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Names We Give Things.

"Kinesiology," or muscle-testing, is the scientific breakthrough discovered in the 1960's which has bridged the seeming chasms between the limited physical dimensions of quantitative forces and forms and the limitless non-physical dimensions of formless qualities and powers of Awareness, Consciousness and Being.  

They are the proverbial two sides of the same coin...Yang & yin...loveLight & shadows..Spirit & forms...Eternal & temporal...Unity & separation...Power & force...Strong & weak...

Kinesiology is the scientific name for MUSCLE TESTING, in use around the globe that allows mankind to now prove with 100 percent accuracy the Truth or falsehood of ANY statement...Truth & the absence of Truth. 

Initially clinically proven, verified and documented by Dr. David R. Hawkins and his medical staff, within the last 15 years Kinisiology has been used by multiple teams of scientific researchers around the world to clinically proof and verify a staggering amount of data within all disciplines.  Read the MUSCLE TESTING chapter HERE.

The clinical research has revealed all kinds of little gems of information, such as:

That over 90 percent of all people believe that the world, universe, what have you, and all life in it is created by...an infinite Intelligent higher Power greater than themselves, some say Supreme Being or whatever word choosen to describe this One Source...that we can never be separate from, our Divine Presence, although many do resist the Reality we are One with all of Creation..

And that there are other unseen realms of existance beyond what the physical senses can perceive or that could be proven per se utilizing the traditionally accepted scientific "measuring" devices and methods.

The central nervous system, and the eyes, with their limited ranges of perception evolved much later in the fetus than connective tissue, which can sense the entire energy spectrum around us. The digestive system itself has now been proven to have its "own brain," which explains all those gut feelings we have about things. 

So, yes, one lives rather still in a chaotic world of ones "own" thoughts, perceptions, feelings and illusions, with everything interwoven into multiple dimensions and countless Universes...whereupon The LoveLight of Universal Harmony IS Here, established within each of us. 

In our "higher" oversoul Natures We are All Love, even our still ripening and spiritually asleep brothers and sisters (LIGHT-bulb not ON) who currently make up around: 85 percent of the worlds current population; and  55 percent of the population in the United States.

So, only 15 percent of all humans (45 percent of all Americans) have their spiritual LIGHT bulb ON. Halo...

95 percent of all CON-flict raging in the world today is between only TWO groups of people...those asleep misguided preditory angry souls without peace or love, forcing and demanding  others to "get" what they desire (those whose consciousness falls below level 200 on Dr. Hawkins' Map of Consciousness) and plying their bitter trades...pitted against those "awakened" souls within whom Love and Peace dwell (whose awareness by Grace is above level 200) and who have a spiritual energy LIGHT body, LIGHT bulb ON...Halo, again!

In the Natures of the karmically Low lives are imbedded the karmic challenges of the hidden wolf within sheeps' clothing, entangled in their own inner webs of darkness, so treasure every moment Awake and Aware, detective. 

Just over half of all people in America today are not spiritually awake yet and fall below level 200 on the Map of Consciousness. They can be considered socially malfunctioning preditory human beings. We see it on the news every day, so be Aware and detect the intentions of "others" by their actions and words, and trust your gut instincts to see if it matches up with your heart.

Some complain about how America has 1 percent of its population in prison, but for every one criminal that has been caught there are 40 more who have not. But not to worry about lost souls karmically caught in their own dark webs, holy Ones, for the bottom is the only place that some seek to reach before searching up and within to find the Light--for the only thing to change in this world of illusions has always been ourselves. 

If people COULD be different, they WOULD be different., goes the saying, and how true.

Celebrate your Light in each holy instant given you here, and keep sacred company. One of the best example sto set for "others" is to BE Love and to Share Love and Peace to All, no matter what...to Be the Light and to Share the Light in every moment on behalf of All Beings.  Halo!

For all other countries on Earth the percentage of preditory disfunctional population rates are all higher than America, all way above 50 percent. 

One cannot expect much responsibility or improvement from spiritually asleepwalkers.   

Generally, things are improving, SLOWLY, over time.  So many Dreams still to come true.

ALL souls here now will at some point discover their final Divine Self WITHIN. Maybe not in this lifetime, but All Souls WILL ripen and Awaken at some point, so, be of good cheer!

Be in constant communion Always with Our Better Angels of Goodness, Mercy, Compassion and Understanding. 

