecture Dr. Hawkins and his staff set out to clinically evaluate muscle testing because it seemed to be 100 percent accurate, and so his teams spent years testing over 100,000 people.

Using the muscle test technique, Hawkins and his staff again clinically proved that the energy meridians of the human body responds to negative emotional stimulus by "going weak" and responds to positive emotional stimulus by "going strong."

> Click here to learn the muscle-test method Dr. Hawkins developed.

 But the the most amazing discovery was the clinically proven fact that one could use the simple "muscle testing" technique to tell the truth about any statement.

 The energy meridians and muscles of the body respond to any False statement by "going weak" and respond to any True statement by "going strong."

 Dr. Hawkins discovered and stated that,

"Everything in the universe radiates a specific frequency, or minute energy field, that remains in the field of consciousness permanently.  Thus, every person or being whoever lived, and anything about them, including any event, thought, deed, feeling, or attitude, is recorded forever and can be retrieved at any time in the present or the future."

 So for the very first time in human history a simple method has been developed that can determine the truth of any statement with 100 percent accuracy

 Just imagine all of the potential applications: criminal and civil investigations, criminal and civil justice, scientific research, business planning and development, politics, international diplomacy and for education. 

(Hey kids, no more flunking out on multiple-choice tests!)

In 1995 Dr. Hawkins published the results of this research in his bestselling book Power vs Force and was interviewed by Barbara Walters, the PBS program The MacNeil-Leher NewsHour and on The Today Show.  In 2008 Oprah interviewed Dr. Hawkins on her radio show.

The truth and accuracy of every statement in every one of Dr. Hawkins books has been clinically tested and duplicated by teams of researchers around the world.

From determining the truth of tens of thousands of statements covering many topics Dr. Hawkins realized the parameters of a "Map of Consciousness" that detailed the range of all possible levels of consciousness on Earth, on a scale from 1 to 1,000

Each increase of one point on the scale indicates an increase of energy field power by a factor of ten.

This means that there are actually 10,000 levels of consciousness but the scale was reduced by a factor of 10 (reduced to 1,000 levels) to make it more easy to comprehend and use. 

Interestingly, one of the world's most ancient books of wisdom, the ancient chinese I Ching, mentions that life on Earth is "The Movement of the 10,000 Things." 

Over the years Dr. Hawkins and his research teams, using Kinesiology at his Institute for Advanced Spiritual Research, has revealed the following information:

 Each level of consciousness indicates a particular pattern of energy field manifestations and thought patterns, just like tuning into various radio station frequencies reveals the content of the station programming. 

No one radio station, or level of consciousness, "is better" than another, they just indicate what IS and specific patterns of programming and content.

 Everyone and everything alive is already born with an established level of consciousness, and on average most humans rise up the scale only 5 points over their lifetime. 

One may say with certainty that in accord with your level of consciousness, your capacity for Awareness, you attracted a similar energetic emotional field of perception concerning the various depictions of what would happen on December 21, 2012.

The One Thing to Realize is that personal viewpoints and "perceptions" do not depict the True Nature of Reality, which is indicated by the words Eternal Perfect Divine Love and Peace, without beginning or end.

 All levels of consciousness below level 200 indicate a focus on and attraction to Negative emotions that make the body energy meridians "go weak." 

 All people, groups or life forms which calibrate below level 200 use preditory FORCE, emotional, mental/will and physical, to "get" what they want in life.

They FOR GET, and actually are not even aware of the consequences of their actions.

According to Dr, Hawkins research 85 percent of all people on Earth now have a calibrated level of consciousness below 200. 

In America, that number is lower: 55 percent of all U.S. citizens.

 All levels of consciousness at or above level 200 indicate a focus on and attraction to Positive emotions that make the body energy meridians "go strong." 

 The research also showed that all people who calibrate at or above level 200 are aligned to spiritual POWER, emotional, mental and physical, and "attract" what they receive in life and give Love.


The average level of consciousness of ALL people on Earth right now calibrates above 200, at level 204.

