2009 Coast to Coast AM
February 5, 2012

Radio Interview on 'Coast to Coast AM' on Nov. 18, 2009



COAST TO COAST AM with host George Noory, Dr. Bill Birnes, Richard Eagle.

Yes, there is an ancient Stonehenge in America.

A hidden-in-plain-site huge quartzite natural-rock amphitheater sits at the eastern-end of a 1/4-mile-long line of sacred rocks aligned east-to-west that marks where the sun rises & sets on the spring and fall equinoxes at Blue Mounds State Park in southwest Minnesota.

George Noory, the host of the #1 rated late-night radio show in the world, COAST TO COAST AM, proclaimed "I love this story!" while  live on-air Nov. 19, 2009, as this amazing story is told to 4-6 million listeners.

Nov.18, 2009 show 

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