The Current 260-Days


The current 260-days

Started on:

January 29, 2021

1  DRAGON imix

Day #1


The current 260-days

Complete on:

October 15, 2021

13  SUN  ajaw

Day #260





A secondary 260-day cycle.







November 14, 2020

3 SERPENT chikchan

Day #185




January 13, 2021

3 DOG ok

Day #250




March 24, 2021

3 EAGLE men

Day #55




May 28, 2021

3 SUN ajaw

Day # 120


- - - - - - - -


begins on

August 1, 2021

3 SERPENT chikchan

Day #185

The Four SEASONS weave together and overlap consecutive 260-day cycles. Events happening during the five days from 11 SUN - Day #180 to 3 SERPENT - Day #185 seem to reveal a sneak preview of events to come in the next 260-day cycle beginning Day #1.

The 52-day HOUSES


The FIVE 52-day HOUSES



January 29, 2021


"The Wilderness-Ego"

The Underworlds

52-day cycle 1 of 5

begins Day #1

1  DRAGON  imix


March 22, 2021


"Good-Works Service"

The Outer Heavens

52-day cycle 2 of 5

begins Day #53

1  SKYWALKER  b'en


May 13, 2021


"Reason to Love"

The Inner Heavens

52-day cycle 3 of 5

begins Day #105

1  SERPENT  chikchan


July 4, 2021


"The Bliss Teachers"

The Higher Heavens

52-day cycle 4 of 5

begins Day #157

1  EARTH  kab'an


August 25, 2021


"The Divine Ones"

The Mystic Heavens

52-day cycle 5 of 5

begins Day #209

1  MOON  muluk


October 15, 2021

Last Day #260

13  SUN  ajaw


Blue NIGHT Year 9


Year 9 of 13-Year cycle

2013 ~ 2025


blue  NIGHT  ak'bal

WEST gateway - harvest


Year 3 of 4-year cycle

2019 - 2022


365-day blue Year 9 NIGHT

Started on:

JANUARY 11, 2021

9  NIGHT  ak'bal

Day #243



Completes on:

JANUARY 10, 2022


13-YEAR Cycles

Current 52-Year Cycle

1987 to  2038


13-Year Cycle 3 of 4

1987 - 1999

2000 - 2012

> 2013 - 2025  

  2026 - 2038


blue NIGHT ak'bal  YEARS

blue West - Harvest

13-year cycle

2013  to  2025


2021 =

Year 9 of 13-years

blue WEST harvest


blue Year 9 NIGHT ak'bal

Year 3 of 4-year cycle

2019 to 2022

2013  1 NIGHT  west - harvest

2014   2 STAR  north - winter

2015  3  SKYWALKER east - spring

2016   4 MIRROR  south - summer

2017  5 NIGHT west - harvest

2018   6 STAR  north - winter

2019  7 SKYWALKER  east - spring

2020   8 MIRROR  south - summer

2021   9 NIGHT west - harvest

2022   10 STAR  north - winter

2023  11 SKYWALKER  east - spring

2024  12 MIRROR  south - summer

2025  13 NIGHT  west - harvest

Mayan Calendar for You


A respected Mayan Calendar specialist for 31 years, Richard Alan Eagle is the most highly regarded student of
the-late DR. JOSÉ ARGÙELLES - The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology.

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For thousands of years the Mayan Calendar has been endlessly repeating over & over again the universal 260 day birthing cycle of creation. 

~ 9 months  =  266 days  or   260 + 6 days  =  normal gestation birth cycle for women (on average about 266 days)

The Mayan Calendar, the Tzolkin in Maya language (pronounced: ZOL-kin), is the original 'Calendar of The Americas' exactly calibrated to the orbits of the planets Venus and Mars, and to the solar-lunar eclipse cycles of the Sun and Moon.