Just think, only 15 percent of all people on Earth have their spiritual light bulb ON, halo there! :), and have a calibrated level of consciousness above 200. 15 percent of 6 billion people works out to be about 900 million people who now calibrate over level 200.

In America, that number is much higher: 45 percent of U.S. citizens, thank God.

So the Positive spiritual power of only 15 percent of the worlds' population overbalances all the negative forces of the other 85 percent!

If somehow the top 1,000 most spiritually advanced persons on Earth right now were to somehow all die at once, that world average of 204 would drop below level 200. 

So really, just a few thousand spiritually commited people scattered around the globe ARE the ones making the most difference against the forces of negativity here on Earth.

The average level of consciousness of the United States, as a nation, calibrates now at 420...the highest of any in the world. 

An energy field in the 400's indicates a focus on higher Education, Science and Reason.

 All the levels at or above the level of Love at 500 are "subjective," while all levels under 500 are "objective" in focus.

 The scientific theory of causality or "cause and effect" calibrates only at level 460, within the ranges of Reason and the higher intellect, whereas the belief that "You are only subject to what you hold in mind." calibrates over 500 and is a more accurate description of Reality.

Joy, Unconditional Love and Spontaneous Healings all calibrate at level 540, within the non-physical realms of spiritual non-duality and "being-ness," which could not be proven per se by previous scientific methods, until now.

 So what is considered the perception "Reality" worldview for one individual may not be the same perception "Reality" worldview for another person, who may be at a lower or higher level of consciousness.

 The lower the level of conscious awareness the higher the limitations and degrees of impaired perception of Reality, Truth and Divinity.

 95 percent of all conflict in the world today (between nations, groups or individuals) exists only between TWO groups of consciousness...those whom calibrate below level 200 are in conflict with those that calibrate above level 200, plain and simple!

 45 percent of Americans calibrate above level 200 while 55 percent calibrate below…Power vs force.

 Consciousness levels below 200 are classically identified around the world as "demonic" in nature.  These are the realms of the "dark astral forces" whose "upper" levels of these low energy fields are considered Luciferic because of intellectual deceptions and the lowest energy fields are considered Satanic because of the base animal emotions aligned and focused with with destructive forces. 

Let's be very clear about this:  Alignment with and acting out with the dark forces are extremely detrimental to one's own spiritual bearings and karmic potentials.

 The Kinesiology muscle test technique can be used successfully by 90 percent of the people who calibrate over level 200, potentially less than 20 percent of the world population (45 percent of Americans). 

Even the statement to be tested must be in integrity.

 So, now humanity has a simple scientific tool, Applied Kinesiology, which can determine with 100 percent accuracy the truth of any statement...AND a way to calibrate and determine the level of consciousness of any person or idea.

OK, so again, One now Knows where the "goalposts" are situated.

All levels of consciousness over level 200 indicate that a "spiritual light bulb" etheric energy light body is present or ON.

Take another look again at the animal groups that calibrate over 200.

Notice how bird songs, cat purring and dog tail wagging calibrate at level 500...LOVE.

Most pet owners will tell you how "aware" and loving their pet is.

The 1,000 levels of consciousnes can be  s t r e t c h e d  out over 260 days with each day transiting through about 3.85 levels of consciousness. And the 1,000 levels can be compressed into the smaller 13-day mayan weeks.

 For the first 52 days and nights of the 260 days our Hero Journey is guided by our inner Light through The Underworlds--the proverbial "wilderness"--the predatory levels of consciousness that lie deep asleep below level 200, within the first TWO mayan 20-day months fully calibrating under level 200.

These first two 20-day months are the first 40 days and nights in "the Wilderness."

Day #53 is the first day that potentially calibrates more +positive consciousness than -negative, above level 200.

The 260-day MAP, with Levels of Consciousness

Color highlighted grid with 13 rows of 20 days; displays the twenty 13-day weeks and the thirteen 20-day cycles and the 20 symbols, also the four 65-day seasons and corresponding 1,000 levels of consciousness.  

