13-YEAR Cycles

Current 52-Year Cycle

1987 to  2038


13-Year Cycle 3 of 4

1987 - 1999

2000 - 2012

> 2013 - 2025  

  2026 - 2038


white NIGHT ak'bal  YEARS

white West - Harvest

13-year cycle

2013  to  2025


20220 =

Year 8 of 13-years

red SOUTH summer


yellow Year 8 FLINT etz'nab'

Year 2 of  4-year cycle

2019 to 2022

2013  1 NIGHT  west - harvest

2014   2 STAR  north - winter

2015  3  REED  east - spring

2016   4 FLINT  south - summer

2017  5 NIGHT west - harvest

2018   6 STAR  north - winter

2019  7 REED  east - spring

2020   8 FLINT  south - summer

2021  9 NIGHT  west - harvest

2022  10 STAR  north - winter

2023  11 REED  east - spring

2024  12 FLINT  south - summer

2025  13 NIGHT  west - harvest

Red FLINT Year 8


Year 8 of 13-Year cycle

2013 ~ 2025


red  FLINT etz'nab'

SOUTH gateway - summer


Year 2 of 4-year cycle

2019 - 2022


365-day yellow Year 8 FLINT

Started on:

JANUARY 12, 2020

8  FLINT etz'nab'

Day #138


YEAR yellow 8 FLINT etz'nab'

Completes on:

JANUARY 11, 2021


The Current 260-Days


The current 260-days

Started on:

August 28, 2019

Water Lily CREATURE  imix

Day #1


The current 260-days

Complete on:

May 13, 2020

13  LORD  ajaw

Day #260


The 52-day HOUSES


The FIVE 52-day HOUSES



August 28, 2019


"The Wilderness-Ego"

The Underworlds

52-day cycle 1 of 5

begins Day #1

Water Lily CREATURE imix


October 19, 2019


"Good-Works Service"

The Outer Heavens

52-day cycle 2 of 5

begins Day #53

1  REED  ben


December 10, 2019


"Reason to Love"

The Inner Heavens

52-day cycle 3 of 5

begins Day #105

1  SERPENT  chikchan


January 31, 2020


"The Bliss Teachers"

The Higher Heavens

52-day cycle 4 of 5

begins Day #157

1  EARTH  kab'an


March 23, 2020


"The Divine Ones"

The Mystic Heavens

52-day cycle 5 of 5

begins Day #209

1  WATER  muluk


May 13, 2020

Last Day #260

13  LORD  ajaw









yellow  SERPENT  chikchan


June 13, 2019

3 SERPENT chikchan

Day #185


red  DOG  ok


August 17, 2019

3 DOG ok

Day #250


white  EAGLE  men


October 21, 2019

3 EAGLE men

Day #55


blue  LORD  ajaw


December 25, 2019

3 LORD ajaw

Day # 120


- - - - - - - -


begins on

February 28, 2020

3 SERPENT chikchan

Day #185


13 MONTHS of 20-days


13 MONTHS of  20-Days

MONTH Start Dates


Water Lily CREATURE imix


LORD ajaw



August 28, 2019



September 17, 2019



October 7, 2019



October 27, 2019



November 16, 2019



December 6, 2019



December 26, 2019



January 15, 2020



February 4, 2020



February 24, 2020



March 15, 2020



April 4 2020



April 24, 2020

Last 20-days


"Expanded" Levels chart


First, click HERE to view the "Expanded" 1,000 Levels of Consciousness chart.

All calibrations, except the Mayan calendar weeks and musical scale notes and tones, are listed in the-late DR. DAVID R. HAWKINS 2005-book, Truth vs. Falsehood: How To Tell The Difference

All levels DOWN from Level 1,000 indicate Increasing Resistance to perfect love and peace.

Note: Animal Group calibrations are 'AVERAGES' with individual variations occurring.

There are 1,000 major different possible levels-of-consciousness and awareness that one can experience and focus on. 

The "bottom" 199 levels are predatory in nature, without awareness of spiritual power, compassion or the capacity for love.

The transition from a person operating out of their Lower Mind at Level 155 to their Higher Mind at Level 275 results in a drop in the rate of criminality from 50 percent to only 9 percent, and a decrease in the rate of poverty from 22 percent to  15 percent.

Each level also exhibits different rates of Happiness factors, as indicated below.

Level   Happiness percentage %  or  Hp

1,000   100

700      100

600      100

540      96-99

500      89

400      79

350      71

310      68

250      60

200      55

175      22

150      12

125      10

100      10

  75        9

  50        5

  30        4

  20        1

The-late DR. DAVID R. HAWKINS states, on page 29 of his book, Transcending the Levels of Consciousness:

The brains physiology also changes dramatically at consciosness level 200, which is the level where the quality of life changes, not only in man but also in the animal kingdom, from preditory to benign. This is expressed by the emergence of concern for the welfare, survival, and happiness of others rather than just for the personal self.

Let's review the interesting facts of how DR. HAWKINS came to develop his amazing Map of Consciousness.

The entire energy spectrum of "consciousness" levels of awareness on Earth was discovered to be 10,000 levels, then scaled from 1 to 1,000 according to the clinically proven research of  DR. HAWKINS. The clinically proven truth about "awareness" and "Reality" can be found in his research, whose books are required reading in psychology classes at universities and colleges all around the world today.. 