The current 260 day cycle
of 20 Weeks of 13 days:

> Began:
  ~January 29, 2021

> Completes:
  ~October 15, 2021

Printable Mayan Calendars for 2021
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HERE - Printable .PDF Mayan Calendars  2021

 > May 14, 2020  to  January 28, 2021
> January 29, 2021  to  October 15, 2021
> October 16, 2021  to  July 2, 2022

The next 260 day cycle
of 20 Weeks of 13 days:

> Begin:
  ~~October 16, 2021

> Complete:
  ~July 2, 2022

NEW > 8-year Venus Cycles 1922-2026


The current Mayan Calendar 52-Year Cycle, 1987-2039, is composed of four (4) 13-year time cycles:

The "time shift" into Bak'tun 14 (a 394+year cycle) began December 21, 2012, and is slowly taking place over a 26-year period, 2013-2039, in two (2) 13-year phases.

The huge circular Aztec Calendar Stone in Mexico City, created in 1494 AD, is the most famous version of the 260-day calendar.  At the exact top of the 12-ton "Sun Stone" is a square box with the 13th Aztec day-sign Corn Plant surrounded by 13 seeds in circles.

The current Mayan year is: 

9 NIGHT ak'bal



~Monday, January 11, 2021

blue Day #243 -  9 NIGHT ak'bal


2021 is blue Mayan year:

9 NIGHT ak'bal

2021 is: Mayan year 9 of the 13-year cycle 2013-2026


Year 9 of the 13-year cycle, 2013-2026;

year 3 of the 4-year cycle, 2019-2022;

year 35 oft the 52-year cycle, 1987-2039;

year 35 of the 104-year cycle, 1987-2090.



104 YEARS AGO the year was: 1917

52 YEARS AGO the year was: 1969

~January 29, 2021 began the current 260 day cycle, in the blue New Year 9 NIGHT.

Saturday - March 20, 2021 marks the Spring Equinox @ 5:37 am EDT.

Sunday - March 21, 2021 is the first full day of Spring and the last day "in the wilderness" first 52-day cycle.

Then the 65-day blue EAGLE Seaon begins 3 days later on ~March 24, 2021.

Just one year ago 2020 Mayan year 8 MIRROR started ~January 12, 2020, in the 260-day cycle that began ~August 28, 2019, and completed ~May 13, 2020.

Only then, after the new 260-day cycle began on ~May 14, 2020, were we fully into Year 8 energies.

2020 began with Venus as "The Shadow Twin," Venus as 'The Evening Star'' through June 3, 2020.

The current 8-year Venus cycle we are in, 2018-2026, has FIVE (5) transit points.

(Take a quick look if you need at the 5-pointed star chart lower on this page for reference detailing the five Earth-Venus-Sun alignments every 8 years.)

Just like the Mayan Calendar can be 'sectioned' into FIVE (5) 52-day cycles, so too the Venus 8-year cycle has "the same" 5-part pattern fractal nature.

The beginning point was October 2018, and the second Earth-Venus-Sun alignment point was June 3, 2020.

The beginning phase 2018-2020 was like 'wandering around in the Wilderness' we know we're going somewhere important but we're just going thru the wilderness trying to find our way back to civilization and home. Panic, anziety stresses make demanding changes without reason resistance muted by inner peace love.

June 3, 2020, marked 'The End' of the 'Wilderness' phase in the 8-year Venus cycle and unexpected shifts of consciousness and world events begin to put everything into focus as to what needs to 'change' to keep our planet on the positive paths to higher integrity it has been on since the HARMONIC CONVERGENCE world-wide two days of prayer August 1987. Those two days of worldwide all day prayers for peace actually celebrated and marked "the end" of NINE (9) 52-year "Hell Cycles" that had began in 1519 AD with the arrival of a European Spanish Armada led by Cortes, along with the Roman Catholic Spanish Inquisition.

Major social shifts arise during this phase two of the 8-year cycle that promotes "moralizing" creating 'Do Something About It' actions and services.

The MSM media "newz casts" are always gonna be hard negative emotionally, slightly mixed with 'tastes of honey,' so look within, focus and know that spiritual power is increasing, for good, thru you.

Best to bring balance, harmony, love and peace to all beings in all situations.