The only real difference between this map and the other in the Basics 1 section is that the "potential consciousness levels" are listed in the left column for each row of the 20-days rather than the day numbers for each row (1-260).

Note that it takes 52 days for a yellow day number 1 to reappear.

day #1     =   Ab      in the 20-day row 1    yellow  1 WATER LILY CREATURE  imix        

day #53   =   A#      in the 20-day row 3    yellow  1 REED  ben

day #105  =   C#      in the 20-day row 6     yellow  1 SERPENT  chikchan

day #157   =   D#      in the 20-day row 8     yellow  1 EARTH  kab'an

day #209   =   F#      in the 20-day row 11    yellow  1 WATER  muluk

The G# point at the end of the last day #260 13 LORD ajaw then shifts away from G# into Ab or A flat range at the beginning of day #1 - 1 WATER LILY CREATURE imix.

The 5 black keys on the piano are the musical sharps or flats so that Maya-time is actually based on a core space & time OCTAVE of 13-day UNITS.

The 1,000 Levels of Consciousness also have 5 major power shift points, at consciousness levels: 1, 200, 400, 600, 800, and 1,000.

 On the Mayan calendar these major points are located at the very beginning of these 13-day weeks:

  day # 1     =   Ab      level 1         yellow  1 WATER LILY CREATURE  imix        

  day #  53   =   A     level 200     yellow  1 REED  ben 

  day # 105  =   C#      level 400     yellow  1 SERPENT  chikchan

  day # 157   =   D     level 600     yellow  1 EARTH  kab'an

  day # 209   =   F#      level 800     yellow  1 WATER  muluk

  day # 260    G#     level 1000    at the end of the last day day #260 - blue 13 LORD ajaw 

 that then shifts away from G# into Ab or A flat range at the beginning of day #1 - 1 WATER LILY CREATURE imix.

 G# and Ab are the "same" tone, but Ab here indicates a shifting away from perfect G# towards A.

  As The Holy Mother of India Shree Maa states, Heaven and Hell are (indeed) right next to each other!

The shift away from Divine Love and Peace leads immediately into "the Fall"and the illusion of separation from Divine Source.  But (thank God) one is never completely separate from that One Source.

 Level 1 indicates maximum resistance to Perfect Love and Peace..

  Notice that the 1,000 levels on the calendar map are sectioned into five sections:

  the first 52 days correspond to levels BELOW level 200, in the Underworlds,

  then there are four 52-day cycles ABOVE level 200, in the Heavenly Realms,

  and halfway through the Heavenly Realms sits level 600, the "Doorway to Enlightenment"

   at the beginning of day #156 - 1 EARTH kab'an

  Notice also that level 500, the level of Love sits right in the middle of the calendar at

   the beginning of day #131 - 1 MONKEY chuwen.

Musical Scale & Chords and the Levels of Consciousness

Color highlighted to display the musical "octaves" and major chords showing the 12 black and white musical keys on the piano and the corresponding major and minor chords; with a sidebar displaying the 10,000 levels of consciousness possible on planet Earth, here reduced to a scale to 1-1,000, and the 13 Mayan numbers.




Review of these 12-note musical chord arrangements (major, fourths and fifths) helps

    to understand why when one is transcending through the levels of consciousness

    the various harmonic overtone chord relationship principles

      naturally and sympathetically precipitate energy activities

       of both lower and higher levels of consciousnessforces and powers,

        all energy frequencies logarithmically interrelated and interconnected

          into a multi-leveled Reality


    Here we use of the 12-note chromatic musical scale for illustration of the harmonics.

    Any scale of vibrations can be utilized but the 12-note chromatic scale and piano are

     easy to understand examples of the multiple interwoven harmonic waves of energy.

   Once any note on a piano is played, all the strings will vibrate, however so softly.

Primary Chords chart



Perfect 4th Chords chart



Perfect 5th Chords chart 


One can see by the above charts that waves of energy are constantly cascading through the scales.

