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:Richard-Alan: Eagle

"Two Winds"

Mayan calendar specialist, researcher, author, storyteller and wilderness guide.
Artist, comedian:), maraca player, photographer, poet, tenor, minister and friend of doGz


"Humor allows the foolish to be seen, the pain to become a smile,
and our ego to pass from darkness into Light giggles innocent child."

 For the Mayan Calendar specialist :Richard-Alan: Eagle is for 30-years
a most highly regarded student
Dr. José Argüelles ~ The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology.

For :Richard-Alan creates handout charts with a 12-month calendar in 1989
to help teach his first Mayan calendar workshop in Minneapolis, Minnesota
that became his yearly
Mayan Calendar Guidebook.
The 1996 edition sold over 4,000 copies around the world, with coverage by TV show Strange Universe on Canadian television.

For this website contains the now material gathered from numerous talks, classes, lectures and books by :Richard-Alan: Eagle.


For :Richard-Alan:Eagle, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA, attended St. Anthony Village High School:
the Assistant Editor of the high school newspaper; the President of the Concert Choir, given a 4-star rating at the 1975 Minnesota State High School Vocal Competion; Actor in the autumn and spring school theater productions for 5-years and Lead Actor in the spring 1975 production; attended colleges: The University of Minnesota in Minneapolis (where his grandfather had for years managed the experimental gardens), the Minnesota School Of Business, and Bemidji State University in northern Minnesota.

For :Richard-Alan his father regularly met with local Native American elders to help coordinate social services to the local downtown Minneapolis neighborhoods.  His grandmother built and managed Eagle Nursing Home in nearby Bloomington, Minnesota, and he a witness to hospice nursing care up close. 

For :Richard-Alan: Eagle self-published: Cash Action: The Great American Game, a collection of his poetry in 1984

For :Richard-Alan began his research into the mysteries of the ancient 260-day Mayan Calendar in August 1987, on the day of the "Harmonic Convergence", by studying The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology by the late Dr. José Argüelles.

For :Richard-Alan taught his first Mayan calendar class in Minneapolis in 1989.

For :Richard-Alan; Eagle creates the first edition of "The Mayan Calendar Guidebook".

For :Richard-Alan The Mayan Calendar Guidebook  is a yearly publication until 1996, as a study guide with combined Mayan and January-December calendars. 


In 1991 Willard van de Bogart, a close friend of Dr. Argüelles, visits :Richard-Alan and expressed that José had mentioned to Willard that of all the people José knew of, besides his wife Lloydine, he thought :Richard-Alan had the best understanding of his Mayan calendar books and research. Willard presents :Richard-Alan with a personal note from José telling him to "keep up the good work."

For :Richard-Alan in 1989 in Sedona, Arizona teaches a Mayan calendar class and has one of most powerful spiritual experiences of his life:.

For :Richard-Alan says, "While in deep prayer at the main Native American sacred ceremonial hill in Sedona, out on the red rocks, I experience a miraculous state of bliss, peace and grace.  I sit on a rock ledge overlooking Long Canyon and a total silent perfect Peace manifest, and the silent Peace fills me.  Suddenly the unusual gusts of Two Winds rise up from the valley floor below, one after another, blowing right thru me and deep into my soul, winds of perfect peace 'energy', divine Love and Grace. I am in state of bliss for hours. This sacred place is not on the tourist maps. It's on the top of a canyon ridge known locally as 'Rachel's Knoll,' the location within the Seven Canyons Golf Resort."

This view is of this ancient Valley of  The Winds.


Rachel's Knoll ~ Sedona, Arizon

For :Richard-Alan moves to Sedona and works for local jeep tour company Sedona Adventures as a driver and guide, escorting tourists around Sedona's famous energy vortex fields and Northern Arizona sacred sites.  He shares with people many of his experiences of the spectacular & beautiful places hidden away unknown in the ancient untouched high deserts and canyons of the southwestern United States.