In regard to "current events," keep in mind that when 'emotionally positive' spiritual POWER is on the increase, 'negative' spiritual FORCES respond only with demanding negative emotionally charged thoughts, words and deeds. Pretty simple to understand actually.

Life on Earth is PERFECT karma every moment, no matter what. If peop could be different they would be already. All change comes from within. The only thing "everlasting" and real is the love and peace we share with all beings in all situations. Uplift all all the time. Conflicts only arise from the absence of love and peace.

When our heart touches our mind, it creates tears, the best way water is created, with love.

Note: *To many, the first two 20-day Mayan months of every 260-day cycle define the mythical "40 day and 40 nights in the wilderness."

Printable Mayan Calendars for 2021
with any donation...

HERE - Printable .PDF Mayan Calendars  2021

For scroll 260 days: Show Me CALENDAR


The exact moment the Moon is passing 'directly overhead' usually indicates the most emotional time of each day.
Knowing the exact time when the Moon is "Meridian Passing" or directly over your location is important.
Time and Date is a website to find this information.
Just type in your location in the search bar.

*Note: All Mayan Calendar dates on this website are from the exact proven accurate calendar of the Guatemala-highlands Maya 'count of days' used today by the oldest Mayan communities. The other calendar 'count of days' known as the Yucatan-lowlands Mayan calendar count, used by the-late DR. JOSÉ ARGÙELLES,is miscounted by 57 days as of 2020. The Yucatan-lowlands count of days miscount began hundreds of years ago and is no longer aligned with the rising and setting cycles of the planet Venus, which is what the Mayan Calendar is suoosed to be based upon. This split can be traced back into the 1500's with the arrival of the "divide & conquer" Spanish army in 1519. Time to switch-over to using the proven exactly accurate Guatemala-highlands Mayan Calendar, so get used to it.

Good words and god deeds should be established attributes of character, rather than isolated occurances.
     I Ching - Book of Changes

260-Day Map with Current 20-Day MONTH Highlighted


260-Day Map with Galactic Activation Portals (G.A.P.)

Past (grey) and Future (brown)



The Mayan Calendar NUMBERS 1 through 13 are drawn using a DOT and BAR notation system:

1 = one DOT
2 = two DOTS
= three DOTS
= four DOTS

5 = one BAR
6 = one DOT above one BAR
7 = two DOTS above one BAR, and so on

10 = two BARS
11 = one DOT above two BARS
12 = two DOTS above two BARS, and so on

15 = three BARS
= one DOT above three BARS
16 = two DOTS above three BARS, and so on

20 = CLAM SHELL symbol.

"Key" square at the very top of the Aztec Calendar "Sun Stone"


The 13 Mayan numbers may also be associated with the musical scale "Octave."

The 13-day week can be thought of as an "octave of time," with each day associated with a musical note, like on a piano.

The Musical Code to Time ~ as shown on a piano:


The "modern" musical scale frequencies at pitch 440 are deliberately set to create disharmony.

The most beneficial original pitch 432 is now available, with many apps for mobile phones and laptops.



The 20 Weeks: Five 52-day 'Houses'

General Themes with Dates

In all, Love, one's intention.

52-day House ONE: The Wilderness & Ego

The Primal Forces

For all karmically struggle, feel and yearn for Life, Being whatever form One creates now.

Week-1   DRAGON imix ~Jan 29, 2021  Day #1

Week-2  WIZARD ix ~Feb 11, 2021  Day #14

Week-3  HAND manik' ~Feb 24, 2021  Day #27

Week-4  SUN ajaw ~Mar 9, 2021  Day #40


52-day House TWO: The Outer Heavens

Good-Works Service

Caring Together for All the Good Things of this planet.

Week-5  SKYWALKER b'en ~Mar 22, 2021  Day #53

 > Begin EAGLE men Season ~Mar 24, 2021 Day #55

Week-6  WORLDBRIDGER kimi' ~Apr 4, 2021  Day #66

Week-7  STORM kawak ~Apr 17, 2021  Day #79

Week-8  HUMAN eb' ~Apr 30, 2021  Day #92


52-day  House THREE: The Inner Heavens 

Reason to Love

For uniting the Mind-of-Reason with the Heart-and-holy-Spirit-of-Love, wisdom.

