Omega & Alpha Zone

According to the-late DAVID SILVER BEAR (JOHNSON), an Elder of the Native American Navajo-Dene nation, there was a fulfilment of ancient Navajo prophesy in the years leading up to 2000, by the miraculous appearance of their sacred "Protectors" on multiple occassions.

"The Holy Ones now are Appearing to the Elders. The Grandmothers Dream Circles see."

The Hopi "Blue Star" stories may also perhaps be related to the 8th Mayan daysign blue STAR lamat.

The very last Week of the twenty 13-day weeks on the Mayan calendar is blue STAR lamat Week-20.

 And this most spiritually powerful 13-day week leads-up every 260-days to the "Last Day" of the calendar, situated at the End & the Beginning -- the Omega & the Alpha -- of the 260-day wavelength, at the junction of "the most powerful" time-warp energy field.

The Magic Circle...the Serpent consumes its own tail at the end.

If Day #260, blue 13 LORD ajaw, potentially calibrates
on up to the very top Level 1,000, that is Divinity, then
the arrival of blue
STAR lamat Week-20 signals
the coming of both the End & the Beginning... E&B...

13 STAIRS eb'  leads to 1 STAR lamat Week-20


Be Loving for all  we  have is today, give it away, love...