260-day Map design

For getting an overview of the "landscape" one climbs up to the top of a high hill, so one can better-see the bigger landscape picture.

The chart below is an overview of the Mayan calendar 260-days on a diagram-map so one can see the entire design-and-layout.

In the next section we will zoom-in on the specifics.

For this general map of the 260-day calendar has key sections highlighted.

The map below has the 20 Mayan daysigns across the top and are read left-to-right.

From the first daysign DRAGON go right, across to the 20th daysign SUN.

At the top of the chart are the four colors

red - initiate     
white  - shape    
blue - multiply    
yellow - ripen

The four-medicine hoop GATEways, "Go West" etc. , correspond to compass directions and medicine hoop directional-Gateways,
and they function also as the Year Bearer daysigns:

red SKYWALKER spring = Gateway to the East-gate days 
white MIRROR summer = Gateway to the South-gate days
blue NIGHT autumn = Gateway to the West-gate days
yellow STAR winter = Gateway to the North-gate days

For the m = market days are every five-days and they are also the Sd = Season days in their time, in their Season; and their medicine-hoop compass direction-Gate abrreviations.

SERPENT = West Gate 
DOG = North Gate
EAGLE = East Gate 

SUN = South Gate

The red circles indicate the Mayan calendars' FIVE major transition points, the start-date points of the 52-day realms or Houses of  Time.

The red circles also indicate the FIVE major key Levels-of-Consciousness 'shift points' for the major Levels of Consciousness: 200, 400, 600, 800 and 1,000/1.

Under the 20 daysigns are the horizontal 13-rows of 20 day each, which indicate the 13 Months of 20 days; the primary muscal tone; and the position of each 13-day week.

260-Day Map with Current 20-day MONTH Highlighted