The Living People call him,
Richard Alan Eagle

Two Winds

A respected Mayan-calendar specialist for 30-years, Richard is the most-highly-regarded student of
the-late-DR. JOSÉ ARGÙELLES - The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology.

Richard created handout-charts combined with a 12-month-Gregorian-calendar in 1989,
for his first-edition of
The Mayan Calendar Guidebook++
to help-teach his-first Mayan-calendar workshop in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

For the
1996-edition of The Mayan Calendar Guidebook 4,000+copies sold around the world
and had media-coverage by the TV-show Strange Universe on Canadian television.

This website contains the most-recent material gathered from talks, classes, lectures and books of Richard.

Author, Mayan-calendar specialist, researcher, storyteller, wilderness guide.
Actor, artist, comedian:),musician, photographer, poet, tenor and friend of doGz

"Humor allows the Foolish to be seen without shame, the pain to become a smile
and our-ego to pass from darkness into Light giggles innocent child.".

Judge Anna von Rietz states,

You, a living being, are unincorporated. You have no name. You are complete in and of yourself.  You exist with or without the say-so of any other authority.  This is why all sovereign entities are unincorporated.  Whatever you are and whatever you mean is fully expressed in the context of your own being. 
Your parents gave you a Trade Name.  A Trade Name is an corporate construct.  It's fictional.  It depends on who knows it, who uses it, and what meaning attaches to it.  "Mary Lynn Jensen" is exactly the same kind of corporate abstraction as "Jones and Sons, Tailors".  These entities are also unincorporated, but because they are fictional, merely made up out of thin air, they depend for their existence on people creating and using them for whatever purposes. 

His Biography

The Living People call him, Richard Alan Eagle.

Some of his childhood-memories are: being with his father who requently met with Native-American elders for coordinating social-services for downtown-Minneapolis neighborhoods; being with his grandmother, who built-and-operated a nursing home, with him witnessing hospice nursing care. 

He attended high-school: St. Anthony Village, Minnesota, 1969-1975: Assistant-Editor of the school-newspaper; President of the Concert Choir, wins 4-star-rating at the 1975 Minnesota State High School Vocal Competion; Supporting-Actor in school theater plays and Lead-Actor in the 1975 production.

He attended colleges: (1975) The University of Minnesota, Minneapolis (where his grandfather managed the experimental gardens); (1976) ITT Minnesota School Of Business, Minneapolis, Minnesota; (1977-78) Bemidji State University, Bemidji, Minnesota.

In 1978. he visited Aspen,Colorado, for a summer spiritual-retreat; and one-day he participated with a group of eleven-other-people for a whitewater rafting trip on the Colorado River, with all becoming extremely-sun-burned. 

               He recalls what happened later that night,

"Our sun-burned rafting group-members are in prayer just before our nightly bible-study, when a powerful energy-field of divine love and joy suddenly materializes, overwelming us all. After a minute, the bliss-energy subsides and someone shouts out that his sunburn is gone. As we all look-around we realize all-twelve-of-us-with-sunbirns are healed; we have no trace of the serious red skin-burns. I am still amazed at what happened that night." 

For him, that miraculous group-healing experience is a major life-changer. 

In 1979, he moves to Aspen, Colorado, for two years, then returns to Minnesota in 1983.

In 1984 he gathers his poetry into his first book, Cash Action: The Great American Game

In 1987, he begins studying The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology by the-late-DR. JOSÉ ARGÙELLES.

In 1989. he creates his first Mayan-calendar class and with it the first-edition of The Mayan Calendar Guidebook, a study-guide with combined Mayan-and-Gregorian-calendars that becomes a yearly publication. 


In 1991, he is visited in Minneapolis by Willard van de Bogart, a close-friend of DR. JOSÉ ARGÙELLES.  Willard tells him that José confided in him. Willard stated, "JOSÉ said to me, that 'of all the people he knew of, besides his wife Lloydine, that you have the best-understanding of his Mayan-calendar research'."  Willard then presented to Richard the first pre-production DREAMSPEL kit, along with a hand-written note from JOSÉ , with the words, "Keep up the good work."

After moving to Sedona to be with Sheri Richards, they travelled together and he taught his Mayan-calendar-and-DREAMSPEL classes  in: Phoenix, AZ, Mount Shasta, CA, San Francisco, CA, Sacremento, CA, Santa Barbara, CA, Salt Lake City, Durang,CO and Atlanta, GAo.

He taught his first Mayan-calendar-and-DREAMSPELL class in Sedona. The day-after the class he has the-most-powerful-spiritual-moments of his life while out-hiking with a friend in Long Canyon.