For :Richard-Alan meets with Mayan Factor author Dr. José Argüelles in Sedona in 1993 and have a nice conversation together, pictured here:

:Richard-Alan (front) with Dr. José Argüelles and Lloydine (top left-center).
Sedona, Arizona 1993

For :Richard-Alan travels to New Mexico in 1994 and gives his Mayan calendar presentation at the Whole Life Expo.

For :Richard-Alan: Eagle in December 1995 creates a new professional version of The Mayan Calendar Guidebook, complete with color charts and a spiral binder. Nearly 4,000 copies sell around the world that year. 
Below is a 1996 book review.

New Age Retailer  magazine (July/August 1996, pp.44-45):

 “His excellent book is a thorough teaching reference that is also easy to understand. The Mayan Calendar Guidebook presents the what, why, and how of tracking the energies and other information presented on the calendars…This reference book should become part of your regular inventory.  Customers who are just learning to use a Mayan calendar will find it answers most of their questions and prepares them to be able to use any current Mayan calendar more effectively…"



      For :Richard-Alan begins using the Guatemala Highland Maya "count of days"  in 1997, realizing that the Lowland Maya Yucatan "count of days" that Dr. Argüelles promotes was actually 'OFF count' by 55 days (now 57 days as of 2018), miscounted beginning back at some point hundreds of years in the past and no longer exactly aligned to the exact settings and risings of the planet Venus.

   For :Richard-Alan begins developing his 'own approach' to the Mayan calendar, focusing more on the major and minor cycles of the Mayan time cycles rather than in regard to just the meanings and interpretations of the 20 glyph-symbols which can vary widely in useage and meanings throughout the Maya regions.

For :Richard-Alan another deeply moving spiritual experience and adventure occurs for him in the summer of 1995.

For :Richard-Alan says, "On a blazing hot summer afternoon day September 1995 while skinydippin' alone along the wilderness banks of the Verde River in northern Arizona, I wade up the river quite a long way, exploring huge river rock sandbars when my eye catches a glimpse of a shiny golden tan seven-inch thick sandstone rock with natural quartz crystals resting upon a large rock sandbar that, that...wow!...formed the outline image of a near perfect Hopi 'kokopelli' flute player in the flat rock surface!
An overwhelm of emotions overtakes me, just stunned by the rocks' smooth natural beauty. I had lift up the heavy rock icon and begin carrying it downstream when it reveals to my heart its true 'power'.
I understand inwardly this is a very special ceremonial stone...as its' holder feels Great Power.
I wade in crystal clear waters, splashing along in sunlight innocence. Suddenly a feeling arises of wanting to keep it all for myself. But my heart turns heavy with thought...I am not worthy of it...No!...YES!...NO!...Yes?...and finally understanding that this was a great medicine stone, along with the heart-moving revelation of in whose hands it wanted to be with.
I return to my living quarters and the sacred stone icon gave itself to one of my friends, a camping buddy, life mentor and true spiritual brother, James F., for his birthday gift.
Weeks earlier we both were out exploring the side canyons of the valley and came upon what looked like a bear cave. There was even a small rock with a bear crawled onto it and fallen wood timbers that blocked the small opening.
We cautiously crawl up inside the 4-foot round cave opening. Now inside in the darkness a thin shaft of sunlight shines down from above us, through a spiral shaped opening in the rock ceiling.
James notices a small opening in the back of the cave. He lights some scrap paper on fire and crawls inside, disappearing into the hole. James' hidden voice soon calls to me from the darkness, to join him. As my fears subside I slowly crawl on my hands and knees in utter darkness up a narrow passageway that slopes upward some fifteen feet.
A flame again is lit and it reveals the hidden womb of a large 15-foot cave. Here the antlers and candles spoke of this being a sacred ceremonial cave.  It is connected to a 10-foot side room with an angeled rounded-V ceiling and natural benches on each side.
From this place, we emerged from the earth into the world.
I am blessed with the friendship of many Hopi and Navajo Diné elders, such as David Silver Bear. The first day I met Silver Bear months later I told him about that cave, and he says, "Yeah...that's our cave...Bear Cave."
I told Silver Bear about the perfect shimmering golden sandstone Kokopelli rock sunning on the river bank and how I regret carrying it off, that maybe I had stolen a Hopi ceremonial stone. Silver Bear just laughed and says, "IF someone left it there, then just remember that someone once gave it to them, or they maybe just found it too. The stone found you AND you found the stone! No one owns a rock. They like to move around and visit, just like us. And you gave it to someone, and so they were supposed to be with it next. Don't worry about it. The rocks go wherever they want to."
I also ask Silver Bear about how the Hopi elders, like Grandfather Titus, measured time, knowing the Hopi use the 260-day count.. Silver Bear replies, "Well, we go to Prophesy Rock with string and measure. But now, I use your charts too." "