    Look for the wave "gaps" where the lower levels of consciousness (1 & 2 or Ab & A) seem to be absent:

       with B, C#, D#, F#, and G#; and this corresponds to the numbers: 4, 6, 8, 11 and 13

Interpreting & Comparing Different Cycles and Units of Time


*Note: Richard now uses the Guatemala-Highlands Maya count-of-days. 
For the Yucatan-Lowlands Maya count-of-days, used by
the-late DR. JOSÉ ARGÙELLES, is miscounted
by ~57 days, as of ~2018.
For the
Yucatan-Lowlands Maya count-of-days miscount began ~hundreds of years ago and
is in now-time misalignment with the rising & setting cycles of the planet Venus.

For PROOF from the National Museum Of The American Indian: click HERE.

Mayan day keepers track time utilizing multiple calendars with different corresponding units of time. 

Could this be the method they use to PREDICT the future?  Let's take a close look at this technique.

The chart below was created to show how this may be being done. 

This chart covers the years from: 1987 to 2090

1987 is a key target date, being the beginning of new 52- and 104-year cycle.

1987 is also the year when the average level of consciousness rose above level 200 for the very first time in human history.

The first day on the Mayan calendar that potentially calibrates above level 200 is day #53...1 REED ben.

Let's use this key Mayan calendar day, #53, as our starting point.

Look first at the top of the chart below to understand what each column signifies.

Moving right, starting with the years column, the column to the immediate right, under the "1," details the 13-year cycles, and the four color highlights detail the color for each year in four year patterns.

The next column to the right details the "Yearly potential levels" of consciousness range associated with each of the individual 13 years.

Now, moving to the left side the year dates column, the first column under the "4" details a Unit of time equaling 4 years.  The colum begins with day #53...1 Reed, and then continues on using each unit of REED Week, going in order down the column from day #53 though day #65...13 Serpent and so on. Again, each unit in this column equals 4 years.

To next column to the left of the 4-year units details a Unit of time equaling 13 years.  This colum also begins with day #53...1 Reed, and then continues on using each unit of REED Week, going in order down the column from day #53.  Again, each unit in this column equals 13 years.

The column on the far left, to the left of the 13-year units, details a Unit of time equaling approximately  20 years or a "katun."  This colum also begins with day #53...1 Reed, and then continues on using each unit of REED Week, going in order down the column from day #53.  Again, each unit in this column equals 20 years.                   

In 1987 all the yellow colors are lined up, because all the starting units are the same color yellow.

1991 began a new 4-year cycle and so the 4-year Units shift to red 2 Jaguar #54.

1995 began another new 4-year cycle shifting into the white 4-year period #55...3 Eagle in the 4-year column.

Remember that 3's shift into levels above level 200 at 3/5ths of the way through, which was in 1997.

1999 began another new 4-year cycle, shifting into blue 4 Guardian #56, and also completing a 13-year cycle.

2000 began a new 13-year cycle as well as shifting into red 4-year period #54...2 Jaquar, in the 13-year column.

2001 was a year in which all four colors appear lined up.

These four colors line up again next in the first part of  2015 and then in 2022, 2036, 2042, 2053 and 2074.

2002 completed four 4-year cycles, with the ending of blue 4-year period,  4 Guardian #56

2003 began a new 4-year cycle, with a shift into yellow 4-year period #57...5 Earth,
and 2003 was the year the average level of consciousness jumped up 3 full levels in one afternnon, from 204 to 207 on November 8, at the very same time as the Harmonic Concordance (but not because of it) on Mayan calendar day 13 STAR lamat #208.

In 2006 at the end of the 4-year cycle, the average level of consciousness on Earth dropped down to its current level of 205.  At the time there was extremely negative world media coverage about the war in Iraq.

2007 began a new 4-year cycle, shifting into red 4-year unit 6 Flint #58 and it was also the year 8 of the 13-year cycle of 2000-2012.

In 2008 all the reds lined up and we all witnessed the near collapse of the world financial system. Note that it a full 'one color' line up doesn't happen again soon, at least not within the next 80 years.

2011 began a new 4-year cycle, shifting into white 4-year unit 7 Nature #59.