He recalls,

"While in prayer at Sedona's main-vortex and Native-American sacred-ceremonial site in Long Canyon called Rachel's Knoll, I have two miraculous events of bliss, peace, and grace:

I am sitting on a high-rock-ledge perched-dangerously above the Long Canyon valley at sunset, when a total-silence and-peace quiets the entire valley around me. All I can hear is the ringing-in-my-ears, the sounds of my own body.

Suddenly I notice far-off in the valley below bushes-moving from a strong gust-of-wind that flows towards me. The wind rises-up the knoll to blow right-thru-me, deep into my heart and soul, extemely-powerful spiritual-energies, leaving me in a state of perfect peace, divine love and grace.

After a minute the birds begin-to-sing and bugs reappear, as I sit there dazed-in-bliss.

After a few more minutes a total silence and peace quiets the entire valley again.

Then I see another gust-of-wind flowing-through-bushes in the valley that rises-up the knoll to blow right-thru-me again but deeper into my soul,with triple-strength-power filling me completely with perfect peace, divine love and grace.  I sit there dazed-in-bliss and unable to move, until I see stars-in-the-sky and head back-up to the trailhead.

For the first wind cleanses and the second wind fills.

After leaving Rachel's Knoll, I arrived at a dinner-party attended by my workshop-participants, that night being my last night in Sedona. I knock on the front-dor, someone answers and says, "Can I help you?" No onerecognizes me at-first. My facial-features had transformed, and I was unable to talk with them until the bliss subsided hours later."

This sacred place is not on the tourist maps. Rachel's Knoll location is on top of a canyon knoll within the Seven-Canyons-Golf-Resort. For a visit to Rachel's Knoll, politely ask permission from the guard at the resort front-gate.

The view from Rachel's Knoll above Long Canyon.:

He later also works as a Jeep-tour guide for Sedona Adventures. For him, guiding tourists around Sedona's famous energy-vortex locations and sacred sites is a dream job.

In 1993, he met The Mayan Factor author DR. JOSÉ ARGÙELLES in Sedona, pictured here:

He is front-left; DR. JOSÉ ARGÙELLES and his wife Lloydine are top-left-center in white.

He says,

"JOSÉ was an artist, scholar and trickster. He had come to Sedona to give a talk promoting his 13-Moon-Calendar, but spent most of the talk ranting about ditching the Gregorian-calendar and the evils of money, only to "passed the hat" at the end, which I found ironic. .I was disappointed he said almost nothing about the Mayan-calendar. And the whole-idea of the Gregorian-calendar going 'bye-bye' I thought unrealistic, as proven by his 13-Moon-Calendar using Gregorian-calendar dates! Yet I found him warm, charming and a lovong-soul in our precious few minutes together alone, that we sealed it with a big hug."

In 1994, he travels to New Mexico to give his Mayan-calendar presentation in Santa Fe, and at the Whole Life Expo in Albuquerque,..

In 1995, he creates a new full-color-version of The Mayan Calendar Guidebook, complete with color-charts and a spiral-binder.

Here is a 1996 book review:

New Age Retailer magazine, July/August 1996, pp.44-45;

"This excellent book is a thorough teaching reference that is also easy to understand. The Mayan Calendar Guidebook presents the what, why, and how of tracking the energies and other information presented on the calendars…This reference book should become part of your regular inventory.  Customers who are just learning to use a Mayan calendar will find it answers most of their questions and prepares them to be able to use any current Mayan calendar more effectively."



In 1997, he begins using the Guatemala-highlands-Maya count-of-days, after realizing that the Yucatan-lowlands-Maya count-of-days, used by the=late-DR. JOSÉ ARGÙELLES is miscounted by 55 days, as of 1997. For the Yucatan-lowlands-Maya count-of-days-miscount began hundreds-of-years-ago and is in misalignment with the rising-and-setting-cycles of the planet-Venus.

He also begins developing his own 'approach' to the Mayan-calendar, focusing-more on the major-and-minor-cycles of the Mayan-time-cycles rather-than in regard to just the-meanings-and-interpretations of the 20 day-signs, which can-vary widely in useage-and-meanings throughout the Maya-regions of Central America.

Two years earlier, in the summer of 1995. he has two other deeply-moving spiritual experiences and adventures.

 He recalls what happened,

 "On a blazing-hot summer afternoon, September 25, 1995, while skinydippin' alone along the wilderness-banks of the Verde River, near Clarkdale, Arizona, I wade up-the-river quite-a-long-way, exploring huge river-rock sandbars when my eye catches a glimpse of a shiny golden-tan seven-inch-thick sandstone-rock resting upon a large sandbar. On the flat-surface of the rock are natural quartz-crystals that...wow!...formed an outline-image of a near-perfect Hopi kokopelli flute-player!