Week-9  SERPENT chikchan ~May 13, 2021  Day #105

Week-10  MIRROR etz'nab' ~May 26, 2021  Day #118

  > Begin SUN ajaw Season ~May 28, 2021  Day #120

> Mid-point of calendar: ~Jun 7-8, 2021   Days #130 - #131

Week-11  MONKEY chuwen ~Jun 8, 2021  Day #131

Week-12  SEED k'an ~Jun 21, 2021  Day #144

  > "Day Keepers Day"  8 MONKEY ~Jun 28, 2021  Day #151


52-day House FOUR: The Higher Heavens

The Bliss Teachers

For All-are-Teachers dedicated to Being-the-Example in sharing Life-giving powers.

Week-13  EARTH kab'an ~Jul 4, 2021  Day #157

Week-14  DOG ok ~Jul 17, 2021  Day #170 

Week-15  NIGHT ak'bal ~Jul 30, 2021  Day #183

   > Begin SERPENT chikchan Season ~Aug 1, 2021  Day #185

Week-16  WARRIOR kib' ~Aug 12, 2021  Day #196


52-day House FIVE: The Mystic Heavens

The Divine Ones

For the illusions of This World are One's-own-Dualities surrendered-within.

Week-17  MOON muluk ~Aug 25, 2021  Day #209

Week-18  WIND ik' ~Sep 7, 2021  Day #222          

Week-19  EAGLE men ~Sep 20, 2021  Day #235

 Week-20  STAR lamat ~Oct 3, 2021  Day #248

  >Begin DOG ok Season ~Oct 5, 2021  Day #250

Last Day of Week-20 completes on:

13 SUN ajaw ~Oct 15, 2021  Day #260

Scroll-down Calendar CHANGES:

For WHAT'S NEW on the current scroll-down Show Me CALENDAR.

A small red symbol  ^  highlights the mid-point of Weekday 7 in every 13-day mayan Week.

The new column: Moon Phases, to the right of the January-December Gregorian calendar date column on the left-side.

For the Moon at the Perigee point: the Moon's orbit is at its closest point to Earth; the Moon appears larger; creates more stress.

For the Moon at the  Apogee point: the Moon's orbit is at its farthest away point from Earth; the Moon appears smaller; creates less stress.

Around the Perigee point: plants branch-up to leaf-out; the combined magnetic and gravitational-forces of the earth-moon-sun as they move closer together increases pressure forcing-expansion.

For example: When squeezing the middle of a balloon, the balloon expands opposite the squeeze point;  or when two bar-magnets with the same positive-sides or negative-sides facing each other are forced-together it creates a strong RESISTANCE and ENERGY re-balancing, which precipitates the stronger force-fields energy and stress the closer the magnets are.

Around the Apogee point: plants withdraw their energy inward to the roots; the combined magnetic-gravitational forces of the earth-moon-sun subside, move apart, and decrease the pressure and stress.

For gardening applications, according to proven and ancient bio-dynamic gardening practices, the times of these two Moon-phases signify a void and suggest a ceasation of all gardening activity.

For these no gardening rest periods:
~12-hours plus or minus either side of the exact time of Perigee and Apogee.

Link to a 2020 Bio-Dynamic Sowing and Planting Calendar

Link to a 2020 Bio-Dynamic Gardening by the Moon Phases Calendar



Each of the Mayan Calendar five cycles of 52-days might be associated with general "levels of consciousness" or awareness.
Levels of consciousness were identified by the research of the-late DR. DAVID R. HAWKINS and presented in his clinically proven "Map of Consciousness" in his 1995 New York Times best selling book Power vs Force, as reviewed in the partial chart below (edited for educational purposes).
Purchase Dr. Hawkins Map at: veritaspub.com HERE.
Listen to the-late DR. HAWKINS explain the Levels of Consciousness in this link (Part 1 of 6):

All levels DOWN from Level 1,000 indicate increasing resistance to perfect love and peace.

