Mayan Calendar specialist Richard Alan Eagle is one of the most highly regarded students
of the late
Dr. José Argüelles ~ The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology.

In 1989 Richard created handout charts with a 12-month calendar for his first workshop in Minneapolis, Minnesota
that then became his yearly:
Mayan Calendar Guidebook
The 1996 edition sold over 4,000 copies all around the world and was featured on Canadian television.

This website contains ALL the latest material gathered from numerous talks, classes, lectures and books by Richard Alan Eagle.

TIME to unlock the hidden secrets of the ancient Calendar of The Americas.

Only the Mayan Calendar is exactly calibrated to the orbit of Venus
and to the lunar & solar eclipse cycles of the Sun & Moon and Mars.

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The current 260-day cycle began
March 26, 2018

and completes on
December 10, 2018


Love ~ One Thing  faster than Light ~

UPDATE: So, WHAT'S NEW on the calendar format??...a couple things:

*Added a column just for the MOON... now you can track the "Apogee" point for the Moon when it gets real close to Earth once a month, then when it swings out and aligns with Earth at the "Node" point, then on to the "Perigee" point, when the Moon is most far away from Earth every month. 

In the Perigee phase plants branch up and out from the dual magnetic & gravitational forces of the earth and moon so close together (especially when combined with a thunderstorm at noon) like when squeezing a balloon, or like when trying to force together two small bar magnets with the same + positive or - negative sides facing each other, a strong anti-gravity RESISTANCE & ENERGY balance is created with higher stress potentials the closer they get.

Whereas the opposite occurs at Apogee phase as plants withdraw their energy inward roots.

That's according to ancient proven 'bio-dynamic gardening' practices from India, with these three Moon positions suggesting that no activity occur but rest, a VOID, for 12-hours + or - either side exact times for Perigees and Apogees, while just 6 hours + or - either side of exact times for Nodes.

*And also, a small red symbol:  ^  , marks the middle weekday 7 every 13 days.

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ATTENTION...as May flowers > > SHIFTS HAPPENING  > things first go tilt at the shift between the end of 20-day Month 2 on Friday May 4, that is also the beginning of 13-day LORD ajaw Week 4, and Month 3 on Friday Saturday May 5, after the first two 20-day Mayan months of 40 days and nights in the wilderness > > then in mid-May on Monday May 14 at Mayan 'Season day 11 DOG - Day #50 > > then next, on >  the first "BLUE 13 day"  Wednesday May 16 > which brings to completion the first 52 days of the calendar, the time of the volatile "wilderness" that begins every 260-day cycle.

"The days of 'wild' have their place and appearance, then change into four Heavens times."

Thursday May 17 starts 13-day REED ben Week 5 and brings a Spiritual SHIFT out of 'The Wilderness' daze at this major "gateway" to integrity on Day #53, the entrance into the 2nd House and the remaining four 52-day "Heavens" on Earth, that later complete on December 10, 2018

And Saturday May 19 begins the 65-day white EAGLE Season...to pray, envision and project "the group mind."

So, be loving now for all one has is today, give it away love...

*Note: We use the Guatemala Highland Maya "count of days" and not the  Lowland Yucatan Maya count used by
the late Dr. José Argüelles, because the Lowland Yucatan count is now OFF count by 57 days (as of 2018) by a mis-count
that began hundreds of years ago and so is no longer exactly aligned to the setting and rising cycles of the planet Venus.

CLICK HERE for PROOF from "The Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian"

Overview of the 20 Weeks ~ The General Themes

52-day House One:  The Wilder-ness&Ego ~ The Primal Forces

~ all karmically struggle, feel and yearn for life being whatever form one creates now ~

Holy Creatures ~ Holy Hunters ~ Holy Tools~ Holy Spirits

Week 1 ~ Water Lily Creature  imix    March 26, 2018

Week 2 ~ Jaguar  hix    April 8, 2018

    Week 3 ~ Hand  manik'    April 21, 2018

    Week 4 ~ Lord  ajaw    May 4, 2018


52-day House Two:  Outer Heavens ~ Good Works Service

~ caring together for all the good things of the world ~

Holy Plants ~ Holy Dreams ~ Holy Natures ~ Holy Designs

Week 5 ~ Reed  ben    May 17, 2018

Week 6 ~ Dream  kimi'    May 30, 2018

 Week 7 ~ Nature  kawak    June 12, 2018

Week 8 ~ Stairs  eb'      June 25, 2018


52-day House Three:  Inner Heavens ~ Reason to Love

~ uniting the mind of reason with the heart & holy spirit of Love (wisdom) ~

Holy Movements ~ Holy Stones ~ Holy Groups ~ Holy Principles

Week 9 ~ Serpent  chikchan    July 8, 2018

Week 10 ~ Flint  etz'nab    July 21, 2018      

Week 11 ~ Monkey  chuwen   August 3, 2018

Week 12 ~ Seed  k'an    August 16, 2018       


52-day House Four: Higher Heavens ~ The Bliss Teachers

~ all teachers are dedicated to being the example of life giving power to all truth ~

Holy OneEarth ~ Holy Allies ~ Holy Spaces ~ Holy Protectors

Week 13 ~ Earth  kab'an    August 29, 2018

Week 14 ~ Dog  ok    September 11, 2018                  

Week 15 ~ Night  ak'bal    September 24, 2018

Week 16 ~ Guardian  kib'    October 7, 2018


52-day House Five:  Mystic Heavens ~ The Divine Ones

Radiant Perfect Peace & Love

~ the worlds illusions are one's own dualities surrendered within ~

Holy Waters ~ Holy Winds ~ Holy Visions ~ Holy UniverseAllStars

Week 17 ~ Water  muluk    October 20, 2018

Week 18 ~ Wind  ik'    November 2, 2018            

Week 19 ~ Eagle  men    November 15, 2018

Week 20 ~ Star  lamat    November 28, 2018

The last 13-day week ends on:

day #260  13 LORD ajaw     December 10, 2018


ATTENTION: "Shift Happens" on the BLUE 13 days! 


The order of the FIVE "BLUE 13" days, by increasing spiritual Power indicated by +


May 16, 2018  ~ Day #52 ~ 13 STAIRS  +

July 7, 2018 ~ Day #104 ~ 13 SEED  + +

August 28, 2018 ~ Day #156 ~ 13 GUARDIAN  + + +

October 19, 2018 ~ Day #209 ~ 13 STAR  + + + +

December 10, 2018 ~ Day #260 ~ 13 LORD  + + + + +


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This website contains ALL the latest material gathered from numerous talks, classes, lectures and books by Richard Alan Eagle.

Here is The Mayan Calendar Guidebook review from 1996

on the research of Mayan Calendar specialist Richard Alan Eagle:

New Age Retailer  magazine    (July-August 1996), pp.44-45:

   "His excellent book is a thorough teaching reference that is also easy to understand. The Mayan Calendar Guidebook presents the what, why, and how of tracking the energies and other information presented on the calendars…This reference book should become part of your regular inventory.  Customers who are just learning to use a Mayan calendar will find it answers most of their questions and prepares them to be able to use any current Mayan calendar more effectively."

Science genius & inventor Dr. Patrick Flanagan has called the research of Richard Alan Eagle,
"A masterpiece."