Overwhelming powerful-emotions overtake me, stunned by the rocks' natural features and beauty. I lift-up the heavy stone and begin to carry it downstream. After a hundred-yards or so the rock suddenly 'reveals itself' to me its true POWER!
I understood-inwardly that 'THIS is a very-special ceremonial-stone icon, as its holder feels GREAT power.
As I wade-along knee-deep in the crystal-clear waters, splashing in sunlight-innocence, suddenly a feeling arises of wanting-to-KEEP the power-stone 'all-for-myself'. But, my heart turns-heavy with thoughts: 'I am NOT worthy of it'...NO!...YES!...NO!...Yes?? And finally: the realization dawns-on-me that this is a 'medicine stone', along-with the heart-moving revelation of in-whose-hands the stone wanted-to-be-with.
I return to my living-quarters and the sacred stone-icon 'gave itself' to my closest friend: camping buddy, life mentor, and spiritual brother, James Flynn, for that day was James' birthday.
Weeks earlier, we both were out exploring a difficult-to-climb side canyon of the Verde River valley and came upon what looked-like a bear cave. We climb up to it. A small rock with a bear-outline scrapped onto it lay next-to the cave opening and dead wood logs for blocking the cave entrance were scattered about.
We cautiously crawl-up-inside the 4-foot-round cave opening. After standing up inside, in the darkness we notice a thin shaft-of-sunlight shining down from above, through an upside-down ice-cream-cone-shaped spiral opening in the cave ceiling.
As our eyes adjust, James spots a small 3-foot-oval opening at the bootom of the back wall in the 8-foot-deep cave. We had no flashlight so he lights some scrap paper on fire and crawls up inside, disappearing upward into a tight 30-degree-inclined shaft. James' hidden voice calls-to-me from the darkness to join him. After my fears subside I bend down and slowly crawl on my hands and knees, in utter darkness, up a narrow passageway that slopes upward fifteen-feet.
A flame again is lit, revealing the hidden womb of a large 15-foot cave. We see antlers and candles on a rock ledge, leading us to believe that this is a sacred ceremonial cave.
There was just one old graffitti name-and-date, from decades-ago, scrawled on a corner wall.  The cave is so far up a nearly-inaccessable side-canyon and way off the hiking trails, that tourists can't find it.
When facing the antler alter, to our right was a connected 10-foot-long side room with a Mayan-like angled rounded-V ceiling and flat rock benches hewn from the rock walls on each side.  On the ceiling, mud had been pasted: and on the floor are specific spots to place candles. We had no more paper to burn so we slide back-down the narrow passageway 'birth canal'. 
From this place, we emerged from the Earth back into the world.
James returned to the cave a few-weeks-later with a flashlight and candles and stayed overnight.  Laying on the cave floor in a sleeping bag, with candles placed in those exact candle-holder-spots, he saw that the mud on the ceiling formed a trail-map of the entire canyon region that could-only-be-seen by candle-light shadows while laying on the floor.
I am blessed with the friendship of many Native-Americans of many nations; and, especially in Sedona, the Navajo-Diné elder the-late-DAVID SILVER BEAR JOHNSON. The first day I met Silver Bear I tell him about that cave, and he says, 'Yeah, that's our cave, Bear Cave.
I tell Silver Bear about the perfect shimmering golden-sandstone Kokopelli rock and how I regret carrying-it-off, that maybe I had stolen a Hopi ceremonial-stone. Silver Bear just laughed and said, 'IF someone left-it-there, then just remember that someone once gave it to them, or maybe they just found it too, like you. Maybe the stone was waiting for you. No one OWNS a rock! Rocks like to move around and visit, just-like-us. And then you gave it to someone else, so they were supposed to be-with it next. Don't worry about it! The rocks go wherever-they-want-to.
I also ask Silver Bear about how the Hopi elders, like the-late-GRANDFATHER TITUS, measured time, knowing the Hopi use the 260-day-calendar. Silver Bear replis, 'Well, we go to Prophesy Rock with string and measure. But now, I use your-charts too."

In 1998, Richard is a copywriter and graphic-designer for a Sedona tourist magazine. While out delivering the magazines one day, he spots a stranded Jeep at the main Sedona Post Office and offers to help the driver, Susan Hawkins.  As a thank you, Susan later mails to him a copy of her husband's book, Power vs Force, by the-late-DR. DAVID R. HAWKINS.

Also in 1998, he realizes the 12-note musical-scale octave and musical tones are exactly-correlated to each day of the Mayan calendar: each day,, each 13-day Week, each 20-day Month and each 13-year-cycle of the calendar.