There are 10,000 different possible Levels of Consciousness and Awareness on Earth that one can experience and focus on, reduced here to a logarithic scale from 1 to 1,000.

The "bottom" 199 levels are predatory in nature, without awareness of spiritual power, compassion or the capacity for love.

By applying this type of mathematical model of consciousness to the Mayan Calendar, arising in time is this fractal code:

Cycle 1
Days #1 - #52  represent House ONE: The Wilderness & Ego @ potential levels 1-199.
Cycle 2
Days #53 - #104  represent House TWO: Good-Works Service @ potential levels 200-399.
Cycle 3
Days #105 - #156  represent House THREE: Reason to Love @ potential levels 400-599.
Cycle 4
Days #157 - #208  represent House FOUR: The Bliss Teachers @ potential levels 600-799.
Cycle 5
Days #209 - #260  represent House FIVE: The Divine Ones @ potential levels 800-1,000.

Cycle 1 - Ego Challenges Emerge when Conditions allow
Cycle 2 - Moralizing, Creates "Do Something About It" Actions and Services
Cycle 3 - Reasonable Planning, Try Unconditional Love and Acceptance, Transfiguration Begins
Cycle 4 - Effortless Intentions Realized without Force by Power
Cycle 5 - Complete Enlightened Conclusion draws any resisting Negative in preparation for Next Cycle

ATTENTION: For Shift Happens on YELLOW-13 days: 


The FIVE "YELLOW-13" days, at the end of each 52-day House, in-order of increasing spiritual Power, indicated by: +

~Mar 21, 2021 - Day #52 - 13 HUMAN  +

~May 12, 2021 - Day #104 - 13 SEED  + +

~Jul 3, 2021 - Day #156 - 13 WARRIOR  + + +

~Aug 24, 2021 - Day #208 - 13 STAR  + + + +

~Oct 15, 2021 - Day #260 - 13 SUN  + + + + +

NEW > 8-year Venus Cycles 1922-2026

"The Feathered Serpent" and "The Shadow Twin"

Shadow Twin - Venus as Evening Star Returs April 26, 2021

The planet Venus was at its nearest point to Earth on June 3, 2020 and will be again early next year on January 9, 2022.

Many cultures around the world notice and record the rising and setting patterns of the brightest light in the evening and early morning skies the planet named-in-English: "Venus." 

The Olmec and Maya cultures of Mexico and the Guatemala highlands in Central America may have been the first to create a 260-day Venus calendar, recognized today as the most accurate calendar in the world.

In Maya lore, Venus, the bright light traveling the sky, is recognised as the "Two Brothers": the "Feathered Serpent" and his "Shadow Twin" brother.

The planet Venus rises in the East, in the early pre-dawn sky as the Morning Star or Feathered Serpent and is the third brightest- light in the sky after our Sun and Moon.

Venus shines bright in the early morning dawn Eastern skies as the Morning Star Feathered Serpent for 236 days, or approximately 8 months.

The days "ruled" by the Morning Star Feathered Serpent are days of of: peace, agreements, rebuilding, re-birth, and common unity.

After 236 days the Feathered Serpent Morning Star disappears from the skies.

For 90 days Venus is hidden behind the Sun, moving slowly farther and farther away from Earth.

After 90 days behind the Sun, Venus is seen once again rising in the West evening sky after sunset as the Shadow Twin Evening Star.

There in the western evening skies after sunset Venus shines as the Shadow Twin Evening Star for 250 days.

The days "ruled" by the Shadow Twin Evening Star are days of: ceremonial challenges and ceremonial conflict; and if not handledwith high degrees of benign spiritual energy and integrity, real war, unexpected challenges and force create changes that break-up old patterns.

Venus as the Shadow Twin Evening Star becomes brighter and brighter as it moves towards Earth, closer and closer on its nearest approach to Earth, every 1.6 years.

Then, just as Venus is at its brightest right after sunset, it disappears for 8 days. In Maya lore, the Shadow Twin has died.

For 8 days Venus moves across in front of the Sun, hidden by the glare of the Sun, and directly between the Sun and the Earth. 