2013 began a new 13-year cycle AND the entrance into the white 3 EAGLE season day, a major shift matched with 2012.

2015 signifies the last day of  'row 3' with the 4-year period blue 8 LORD #60, completing in 2018.

2019 begins 'row 4' (and a "BIG" rise in consciousness) with the 4-year period yellow 9 WATER LILY CREATURE #61.

Pathways Along The Hero Journey

Be in this World of the Ego by being in love with everything, no matter what.

Amazing recent research in clinical psychiatry and Kinesiology has clinically proven that thereare a total of 10,000 levels of consciousness, levels of perception, on planet Earth. And so a detailed Map of Consciousness was developed by Dr. David R. Hawkins and his medical staff,which was first presented in his 1995 best-selling book.

To make these levels more easy to understand a zero was removed from the end so to "shrink" the scale down to 1,000 levels of consciousness.

Let's review this important information.

The 10,000 levels of consciousness altogether represent a vibrational matrix of subtle energy-fields or "attractor-fields" which correspond to the entire range of emotions, perceptions and viewpoints on life, which a being's awareness chooses to identify with and hold in mind.

The most powerful energy-field possible here on Earth is level 10,000, here signified on the chart as level 1,000.0;  which corresponds to: radiant divine Light, perfect love and peace. 

The four most well-known spiritual Masters' energies radiate this perfect rainbow aura of divine LoveLight...peace & unlimited universal awareness.

 All levels of Awareness  DOWN from the top radiant divine Level 1,000, from levels 999 down to 1, indicate increasing resistance to Perfect Love and Peace.

Awareness Level 1 indicates maximum resistance to perfect peace & love.

The "bottom" 199 levels below Level 200 are predatory in Nature, without Awareness of the spiritual, powers or the capacity to love.

Awareness at Level 200 is the gateway to all the higher levels of Awareness, Truth, Love and Peace.  

All levels from 200 and Above indicate positive-feel-good spiritual energy, and "good karma."


Let's take a closer look at the spiritual class-natures

   of some of the 10,000 levels of consciousness,

     here compressed into a 1,000 unit logarithmic scale,

       where each one-point increase indicates a Ten-fold increase in spiritual power, leading one to Reality at Level 1,000.

ALL levels ABOVE level 200 are love, truth,

integrity, Beneficial,  support Life, 

vibrate positive "feel good" Powers,


while ALL levels BELOW 200 are False,

Non-Beneficial , stressful, prey on life, and

entangle negative forces.


Happiness factor percentage %  =  Hp


Level 1-1,000  -  subject

Infinity  =  God   all names


50,000+   Archangels


:1,000  "JesusEeshoo  Yeshua

:1,000  Buddha

:1,000  Zoroaster

:1,000   Krishna

1,000 ~ Full Enlightenment  Divine Light,  Radiant love, perfect Peace     Hp  100%


985 - Avatar


975 ~ The Twelve Christian Apostles   group average

975 - Jhana Yoga Hinduism


970 - Vedas

970 - Upanishads


960 - Mahayana Buddism


950 - the Final surrender


945 - Trinity  concept


935 - Bhakti  and  Raja Yoga Hinduism



915 - Karma Yoga Hinduism


910 - Bhagavad-Gita


905 - Zohar


905-990 - The Apostles  ~range



890 - Zen  and  Hinayan Buddism


850 - Surrender one's will to God, at depth

850 - Great Spirit  Native American



800 - Samadhi


790 - New Testament  King James, without Revelation


780 - Lotus and Heart Sutras



740 - "Om"    mantra    AU quickly into Ommm  AU-Omm


720 - Deity


705 - United States Constitution

705 - Rig Veda


700 - Diamond Sutra

700 - Sufism Islam

700 - Koran

700 - Christian Communion


700 - Pure Consciousness     Hp  100%


699 - Gospel of St. Luke


675 - Christmas   experience

675 - "Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men" saying






650 - The Lord's Prayer

650 - Psalms


640 - New Testament   King James


630 - "Om Namaha Shivaya"



