Map: 1,000 LEVELS

Major 1,000 Levels of Consciousness & Mayan Weeks

Each of the five cycle of 52-days, and each of the 13-day cycles, can be associated with general "Levels of Consciousness" or Awareness as identified by the research of the-late DR. DAVID R. HAWKINS and presented in his clinically proven "Map of Consciousness" in his 1995 New York Times best selling book Power vs Force, as reviewed in this logarithmic scaled chart (edited for educational purposes).
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All the 'levels of consciousness' express themselves in physical FORM below Level 500.

(Note: Mayan calendar info and musical scale are not part of Dr. David Hawkins Map of Consciousness.)



All calibrations on the Expanded Levels chart, except the Mayan calendar weeks and musical scale notes and tones, are listed in the-late DR. DAVID R. HAWKINS 2005-book, Truth vs. Falsehood: How To Tell The Difference

All levels DOWN from Level 1,000 indicate Increasing Resistance to perfect love and peace.

Note: Animal Group calibrations are 'AVERAGES' with individual variations occurring.

There are 10,000 major different possible Levels of Consciousness and Awareness on Earth that one can experience and focus on, reduced here to a logarithic scale from 1 to 1,000.

The "bottom" 199 levels are predatory in nature, without awareness of spiritual power, compassion or the capacity for love.

Listen to DR. HAWKINS explain the Levels of Consciousness in this link (Part 1 of 6):