It’s at these moments, every ~19 months, when our nearest-neighbor planet Venus passes close-by to Earth.

This exact planetary alignment (or "inferior conjunction") of Earth-Venus-Sun next occurs on January 9, 2022.

After 8 days hidden Venus reappears, reborn at dawn at the side of the Sun, a moment before sunrise in the East dawn sky.

In its new phase as the Morning Star, in Mayan lore the the Feathered Serpent lord-king-ruler has been "resurrected" and is the brightest light before dawn for the next 236 days.

The days "ruled" by the Morning Star Feathered Serpent are days of of: peace, agreements, rebuilding, re-birth, and common unity.

When Venus is approaching Earth as the Evening Star: the combined magnetic & gravitational forces of the Earth and Venus, as they move closer together, increases pressure and stress

For example: when two bar magnets, with the same positive-sides or negative-sides facing each other, are forced together this creates a strong RESISTANCE & ENERGY re-balancing, which precipitates the stronger force-fields energy & stress the closer the magnets are.

When Venus rises as the Feathered Serpent Morning Star: the combined magnetic & gravitational forces of the Earth and Venus: decrease, subside, move apart, and reduces overall pressure and stress.

These rising and setting patterns of the planet Venus as the Feathered Serpent Morning Star are repeated on-average every 584.92 days, that's every ~19-months

The Venus 'close-by' Earth alignment patterns repeat exactly five (5) times every 8-years, during five different months of the year.

Let’s examine this 8 year pulse, this 8 year rhythm of Venus.

It is a VERY important rhythm.  Indeed, it is a hythm that connects to the musical scale, a truly sacred rhythm pattern that holds the key to understanding the mathematical, and even 'musical,' encoding of time in our solar system.

If we could super speed-up time and watch the orbits of our planet Earth and Venus around our Sun from high above our solar system, we would see that over every 8-year cycle of time Venus exactly aligns between the Sun and the Earth 5 times, creating a spiraling 5-pointed star pattern around the Sun.

NEW > 8-year Venus Cycles 1922-2026


The top point on the star pattern indicates the start point position of every 8-year Venus cycle.
That day will always be a "SUN" ajaw day and the first day to see Venus rise as the 'Morning Star' the Maya named 'Feathered Serpent.' (Ajaw or Ahau? Different spelling, same pronounciation.)
Cycle 1 - Ego Challenges Emerge when Conditions allow
Cycle 2 - Moralize, Create Positive "Do Something About It" Actions and Services
Cycle 3 - Reasonable Planning, Try Unconditional Love and Acceptance, Transfiguration Begins
Cycle 4 - Effortless Intentions Realized without Force by Power
Cycle 5 - Complete Enlightened Conclusion draws any resisting Negative in preparation for Next Cycle


The Mayan Calendar has four (4) Seasons of 65 days each.

65 days  x  4  =  260 days

This is an important secondary 260-day cycle that overlaps and weaves together consecutive 260-day cycles.

The four SEASONS as a whole begin on DAY #185 - 3 SERPENT.

The SEASONS follow each other in order of the four color cycle: red, white, blue,  yellow.

red SERPENT chikchan Season
kundalini body

white DOG ok Season

blue EAGLE men Season

yellow SUN ajaw Season


Events happening during the five days from 11 SUN - Day #180 to 3 SERPENT - Day #185 seem to reveal a sneak preview of events to come in the next 260-day cycle beginning Day #1.

These four Seasons overlap and weave together consecutive 260-day cycles, constantly refining dense matters into light spirits.

Four, All Dance as One.

A cup must first be formed before it can be filled.

Its' usefulness is its' emptiness.

Forms, to Heart.

Heart in Mind, wisdom.

Loving thoughts the Spirit.

Forms, again

This calendar and map outlines the four Season cycle: the lower scene is time-of-access to the Underworld; the upper scene is time-of-access to the Heavens; and the right and left scenes both are time-of-access between both the Heavens and the Underworld.