With Intention, envision oneself having a good day and always being safe, first thing upon Awakening each day...Seek ye First the Kingdom of Heaven, withIN. 

Welcome IN The LIGHT upon Awakening. 

Remember, Whatever One focuses on, One tends to Create

So Be Prepared...and, travel Light-ly.  Learn and flourish.

All historically successful societies have been guided by higher energy virtuous "spiritual" principles, the foundations on which all our current civil common laws, social institutions and governments are built upon. . .the spiritual teachings of the worlds greatest, well known and divine enlightened Masters and Saints...halo! 

According to the cutting edge science of quantum physics, "reality" is BOTH an ongoing instantaneous creation always now AND an evolution shaped by consciousness and intention.

In other words, life is: an aware, creative, evolutionary, miraculous, unfolding harmonic intelligent design.

So, here we all are, on our sacred 260-day Hero Journey experiencing all the various levels and degrees of creation, consciousness and awareness.  From the dark, shadowy and primitive swamps of wilderness ego illusions, on "in" beyond the finite realms of limited perceptions, to Be finally "opened of Heart"... being radiant Divine Light, Love and Peace, All Ways.

The 9-month Calendar of the Americas, the 260-day Mayan and Aztec calendar, is considered "sacred" by their people. 

These two ancient cultures produced fabulous artistic expressions of the Hoop of Life, the Spirit Wheel in motion, ascending and descending spirit guides moving up and down through all the various karmic levels of heavens and hells.   

These ancient Central American cultures also developed their own 365-day "solar" seasonal planting calendar composed of eighteen months, with 20 days in each month, plus an extra five days at the end of the year.  

The "sacred" inner planetary-based 260-day calendar, the Mayan "Tzolkin," to many people symbolizes the universal cosmic birth cycle as it unfolds itself along with the exact orbits of the inner planets Venus and Mars, the Sun and the Moon.

Not one initiated to teach the Maya or Aztec "religions," the research presented herein was first inspired by the masterful art of the-late Dr. José Arguelles in his book The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology.   

According to the calibrations made by the late Dr. David R. Hawkins in his book Truth vs Falsehood on common spiritual beliefs (which is reviewed in the section Levels of Consciousness of Common Spiritual Beliefs), at the time of their "discovery" by the Spaniards in the year 1519 the Maya and Aztec cultures had by then collasped into a tyranny cult of human sacrifice that calibrated very low on the scales of consciousness--at 85--below the level of integrity, and are classically considered to be demonic in nature. 

Whereas the 260-day calendar itself, as the world's most accurate astronomical calendar, calibrates at level 200 meaning that it stands at the doorway of Integrity as a "calendar" tracking the inner planetary movements of Venus, Mars, the Sun and the Moon, tand he solar & lunar eclipses. Certainly, and without a doubt, it is the worlds most accurate calendar.

One looks at Mayan historical art and notices the focus on the Heart.  Some people realize the heart to be the supreme sensory organ, and generator, of Love, and not "just a muscle" for pumping blood around the body.  The Heart is the Universal Heart within All Beings.

Although many artifacts record the acts of some psychotic individuals, a few so-called "kings" and "priests," whom removed hearts by force in demonic rituals of human sacrifice, let us be very, very careful not to judge the entire Maya or Aztec cultures or people by the unholy acts and oppressions of a few madmen. 

Many Spainards in the 1500's noted in their writings that the Aztec and Mayan cities and countrysides far surpassed in beauty, sophistication and design all European and known cities at that time.   

The research presented for you here on this website represents a bit of my 24-year personal journey of seeking to understand the Maya calendar, and also entails much more than just this ancient and sacred 260-day calendar. 

The time came to realize that the vibrational energy nature of this physical universe involved vibrational resonance, the re-sounding harmonic patterns; and analogies arose from multiple diciplines, including the important clinically proven research of Dr. David R. Hawkins, and the detailed history of the Central American regions compiled by Aztec calendar researcher and author Richard Graeber.

So now, having come to realize that the 260-day calendar is a holy Template Code of increasing and decreasing harmonic "potential" waves of spiritual karmic energies, the presence or absence of perfect Love and Peace, this can easily be tracked now with the Mayan calendar 13-day, 52-day and 260-day cycles. 

And, by combining the Aztec Calendar Stone layout to the mix, we see the Hoop of Life in full display. The Ancestors are Happy!

