260-day Map with Levels


This color highlighted grid-map with 13 rows of 20 days displays the twenty 13-day Weeks and the thirteen 20-day Months and the 20 daysigns, also the four 65-day Seasons and the corresponding 1,000 levels of consciousness for each row and Month.

The only difference between this map and the other in the Calendar BASICS section is that the "potential consciousness levels" are listed in the left-column for each ROW of the 20 days rather-than the Day numbers for each row (1-260).

Note that it takes 52-days for a yellow day number 1 to reappear.

day #1     =   Ab      in the 20-day row 1    yellow  1 WATER LILY CREATURE  imix        

day #53   =   A#      in the 20-day row 3    yellow  1 REED  ben

day #105  =   C#      in the 20-day row 6     yellow  1 SERPENT  chikchan

day #157   =   D#      in the 20-day row 8     yellow  1 EARTH  kab'an

day #209   =   F#      in the 20-day row 11    yellow  1 WATER  muluk

After the G# point at the end of the last-Day #260 13 LORD ajaw the super high energy-fields shift-away from G# into the low energy Ab or A flat ranges at the beginning of Day #1 - 1 WATER LILY CREATURE imix.

The 5 black-keys on a piano are the musical sharps or flats so that Maya "time" is actually based on a core space-and-time OCTAVE of 13-day UNITS.

The 1,000 levels of consciousness also have 5 major power shift-points, at consciousness-levels: 1, 200, 400, 600, 800, and 1,000.

 On the Mayan calendar these major points are located at the very beginning of these 13-day mayan Weeks:

  day # 1     =   Ab      level 1         yellow  1 WATER LILY CREATURE  imix        

  day #  53   =   A     level 200     yellow  1 REED  ben 

  day # 105  =   C#      level 400     yellow  1 SERPENT  chikchan

  day # 157   =   D     level 600     yellow  1 EARTH  kab'an

  day # 209   =   F#      level 800     yellow  1 WATER  muluk

  day # 260    G#     level 1000    at the-end-of-the-last-Day #260 - blue 13 LORD  ajaw 

 that then shifts-away from G# into Ab or A flat-range at the beginning of Day #1 - 1 WATER LILY CREATURE imix.

 G# and Ab are the "same" tone, but Ab indicates a shifting-away from perfect G# towards A.

 As 'The Holy Mother of India' Shree Maa states, "Heaven and Hell are right next to each other."

The shift-away from divine love and- peace leads immediately into "The Fall" into lower consciousness and the illusion of separation from Divine Source.  But (thank God) one is never completely separate from that One Source.

 Consciousness Level 1 indicates Maximum Resistance to Perfect Love and Peace.

  Notice that the 1,000 levels on the calendar-map are sectioned into five sections, that exactly correspond to the FIVE 52-day Houses.

  The first 52-days correspond to levels BELOW Level 200, in The Wilderness underworlds,

  Then there are four 52-day-cycles ABOVE consciousness Level 200, in the Heavenly Realms.

  Exactly halfway thru the four 'Heavenly Realms' is Level 600, the 'Doorway to Enlightenment' at the beginning of Day #156 - 1 EARTH kab'an

 Notice that Level 500, the level of Love, is located right in the middle of the-calendar at the beginning of Day #131 - 1 MONKEY chuwen.