605 - Kabbalah

605 - Hasidism and Messianic Judaism


600 - A Course in Miracles  workbook

600 - Sikhism

600 - Peace  perfect, Stillness, illumination, Bliss

600+ Enlightenment     Hp   100%


595 - Gregorian Chants

595 - Talmad

595 - Vendanta


590 - Confucius


585 - Satori


580 - Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi


575 - Sainthood

575 - Amazing Grace   the hymn

575 - Bliss


570 - Dalai Lama

570 - Papacy

570 - Joy           Hp   99%


560 - Sweat Lodge


550 - Torah

550 - Forgive and surrender to God



540+ Spontaneous Healing  miracles

540 - Turning Prayer Wheels

540 - Bathing in the Ganges


540 - Prayerful - hands clasped together in prayer

540 - Kneeling to pray

540 - Devotional burning of incense



540 - Unconditional Love  Joy, Serenity       Hp   96% 


535 - Surrender the world to God


525 - 12-Step Programs  all


520 - Smudging


515 - saying The Rosary


515 - Hanukkah 


510 - Kundalini Yoga Hinduism

510 - Gnostic

510 - Free Masonry

510 - Episcopalian


505 - What is held in mind tends to manifest



500+ Angels

500 - Taoism

500 - Native American religion

500 - Last Rites

500 - Confirmation

500 - Baptism

500 - Love  loving, reverence, benign, revelation-idea        Hp   89%

495 - Ramadan  

495 - Passover


490 - Tibetan Buddism


485 - Visualization healing


480 - Intelligent Design                               

480 - I am, therefore I think




460 - the word "God" as intellectual concept

460 - Metaphysics                                        

460 - Cause & Effect                             

460 - Science    Newtonian paradigm


 455 -  E = MC2       

455 - Chaos Theory

455 - Buddhism


450 - Roman Catholic

450 - Judaism

450 - Protestantism

450 - Darwin's Theory of Evolution           

450 - Forgive and forget

450 - Druids


430 - I Ching


410 - Kung Fu

410 - Kriya Yoga Hinduism                         

410 - Intellectualization

410 - Christian Science                           

410 - Mechanistic reductionism




405 - Latter Day Saints

405 - "The Golden Rule"


400 - Knights Templar

400 - I think, therefore I am


400 - Reason  wise, understanding, abstraction, meaningful      Hp   79%


390 - Enneagrams


375 - Discernment




365 - Baha'I


350 - Proverbs

350 - Free Thinkers


350 - random Acts of Kindness


350 - Acceptance  forgiveness, merciful, harmonious, transendence         Hp   71%


345 - sense of Humor


340 - Reiki


325 - Fundamentalist Christian


320 - sounds of Tibetan Buddhist Horns


310 - Pentacostal

310 - Willingness  inspiring, optimism, hopeful, intention 

Hp   68%


305 - Peace Virgils


295 - Transcendental Meditation


275 - Higher Mind   human



260 - Hatha Yoga Hinduism


255 - Sunnite Islam 


250 - Telepathy

250 - Shi'ite Muslim

250 - Rebirthing

250 - Neutrality  respectable, dependable     Hp  60%
satisfation, trust, release

240 - Qi Gong


210 > 405 - Astrology

210 > 185  - Feng Shui


210 - Numerology

210 - Crystals


205 - 100th Monkey phenomenon

205 - Rolfing

205 - Bodywork



202 - Holotropic Breathing

202 - Biofeedback


200 - Creationism

200 - Mayan Calendar  as a calendar

200 - Courage  moral, honest, hard-work, affirmation

         Hp   55%



ALL levels ABOVE 200 are Beneficial    

and support Life and Truth, and

vibrate positive "feel good" powers,


while ALL levels BELOW 200 are

Non-Beneficial and Do Not support life or

 truth, and vibrate negative forces.