 In the1960's DR. HAWKINS had the largest psychiatric practice in America, based in New York City, with 25 regional offices. 

 It was during the 1960's that Western medical doctors were beginning to study and do research into Chinese acupuncture

Traditional Chinese acupuncture healers have known for thousands of years that the body nervous system has multiple energy pathways they term "energy meridians" that can be accessed by specific acupuncture location points on the body.  The energy flow through the energy meridians has the Chinese name "chi."

 In 1964, research into energy meridians by the-late DR. GEORGE GOODHEART (1918-2008) developed into a branch of medical science properly known today as Applied Kinesiology or "muscle testing."  

Psychiatrist Dr. John Diamond expanded the research of Applied Kinesiology muscle-testing into the realms of psychology by discovering that energy meridian "im-balances" or "chi flow obstruction" was related to negative emotional states, and that stress reduced thyroid function, and that the thyroid is the main control center of the energy meridians.

These "chi" energy meridians are now clinically proven to be water pathways of suspended collodial minerals, whose energy fields can be enhanced to the positive alkaline charge by the addition of minerals and "rock powder" into ones diet and garden soils.

Applied Kinesiology 'muscle-testing' is a simple non-invasive technique to determine imbalances of the energy meridians. 

 The standard muscle-testing technique is a two person test, with a 'Tester' and a 'test-subjest':
Test-subjest person (A) holds their arm straight-out away from their body while the Tester person (B) presses down lightly on the wrist of the test-subject (A).  The test-subjest (A) resists the wrist pressure being applied by the Tester (B).

 The research of Dr. Diamond proved that arm strength is DECREASED whenever a negative Emotion is held-in-mind.

 Attending one of Dr. Diamond's muscle-testing demonstration lectures one day was DR. HAWKINS.  

After that lecture DR. HAWKINS and his staff set out to clinically evaluate muscle-testing because it seemed to be 100 percent accurate, and so his teams spent years testing over 100,000 people.

Using the muscle-test technique, DR. HAWKINS and his staff clinically proved that the muscles and energy meridians of the body responds to negative emotional stimulus by "going weak" and responds to positive emotional stimulus by "going strong."

> Click here to learn the muscle-test method

 But the most amazing discovery was the clinically proven fact that one could use the simple muscle-testing technique to determine the Truth about ANY statement.

 The energy meridians and muscles of the body respond to any False statement by "going weak" and respond to any True statement by "going strong."

 DR. HAWKINS stated,

Everything in the universe radiates a specific frequency, or minute energy field, that remains in the field of consciousness permanently.  Thus, every person or being whoever lived, and anything about them, including any event, thought, deed, feeling, or attitude, is recorded forever and can be retrieved at any time in the present or the future.

 So, for the very first time in the history of Mankind a simple method has been developed that can determine the truth of ANY statement with 100 percent accuracy

 Just imagine all of the potential applications: criminal and civil investigations, criminal and civil justice, scientific research, business planning and development, politics, international diplomacy and for education. 

Hey kids, no more flunking out on multiple-choice tests!

In 1995, DR. HAWKINS published the results of this research in his New York Times best-selling book Power vs Force and was interviewed by: Barbara Walters, the PBS program The MacNeil-Leher NewsHour, and by the NBC program The Today Show.  In 2008 Oprah interviewed DR. HAWKINS on her radio show - listen HERE.

The truth and accuracy of every statement in every one of DR. HAWKINS books has been clinically tested and duplicated by teams of researchers around the world.

From determining the truth of tens of thousands of statements covering many topics DR. HAWKINS realized the parameters of his Map of Consciousness that detailed the range of all possible levels of consciousness on Earth, on a scale from 1 to 1,000

An increase of one-point on the scale indicates an increase of energy-field power by a factor of ten.

There are actually 10,000 levels of consciousness so 10,000 was reduced by a factor of 10, reduced to 1,000 levels,  to make it more easy to comprehend and use. 

Interestingly, one of the worlds most ancient books of wisdom, the ancient Chinese I Ching, mentions that life on Earth is "The Movement of the 10,000 Things.

All levels of consciousness at or above Level 200 indicate that a "spiritual light bulb" etheric energy 'light body' is present and ON.

Take another look at all the animal groups that calibrate over Level 200.

Notice how bird songs, cat purring and dog tail wagging calibrate at Level 500...Love.

Most pet-owners will tell you how "aware" and loving their pets are.

The 1,000 levels of consciousnes may be  s t r e t c h e d -out  over 260-days with each day "potentially" rising and transiting thru 4 levels of-consciousness per day. And the 1,000 levels may--be compressed into the smaller 13-day mayan Weeks.

 For the first-52-days and nights of the 260 days, our 'Hero Journey' is guided by our inner guiding Light thru The Underworlds--the proverbial "Wilderness"--the volatile and predatory levels of consciousness that lie deep asleep below Level 200; most within the first-TWO mayan 20-day Months calibrating under Level 200.

So, the first two-20-day mayan Months are 40 days and 40 nights in "The Wilderness".

Day #53 is the first day of the 260 days that 'potentially' calibrates more +positive consciousness than -negative, rising above Level 200.