The Day # numbers for ceremonies at the top level of a Mayan temple:

1, 39, 40, 65, 66, 104, 105, 130, 131, 169, 170, 195, 196, 234, 235, 260

Note that on the Mayan Calendar "zero" points exists between days 13 and day 1 every 13 days.

And that is why I reason THE MAYA ONLY USED THE DAY-SIGNS for THESE TWO DAYS every 13 days, so to identify when a  'ZERO POINT" DOORWAY OPENS.

One of the Mayan Calendar drawings:

The most powerful "zero point" doorway time shift on the Mayan calendar always occurs between the last Day #260 and the first Day #1.

Which explains why the "Harmonic Convergence" over the weekend of August 16-17, 1987 wa so powerful.

Vortex energy-flow field "doughnut" diagram, image edited for educational use.



The Mayan Calendar 'breathes' an in-breath & out-breath, and 'holding' the breathe on the 'outer' weeks?

Note that the "fetus spirit" is shown entering the womb of a woman around Day #90, which is signified in the right-side drawing.

Before a cup can be filled, its' form must first be created

Comparing Cycles of Time

Fractal 'waves of consciousness' beginning target date 1987.

Read more about this chart - HERE


Bring balance, harmony, love and peace to all beings in all situations.
Fear not, for All rise as Love enters.
Correct the wicked and Protect the Virtuous.
There is nothing beyond Salvation, Redemption and Enlightenment.
Pray over food before eating and thoughts before acting.
Be Loving now for all  one has is today, give it away, love.
Be humble, for after ecstasy the laundry.

Yang & yin. All is one we see.


A respected Mayan Calendar specialist for 30+years, Richard Alan Eagle is the most highly regarded student of the-late DR. JOSÉ ARGÙELLES - The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology

In 1998 science genius and inventor the-late DR. PATRICK FLANAGAN called the research of Richard Alan Eagle, "A masterpiece."

Richard created handout charts combined with a January-December 12-month Gregorian calendar in 1989 for his first edition of The Mayan Calendar Guidebook to help teach his first Mayan calendar workshop in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In 1991, Willard van de Bogart, a close friend of the-late DR. JOSÉ ARGÙELLES, tells Richard that José confided in him, saying, "José said to me, that, of all the people he knew, besides his wife Lloydine, that you have the best understanding of his Mayan calendar research'."  Willard presented to Richard one of the first pre-production DREAMSPEL kits, along with a hand-written note from José with the words, "Keep up the good work."

After moving to Sedona to be with author, actor and filmmaker Shaeri Richards, they traveled and he taught the Mayan-calendar and DREAMSPEL classes in: Phoenix, Arizona, Mount Shasta, San Francisco, Sacremento, Santa Barbara, Salt Lake City, Durang and Atlanta.

Watch rare video footage of their July 1992 public DREAMSPELL presentation in Sedona, AZ, here: 


In 1993, Richard met The Mayan Factor author DR. JOSÉ ARGÙELLES in Sedona, pictured here:


Richard Alan Eagle. front left; with DR. JOSÉ ARGÙELLES and José wife Lloydine top left-center in white.

Richard recently found this next picture, from that same day he met JOSÉ for the first time.

Richard Alan Eagle and DR. JOSÉ ARGÙELLES in 1993.

Sorry about the photo quality. The brown spots are from the photo chemicals deteriorating.

The 1996 edition of The Mayan Calendar Guidebook over 4,000+copies sold around the world and had media coverage by the TV show Strange Universe on Canadian television.

Read The Mayan Calendar Guidebook review in 1996:

New Age Retailer  magazine   

July/August 1996, pp.44-45:

"This excellent book is a thorough teaching reference that is also easy to understand. The Mayan Calendar Guidebook presents the what, why, and how of tracking the energies and other information presented on the calendars…This reference book should become part of your regular inventory.  Customers who are just learning to use a Mayan calendar will find it answers most of their questions and prepares them to be able to use any current Mayan calendar more effectively."

Note: This book is out of print and found for sale only as a novelty collectors item and not recommended for current instruction.

This website contains the most recent material gathered from talks, classes, lectures and books of Richard Alan Eagle.