In 1999, he presents this discovery of the musical codes-to-time, as documented by a news story in the Sedona Red Rock News.

In 2000, he is the hotel manager of the Wildflower Inn in Sedona, and later the hotel manager of the Kokopelli Inn, now-named the Days Inn Kokkopelli Inn, owned-and-operated by the Hopi nation.

For he is humbled to be with the Hopi on their Mesas on multiple-occassions. 

 He says,

"Mitakuye oyasin...Blessings to the Hopi Eagle-clan and all clans. My life is dedicated to The Living People, The Peaceful One Titus and Diné elder Silver Bear, and all Sacred Rainbow Beings of The Sacred Hoop. Peace and Love in All Generations, Divine."

In 2000, he moves to Ohio and is the General Manager of two health food stores for 10 years.

In 2001, he is diagnosed with stage-three cancer, needing four major-surgeries and endures the near-loss of sight in his right-eye that he is still recovering-from.

In 2006, he realizes that the clinically-proven Map of Consciousness, by-DR. HAWKINS, is exactly-correlated to the 260-day Mayan-calendar cycles, resulting in a correlation of both force-and-Power-pulsation-cycles and their potentials for each day. 

In 2012, he moves back to Sedona, Arizona, and opens his own retail store, Save Your Health Now

He states,

"The leading-edg and parameters in the- ields of 'natural holistic health' today is clinically-proven to be a four-fold interconnected balance of physical-emotional-mental-and-spiritual well-being. With the assistance of our inner Holy Spirit Love, together-with utilizing tools like th -timings of the Mayan-calendar cycles, a person can understand-and-use the natural flows-of-time, using the-most-accurate-calendar-in-the-world, to facilitate moving ones own un-balanced life-forces back into a natural-state of balance, harmony and well-being."

In 2013, he moves back to Ohio.

In 2015, he publishes his second book, Stonehenge of America: Blue Mounds State Park, his true-life-account of discovering at Blue Mounds State Park in Luverne, Minnesota, at the eastern-end of an ancient quarter-mile-long east-west-alignment of blue-quartzite-rocks in the park, a hidden ancient natural-rock-amphitheater, with a special sitting-ledge upon which to view the sunrise on the first day of spring and autuum.

He has by grace witnessed seven major-miracles and over twenty "unexplanable" events, which reminds-him-daily how powerful and miraculous life really is.

"The apple tree in our backyard bears fruit in its season. Some apples appear on low branches, some in the middle and some at the very top.  Some apples are in dark places, while others bask in The Light. Some ripen sooner than others, some are diseased, and some are rotten to the core. And a few are Perfect, yet only for awhile. But, All are Equal, by Being Alive, because All are ON the same tree. We are All ON the same Tree, the Tree of Life, Holy Sisters and Brothers, a Holy One."

Now, by grace, he shares with love the Ancient Ones Dreamtime Sacred-Hoop, The Calendar of the Americas, the 260-day Hero Journey on the One Holy Sacred Path of Eternal Perfect Love and Peace, by inspiration from Within. Seek and Find Thee, True Love and Perfect Peace.

For this website presents,
the most-current now-time research of  Richard Alan Eagle.


The Calendar is understood-to-be the Circle of Life,

and so We Be All On A Sacred Journey,

meandering thru both Wilderness and Heavens.


Desires ~ Good Works ~ Reason & Love ~ Bliss Teachers ~ The Divine Ones

on  The Path of Perfect Love and Peace on Earth 

*   *   *

For a mini-Photo-tour of his mystical places...

Looking northwest into Long Canyon valley from Rachel's Knoll in Sedona, Arizona:



Under The Bridal Falls at Niagara Falls, Canada:

  An old-saying: After ecstacy, the laundry.

Pipestone Creek enchants all her visitors at Pipestone National Monument, Minnesota:


Natural rock formation "The Sphinx" along the Pipestone Creek trail at Pipestone National Monument, Minnesota:



 The high-bluffs over the Mississippi River at Lake Pepin in Frontenac State Park, Minesota:


Natural stone-arch above the Mississippi River at Lake Pepin in Frontenac State Park, Minnesota. :



The sacred rock-arch "In Yon Teaopa" in Frontenac State Park, Minnesota:


The ancient 1/4-mile-long East-West rock-alignment at Blue Mounds State Park,Minnesota:

Entering the natural-rock-amphitheater from the east at Blue Mounds State Park, Minnesota:

Looking east inside the natural-rock-amphitheater at Blue Mounds State Park, Minnesota:

Read Richard's true-life account of discovering the natural-rock-amphitheater:

Stonehenge of America: Blue Mounds State Park


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