And yes, thankfully, this did lead to many personal spiritual revelations, whose basic Principles and spiritual concepts are known already within to all who read this. 

Hopefully these artistic renderings, charts and insights inspire and uplift One into spiritual Power rather than sounding proselytizing and forcing an unintended "religious" viewpoint.

We are all Eternal, sacred, Holy Spirits of radiant Love Light, now Remembering what can never be forgotten or ever lost completely.

The unspeakable Knowingness of the Joy bestowed by the releasing of a soul unto their own Reward for surviving the trials and temptations of this life here on Earth, the paths and the byways that all souls come finally to: a conclusion that all the ego-centered and selfish pathways of this World lead to an utter and complete spiritual darkness, suffering and death...upon which state of being some may finally surrender to glimpse that tiniest hint of a radiant Light that shines from far beyond the voids of all time and space.

Once realized, that soul has paid the price, which no time or money or effort ever could pay or get at any cost, for the Realization of that Source of one's inner Truth and strength is then grounded and secured upon a Rock and Foundation not of this world.

That Perfect Truth sets us all Free, and it is indeed only a matter of time until All traverse to that final shore.

And we here now, at no matter what the cost before, knowingly are kin with all those yet to cross that final threshold.

And so we say to our most holy Brothers and Sisters yet to cross, that you are not alone.  You are not alone!

With the spirit of Truth and Love and Peace, we do honor our Creator, in whom we trust and live another day.

The holy Light that was once just a hint is now the Light of Our Pathways in All things entered into.

We can all make seemingly profound heartbreaking wrong choices, only to realize later that the human mind cannot tell truth from falsehood, that All have missed the mark somehow or another, and only by recognizing and forgiving our own, and others, mistakes and ignorance with compassion, love and kindness, does the inner voice of Truth arise within us that then establishes only the beginning of our Endless and now eternal Walk with Our Higher Power and Self, with the Holy Spirit as our Comforter and Guide.

You are so blessed, my goodfriends, with so many souls along your path lifted up by your passing by. 

The power of our Testimony is the power of Redemption by Grace, the Original Story of us All.  That is the power of the Truth, so simple and common in which all can relate and share in, that certain Fall from righteousness by Law, then granted a return seat at the blessed holy alter and table only by the power of Divine Love, forgiveness and the SuperVision which sees no darkness within any soul. It is the soul that has remembered its true nature and, as a True Son or Daughter, its place always secure, yet sought only after a short dream of losing the way Home.  Each day we find joy now in each and every little thing, for we see with clear vision a holy creation. 

Glad to be here with you, Holy Brothers and Sisters.

Yes, We are All Holy, Brothers and Sisters, within this Earth dream, a created Holy One by Our Divine Creator; and that One "God," by whatever Name, has NO darkness within, only radiant Divine Light; and We are All created in that Divine image, and so We too...are All Divine Light; and We See Our Divine Light, within Every One, no matter what! And so Every One is Our Holy Brother and Sister...and We Love...every...One, nor hate any One, for...We Are All One. 

Be aware of and seek The Light Within All, and beware what lies in dark shadows.

One day while sitting in a class, waiting to read a paragraph from A Course in Miracles, I suddenly realized and said:

"The apple tree in our backyard bears fruit, in its season. Some apples appear on low branches, some in the middle, and some on the very top.  Some are in dark shade, while others bask in sun Light. Some ripen sooner than others. Some are diseased, and some are rotten to the core. And some are Perfect, for a few weeks. For All are Equal by Being Alive, because...All are on the same tree. We are all on the same tree, the Tree of Life, holy Sisters & brothers...a Holy One."

This lovely sacred Maya calendar...is such a beautiful roadmap to the endless Waves of Divine Now-Time...wherein We All Exist Together as a Holy Dream that is Divine and Eternal, never separated, always flowing in the One Holy River of Life, and so holy Now...Be...The Bright Holy Light Being in the World we are praying for.

Be love perfect peace, forever One Love...

Open now, Sacred Heart,

 Hear The Call...

   to the Higher Stations and Duties...

Being in Communion with Our Better angels.


That is all for now.

Richard Eagle, reporting love from planet Earth.


love      perfect    peace


      l  o  v  e       


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The One answer to all illusions is: Truth.

A Course In Miracles


l o v e, is all we are