How to do Muscle Testing ~ Kinesiology


Here is the Most Scientifically Accurate Method to Determine the Truth from Falsehood, Yes or Not yes.

Again, it is probably not possible to review the-late Dr. David R. Hawkins research without somehow using his words, terminology, and phrases because his research can only be explained clearly using his words, terminology, and phrases.

How to calibrate the levels of consciousness.and how to test any statement for Truth:

The science and applications of Kinesiology or "muscle testing" have now been used by medical doctors and professionals for many years. The accuracy of the results and abilkity to verify the results scientifically has been well clinically proven.

The attractor energy fields of awareness, consciousness, is limitless in power.  Specific awareness levels have been scientifucally proven now for years and range from ‘1’ to ‘1,000’. 

Dr. David R. Hawkins stated that:

"These energy fields reflect and dominate human consciousness.  Everything in the universe radiates a specific frequency, or minute energy field, that remains in the field of consciousness permanently.  Thus, every person or being whoever lived, and everything about them, including any event, thought, deed, feeling, or attitude, is recorded forever and can be retrieved at any time in the present or the future."

The Muscle Testing Technique

     The actual muscle response (or ‘muscle testing’) is a basic ‘yes’ or ‘not yes’ response to a specific question.  It is usually done by having a person hold out their arm, and then another person presses down on the wrist of the that arm, using two fingers with very light pressure.  The test subject holds a substance over their stomach with the hand of the not raised arm.  The tester says, “Resist,” and if the substance being held is good or beneficial to the person being tested , then the arm will remain strong without falling.  If the substance is not good or beneficial, the arm will immediately go somewhat or very weak.  The response is very fast.

    Note: The awareness level of both people must calibrate over consciousness level “200” in order to be accurate.

    The muscle response is not to the body itself at all, but was instead is reaction of consciousness itself to the physical object or statement

    Dr. Hawkins stated:

"That which is true, beneficial, or pro-life gives a positive response, which stems from the impersonal field of consciousness that is present in everyone living."

  This positive indicator is shown by the body’s muscles remaining strong.  And any of the muscles of the a human may be used.

    If any statement is not true or if any thing is not beneficial, muscles will go slightly or very weak in response . This shows that the object or statement is not true, anti-life, or that the answer is “no.”  The response is short and fast in duration.  The muscles will quickly recover.

Dr. Hawkins stated:

"Consciousness actually knows only Truth because only Truth has actual existence.  It does not respond to falsehood because falsehood does not have existence in reality." Consciousness is capable of recognizing only Truth.  It merely fails to respond to falsehood.

     Similarly, a shiny surface reflects only if there is an object there.  If no object is present , there is no reflection.

    Before any question (in the form of a statement) is stated, one must qualify permission’; that is, say “I have permission to ask about what I am holding in mind.” "Resist." Yes/Not Yes.  Always ask the permission statement first, BEFORE beginning.  Dr. Hawkins stated that; "It is best to preface every statement with, “In the Name of the Highest Good…”

    A place without any music, sounds or noise is best.  Don't wear metal glasses or watches.  And the person must have their eyes shut.  After getting "permission" to test, the tester must say ‘the question’ in the form of a statement.  The statement can then be answered as ‘yes’ or ‘not yes.’  An incorrect way to would be to say, “Is this healthy to eat,” rather than to correctly say, “This food is healthy,” or, “This food is not healthy.

    After making a statement, the one person says, “Resist” to the person holding out their arm, then will press down with slight pressure with two fingers on the wrist.  The persons' arm will either continue being strong, for ‘yes,’ or go weak, a ‘not yes,’ with the the reaction being quick.

    Muscle testing can't be used to predict the future. And it will not respond accurately to not in iintegrity statements, or greed statements, such as “should I buy a certain stock,” etc. Other than those guidelines there aren't any limitations to the types of statements one can test, whether in the past or present.  However, when asking the permission statement, one may be denied permission. Rare, but it does happens.

   And void using vague terms such as a ‘good’ home to buy.  ‘Good’ in what way?  Price?  Neighbors?  The quality of the construction?  Easy to maintain?  The more specific the statement is the more accurate the test results.

The Two Finger Method

    For very important issues it is best to muscle test with two people, but when one is alone just use the following two-finger technique:

    Press the thumb and index finger together to make a circle, and then using the index finger of the other hand as ‘a hook’ firmly pull through the thumb-index finger connection to try and break the circle.  A strong response will hold the thumb and index finger in place, while a weak response will pull the thumb-index fingers apart to break the circle

    Say your statement then try again, but use the opposite of that statement, such as: “This food is healthy to eat,” or “This food is not healthy to eat.” One is only trying to feel the stronger of the two responses to determine the truth.  Please do not squeeze the thumb and index fingers together so hard that it is impossible to break them apart. Just hold them firmly together.  Keep trying this ‘finger technique’ until you learn how to do it correctly, by saying certain statements that your know are true or false. 

    Just remember, don't keep trying until you get the result you want or desire. You have to do this as a neutral researcher or doctor would, without judgement or expectation of the results.

    Ten percent (10%) of the 15 percent of the worlds' population that calibrates above level 200 are not able to use the muscle testing, for unknown reasons. 

Calibration of Personal Levels of Awareness

     Example: “In the Name of the Highest GoodOn a scale of consciousness from 1 to 1,000, where 200 is the level of being true, (name of person) calibrates over level 200.” (Yes/Not Yes)  Next, one may determine the exact awareness level by making a series of statements, like, “…over 250.” (Yes/Not Yes) “…over 300.” (Yes/Not Yes) …etc., testing a range of different levels until determining the correct one…  “…at 310.” (Yes/Not Yes) 

    And don't try to calibrate yourself because  the ‘ego’ usually gets in the way.

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