     For :Richard-Alan in 1998 as a copywriter for Sedona tourist magazine StarFire Sedona, while delivering magazines he spotted a stranded Jeep and offered to help, thereby meeting the driver, Susan Hawkins.  Susan mailed a copy of her husbands' book as a thank you, Power vs Force by Dr. David R. Hawkins. Another life changing moment, when one is dedicated to: good deeds always no matter what, good things happen.

      For :Richard-Alan 'hung up his spurs' in 2000 to be hotel manager of the Wildflower Inn, in Sedona right across the street from world famous Bell Rock. Also as hotel manager at the Days Inn Kokopelli Inn, now owned and operated by the Hopi nation.

For :Richard-Alan is humbled to be with the Hopi "on the Mesas" on multiple occassions. 

      For :Richard-Alan says, "Mitakuye oyasin...Blessings to the Hopi Eagle clan and all clans, my work is dedicated to the living memories of The Peaceful One Titus and Diné elder David Silver Bear, and all Sacred Rainbow Beings of the Sacred Hoop...Peace and Love in All Generations, Divine."

      For :Richard-Alan in 2000 travels to Ohio and volunteers his management skills at two health food stores in the Youngstown area thru 2011.

      For :Richard-Alan in 2001 is diagnosed with stage three cancer, needing four major surgeries and endures the near loss of sight in his right eye that he still is recovering from.

     For :Richard-Alan in 2012 returns to Sedona, Arizona and opens his own retail store, Save Your Health Now

      For :Richard-Alan says, "The leading edges and parameters in the fields of 'natural holistic' health today is clinically proven to be a four-fold interconnected balance of physical-emotional-mental and spiritual well-being. With the assistance of our inner Holy-Spirit-Love, together with utilizing tools like the timings of the Mayan calendar cycles, one person or whole groups now understand and use the natural flows of time, using the world’s most accurate calendar, to facilitate moving ones' own unbalanced life forces back into a natural state of inner power, balance, and well-being."

      For :Richard-Alan in 2012 is recognised as being one of the top Mayan calendar specialists in the world by being invited to lecture onboard the MayanCruise2012 VIP ship that celebrated Dec. 21, 2012.

      For :Richard-Alan in 2013 returns to Ohio.

       For :Richard-Alan: Eagle in 2015 publishes his third book, Stonehenge Of America: Blue Mounds State Park ~Minnesota;
a Kindle e-book of his true life account of discovering in Blue Mounds State Park at the eastern end of a quarter-mile long east-west alignment of blue quartzite rocks a hidden ancient Native American natural rock amphitheater, with a special sitting ledge upon which to view the sunrise on the first day of every spring and fall: the "Stonehenge of America."

"Stonehenge of America: Blue Mounds State Park"

      For :Richard-Alan; Eagle in 2017 releases his book, Merry Hunters Club, a paperback he originally writes as a screenplay to document the most powerful spiritual experiences of his life, woven into a fictional adventure story:

"Merry Hunters Club"

       For :Richard-Alan by grace witnesses seven major miracles and over twenty unexplanable 'events,' which reminds him now how powerful and miraculous life really is.