190 - Atheist Movement

190 - Old Testament


190 - "Left Behind" Apocalyptic ideology

190 - Shinto   including Sumari code

190 - Co-dependency                                

190 - Secularism

190 - Tarot Reading


185 - Libertarianism

185 - Divination

185 - Relativism


180 - Gambling

180 - Proselytize                                          

180 - body piercing

180 - Hedonism


175 - Theocracy                                           

175 - pickpocket

175 - popular Spiritual Fiction

175 - Divination board games

175 - Pride  scorn, inflation, demanding     Hp   22%


165 - Atheism

165 - Skepticism


160 - casinos

160 - Wicca

160 - DNA Code theology

160 - Star People    ideology

160 - Heaven's Gate cult

160 - Ankh     the Egyptian symbol


155 - Anti-Semitism

155 - Lower Mind    human


150 - Anti-Creationism

150 - Anti-Evolution

150 - Anger  hate, vengeful, antagonistic, aggression        Hp   12%


145 - Star Children  ideology

145 - internet hackers                                

145 - petty thiefs


140 - prostitution                                         

140 - motorcycle outlaw gangs


135  >  180  -  Anti-religion and Anti-God

135 - Polygamy sects

135  >  185  -  The Occult


130 - Incoming Fifth World   ideology


125 - street gangs                                   

125 - monkey groups                                   

125 - Desire  obsessive, compulsive, disappointment,

enslavement, denying, craving                           Hp   10%


100 - Anarchism

100 - Pagan gods of Rome

100 - Fear  punitive, frightening, anxiety      Hp   10%


95 - Drug Addiction                                       

95 - Wife Beater

95 - Tantra  modern    


90 - Alcohol Addiction

90 - Greek gods

90 - Germanic gods

90 - Scandinavian gods

90 - War gods


85 - old Mayan, Aztec & Incan Religions of human sacrifice


75 - Internet porn

75 - Grief  despondency, uncaring, regret       Hp   9%


70 - Easter Island statues

70 - Alien Abduction 'experience'

70 - Book of Revelation - bible

70 - Fugue 'altered states'


65 -  Extreme selfishness


65 - al-Qaeda

65 - Taliban                                                  

65 - Mafia


60 - Bearing False Witness   


55 - Drunken driving                                    

55 - Drug dealers


50 - Jihad

50 -Apathy condemning,despair,hopelessness Hp   5%


45 - Cursing ~ using Lord's name in vain

45 - Voodoo

45 > 60  -  Psychopath

45 - Satanism


40 - bin Laden                                                

40 - organized crime


35 - The Inquisition  historic


30 - Wahhabism Islam

30 - Evil  guilt, blame, vindictive, destruction     Hp   4%


25 - Devil worship


20 - Black magic

20 - Shame  dispising, humiliation       Hp   1%


15 - Damning other people                           

14 - Pimp  


7 - Cocaine                                                      

6 - Heroin and Methamphetamines


5 - Serial murderer                                       

5 - Black witchcraft                                      



So, these are the spiritual hashmarks and goalposts for your enlightenment.

 For a quick spiritual lift:
Clasp the hands together
in prayer ~ see level
540 ~ and intone some "OM" chants ~ see level 740 ~.

*Footnote: These clinically proven calibrations are compiled together here for educational review.and have been clinically proven in research, revealed first in the New York Times best sellers list book Power vs Force by Dr. David R. Hawkins,  and in his 2005 world reference book Truth vs Falsehood.

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How to Determine The Day Your Spirit Entered Your Body

Learn how to calculate your REAL spiritual birthday, the day your spirit thisworld and entered the womb.

Dr. Hawkins clinical research has clinically proven and verified that a persons' "soul" enters the mother womb and fetus APPROXIMATELY 3 MONTHS (12 weeks) after conception, at around the end-of the first trimester, about 90 days. 

The number 90 is very important to the Maya.  There are 90 steps on many temples.

So everyone has two "birthdays" during the year and on the 260-day Mayan-calendar...

       (1)  the day your Spirit entered the womb, and then

       (2)  your physical day-of-birth six months later

After looking-up your Mayan  BIRTH day and discovering where it is on the 260 days, look-up SIX MONTHS before your day of birth.

Here is a website that makes it easy to calculate backward to find that first trimester date...