Five 52-Day HOUSES

The Mayan calendar can be sectioned into five 52-day realms, cycles of time or 'Houses' of time.

13 days x 4 weeks  = 52-day realm or 'House' of time

So five unique realms representing five different Houses of time and ranges of consciousness awareness 'potentials' (explained in the chart below the 260-day map) are identified over the course of every 260 days.


Each of the five cycles of 52-days, and each of the 13-day cycles, can be associated with general "levels of consciousness" or awareness.

Levels of consciousness were identified by the research of the-late DR. DAVID R. HAWKINS and presented in his clinically proven "Map of Consciousness" in his 1995 New York Times best selling book Power vs Force, as reviewed in this chart (edited for educational purposes). Purchase Dr. Hawkins Map, HERE.

Listen to the-late DR. HAWKINS explain the Levels of Consciousness in this link (Part 1 of 6):

All levels DOWN from Level 1,000 indicate Increasing Resistance to perfect love and peace.

There are 10,000 different possible Levels of Consciousness and Awareness on Earth that one can experience and focus on, reduced here to a logarithic scale from 1 to 1,000.

The "bottom" 199 levels are predatory in nature, without awareness of spiritual power, compassion or the capacity for love.

Seen as a "Hero Journey" through all 1,000 levels of consciousness, the first 52-days starting at Day #1 to Day #52 represent a journey of understanding thru the lowest levels of consciousness, the lower "Wilderness" or Underworld, and then on 'up' thru  4 more higher levels of consciousness, the 'Heavenly Realms' from Day #53 to Day #260.

Cycle 1
Days #1 - #52  represent House ONE of The Wilderness & Ego @ potential levels 1-199.

Cycle 2
Days #53 - #104  represent House TWO of Good-Works Service @ potential levels 200-399.
Cycle 3
Days #105 - #156  represent House THREE of Reason to Love @ potential levels 400-599.
Cycle 4
Days #157 - #208  represent House FOUR of The Bliss Teachers @ potential levels 600-799.
Cycle 5
Days #209 - #260  represent House-FIVE of The Divine-Ones @ potential levels 800-1,000.

Cycle 1 - Ego Challenges Emerge when Conditions allow
Cycle 2 - Moralize, Create Positive "Do Something About It" Actions and Services
Cycle 3 - Reasonable Planning, Try Unconditional Love and Acceptance, Transfiguration Begins
Cycle 4 - Effortless Intentions Realized without Force by Power 
Cycle 5 - Complete Enlightened Conclusion draws the last resisting Negative in preparation for Next Cycle

*Note: All Mayan Calendar dates on this website are from the exact proven accurate calendar of the Guatemala-highlands Maya 'count of days' used today by the oldest Mayan communities. The other calendar 'count of days' known as the Yucatan-lowlands Mayan calendar count, used by the-late DR. JOSÉ ARGÙELLES, is miscounted by 57 days as of 2020. The Yucatan-lowlands count of days miscount began hundreds of years ago and is no longer aligned with the rising and setting cycles of the planet Venus, which is what the Mayan Calendar is suoosed to be based upon. This split can be traced back into the 1500's with the arrival of the "divide & conquer" Spanish army in 1519.

Printable .PDF files of the TWO 2020 Mayan Calendars

The 20 Weeks: Five 52-day 'Houses'

General Themes, with Dates

In all, Love, one's intention.

52-day House-ONE of The Wilderness & Ego:

The Primal Forces

For all karmically struggle, feel and yearn for Life, Being whatever form One creates now.

Week-1   DRAGON imix ~May 14, 2020  Day #1

Week-2  WIZARD ix ~May 27, 2020  Day #14

Week-3  HAND manik' ~June 9, 2020  Day #27

Week-4  SUN ajaw ~June 22, 2030  Day #40


52-day House TWO: The Outer Heavens

Good-Works Service

Caring Together for All the Good Things of this planet.

Week-5  SKYWALKER b'en ~July 5, 2020  Day #53

>Begin EAGLE men Season ~July 7, 2020  Day #55

Week-6  WORLDBRIDGER kimi' ~July 18, 2020  Day #66

Week-7  STORM kawak ~July 31, 2020  Day #79

Week-8  HUMAN eb' ~August 13, 2020  Day #92


52-day House THREE: The Inner Heavens

Reason to Love

For uniting the Mind-of-Reason with the Heart-and-holy-Spirit-of-Love, wisdom.

Week-9  SERPENT chikchan ~August 26, 2020  Day #105

Week-10  MIRROR etz'nab' ~September 8, 2020  Day #118

>Begin SUN ajaw Season ~September 10, 2020  Day #120

>Mid-point on the calendar: Days #130 - #131

Week-11  MONKEY chuwen ~September 21, 2020  Day #131

Week-12  SEED k'an ~October 4, 2020  Day #144

>"Day Keepers Day"  8 MONKEY ~October 11, 2020  Day #151


52-day House FOUR: The Higher Heavens

The Bliss Teachers

For All-are-Teachers dedicated to Being-the-Example in sharing Life-giving powers.

Week-13  EARTH kab'an ~October 17, 2020  Day #157

Week-14  DOG ok ~October 30, 2020  Day #170 

Week-15  NIGHT ak'bal ~November 12, 2020  Day #183

>Begin SERPENT chikchan Season ~November 14, 2020  Day #185

Week-16  WARRIOR kib' ~November 25, 2020  Day #196


52-day House FIVE: The Mystic Heavens

The Divine Ones

For the illusions of This World are One's-own-Dualities surrendered-within.

Week-17  MOON muluk ~December 8 2020  Day #209

Week-18  WIND ik' ~December 21, 2020  Day #222          

Week-19  EAGLE men ~January 3, 2021  Day #235

 Week-20  STAR lamat ~January 16, 2021  Day #248

  >Begin DOG ok Season ~January 18, 2021  Day #250

Last Day of Week-20 completes on:

13 SUN ajaw ~January 28, 2021  Day #260

Ascend to The Stars, master, with the last step taken by g-o-d.
All is sacred Love, master perfect Peace.

merge  now  beyond  form  love

Now One knows the layout of The Fields
and where the goal posts are.  :)


ATTENTION: For Shift Happens on YELLOW-13 days: 


The FIVE "YELLOW-13" days, at the end of each 52-day House, in-order of increasing spiritual Power, indicated by: +

~October 18, 2019 - Day #52 - 13 HUMAN  +

~December 9, 2019 - Day #104 - 13 SEED  + +

~January 30, 2020 - Day #156 - 13 WARRIOR  + + +

~March 22, 2020 - Day #208 - 13 STAR  + + + +

~May 13, 2021 - Day #260 - 13 SUN  + + + + +