        For :Richard-Alan in 1978, on a spiritual retreat to Aspen, Colorado goes whitewater rafting on the Colorado River with 11 other people and all are extremely sun burned.

       For :Richard-Alan says, "That night while our group prayed together at our nightly bible study, a 'cloud of love' materializes in the room that fills us all completely, with tears of joy. The energy slowly disappears. Someone shouts out that their sunburn is gone! And there is not even a hint of sunburn on all twelve of us. Amazing." 

      For :Richard-Alan this experience of miraculous 'group healing' changes his life forever. 

       For :Richard-Alan in 2011 he registers to be a non-denominational minister.

        For :Richard-Alan says, "The apple tree in our backyard bears its fruit in its season. Some apples appear on low branches, some in the middle, and some on the very top.  Some apples are in dark shade, while others bask in sun light. Some ripen sooner than others, some are diseased, and some are seemingly perfect for a few days. All are Perfect in their Own Way, for All are on The Same Tree. We are all on the same Tree of Life, Holy Brothers and Sisters, a holy One."

      For :Richard-Alan by grace he shares with love the 'Ancient Ones Dreamtime Sacred Hoop'...The Calendar of the Americas...the 260-day 'hero journey' on the One Holy Sacred Path of Eternal Love & Peace, by Inspiration from Within...Seek, and Find Thee...True...Love and perfect  Peace.


Universal Life Church, ULC, We Are All Children Of the Same Universe



This website presents
the most now research of :Richard-Alan: Eagle

     For :Richard-Alan; Eagle in 1998 realizes the 12-note musical scale octave, the musical tones, are exactly correlated to each day of every 13-day week on the Mayan calendar and announces this finding and research in a public presentation of the discovery of the musical codes to time; documented in the Sedona Red Rock News.

     For :Richard-Alan: Eagle in 2006 realizes that the clinically-proven Map of Consciousness by Dr. David R. Hawkins is exactly correlated to the 260-day Mayan calendar cycle, resulting in an understanding of both the 'force and Power' pulsation cycles and their potentials for each day and now time. 

     For :Richard-Alan; Eagle his decipherment intuition of how each of the 20 symbols on both the Mayan and Aztec calendars have the same inner meanings even though by comparision a few of the symbols look different and are named different.


         "The Calendar is understood to be the Circle of Life,

             and so We Be All On A Sacred Journey,

              meandering thru both Wilderness and Heavens..."


          Desires ~ Good Works ~ Reason & Love ~ Bliss Teachers ~ The Divine Ones

                on  The Path of Perfect Love and Peace on Earth 


*   *   *


Rich's Mini-Photo Tour of Mystical Places > > >


  "Rachel's Knoll"

The main energy field "vortex" site of the five energy areas around Sedona, Arizona.

     During my first visit, while sitting in prayer on a northwest rock ledge overhang, 

       everything suddenly became completely silent in the valley...

the silent peace becomes you....

         then a strong Wind rose up from the valley below and flew up to the knoll 

           and blew right through my heart and body...first One...and then One more, triple strength!

Two Winds

the First one to cleanse...the Second one to fill...

             creating a hours-long state of Grace and spiritual Ecstasy...Bliss!



      An old saying: After ecstasy, the laundry.




    The creek within Pipestone enchants all her visitors.



 Natural rock formation, the so-called "Sphinx," along the creek path at Pipestone.



On the high bluffs over looking the Mississippi River and Lake Pepin at Frontenac State Park.




Looking up at "In Yon Teaopa," the massive natural stone arch on the Mississippi River 

at Lake Pepin, in Frontenac State Park just 90 minutes south of Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

  The local native Americans hold the rock to be sacred and many medicine bags are present.

  Note: It's nearly on the exact same line of longitude as the so-called "Devil's Tower" in Wyoming.



          In the eye of the sacred power arch...In Yon Teaopa.



For this website by :Richard-Alan: Eagle.